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The first arcade game to use video disc technology was Dragon's Lair.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: Wii ::
Oboro Muramasa - First minutes

Oboro Muramasa has been released in Japan. The game will be known as Muramasa: The Demon Blade when it is released in North America this July.

A number of cursed blades exist throughout the world. Blades that thirst for blood the moment theyre drawn. Even those blades thought to be holy slowly become corrupted over time as they are used in hatred and drenched in blood. Those who wield these blades slowly become homicidal. The curses laid on these blades are said to condemn those who use them to tragic and untimely deaths. It is in the Genroki era, a period of time in which the shogun Tsumayoshi Tokogawa reigned, that the force of the damned began to emerge, threatening the peace and prosperity that had long existed in the world. The cursed blades became the focus of the greed, self-righteousness, and arrogance of those who߿d gain possession of them, and inevitably it was these conflicting desires that led to war. As the flames of chaos and disaster spread, denizens from the netherworld were dragged into the confusion as not only the evil spirits were summoned by the swords, but the Dragon and Demon Gods as well. How will the destinies of those drawn to these cursed blades unfold?

Take a look at the first few minutes of game play.

Posted by Al on 04/09 at 02:49 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: PC :: Xbox 360 ::
Secret World - Debut trailer

The Secret World is an upcoming MMORPG developed by Funcom (makers of Anarchy Online and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures). Take a look at the game's debut trailer.

Posted by Al on 04/08 at 12:29 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]

Monday, April 06, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: PC :: PlayStation3 :: Xbox 360 ::
The Godfather 2 - First minutes

Inspired by the events of the classic film of the same name, in The Godfather II players take on the role of Dominic Corleone, a little-known member of the Corleone crime family tasked with rebuilding the once dominant, but now faltering mafia empire. Set in an open-world gameplay universe full of dangers and opportunities, players must maintain and develop the Corleone crime family's resources using every and all means available if they hope in the end to prevail in the ultimate challenge, to act like a mobster, but think like a Don.

Take a look at the game's introduction sequence and first few minutes of game play.

Posted by Al on 04/06 at 11:59 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]

Sunday, April 05, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: PC ::
Jumpgate Evolution - When Darkness Falls trailer

Jumpgate Evolution is an elite space combat massively multiplayer online game set in a new universe where the vastness of space is your ultimate online playground. The "When Darkness Falls" trailer showcasing the vast scale and intense combat of Jumpgate Evolution.

Posted by Al on 04/05 at 11:59 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]

Saturday, April 04, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: PC :: Wii ::
Nancy Drew: The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek - Trailer

Now available on the Wii. Nancy Drew travels to the Canadian Rockies to investigate the Icicle Creek Lodge. Chantal, the owner of the lodge has asked her to uncover the culprit behind a recent string of suspicious accidents. To make matters worse, an eerie howling wolf keeps everyone up at night and terrorizes the guests. The wolf also appears at the site of accidents and then mysteriously disappears when the police arrive. As Nancy makes her way to the cozy lodge, an explosion rocks the quiet night, destroying a bunkhouse. To make matters worse, an eerie wolfs howl in the distance is haunting the guests at night, causing Nancy to wonder if the accidents and the mysterious wolf are connected. Nancy has barely set foot on the premises and already trouble is afoot! Can Nancy solve this mystery before all the guests leave and Chantal is left out in the cold?

Posted by Al on 04/04 at 11:59 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]
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