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Friday, October 14, 2005

:: News Home :: Games :: N-Gage ::
Habbo Islands announced for N-Gage

Nokia and Sulake, a Finnish interactive entertainment company and creator of the famous Habbo Hotel, today announced Habbo Islands, the first mobile game created to connect to the Habbo Hotel community.

Habbo Islands offers an exotic, fun-filled adventure vacation to both existing Habbo Hotel users as well as people experiencing Habbo for the first time.

Habbo Islands, situated in a peculiar small world of its own on the southern hemisphere in the Habbo World, combines adventure, simulation, management and socializing in a unique way. Habbo Islands, a new part of the Habbo experience, is a single player adventure world where players can visit in dynamic environments and exciting adventures. During the island vacation, players will be able to connect with friends in Habbo Hotel via Habbo Console.

Twenty adventures, ranging from building a zoo and saving the Blue Faced Pandas to having a rodeo competition, take place in four different environments, such as the pirate lagoon and the beach party island. Players can meet amazing animals like the Slightly Insane Koala, Micro Elephant, Walking Mega Plant, and the Cropped Zebra-Giraffe.

"Habbo Islands is another example of how Nokia is widening its title portfolio into new, innovative and exciting areas. Habbo Hotel is an extremely successful on-line community and therefore we believe this collaboration will attract new fans to the N-Gage platform", said Gregg Sauter, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia.

"We are very excited to extend the Habbo community to a new kind of platform, offering a new Habbo experience for both our existing users as well as totally new audiences. On Habbo Islands players can experience unique and fun adventures on the go, and at the same time keep in touch with their Habbo Hotel friends," said Sampo Karjalainen, Chief Creative Officer and Founder, Sulake.

Habbo Islands, exclusive to N-Gage platform, is expected to be available for consumers during the second half of 2006.

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