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Not just game news... News for gamers.
Pac-Man was originally titled Puck-Man. It was changed because somone could change the P to an F with a marker.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: DS :: Wii ::
Big League Sports: Summer - Trailer

Activision has announced a new entry is coming to the Big League Sports franchise, Big League Sports: Summer. Set to release in June for Wii and Nintendo DS, the game is all about fun in the sun!

Big League Sports: Summer focuses in on classic sunshine pastimes of tennis, beach volleyball, golf, soccer, baseball and football. Players will be able to customize their characters and play through a variety of exciting games in single player mode. In addition, multiplayer mode will allow up to four players on Wii, where players can compete through All-Star skill challenges and cooperate through team-based play.

Posted by Al on 05/02 at 11:59 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]

Friday, May 01, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: PC :: Xbox 360 ::
Velvet Assassin - Opening minutes

Velvet Assassin tells the tale of Violette Summer, an intelligence agent working for the British government during World War II and number one on the Nazi list of most-wanted. Inspired by real-life heroin Violette Szaba, Velvet Assassin takes players through Europe's darkest hours of oppression under the jackboot of the Third Reich. Players will engage in varied missions of sabotage and assassination in a heroic attempt to help the allies overcome their enemy. One Woman, alone and deep behind enemy lines; Violette Summer is the Velvet Assassin.

Take a look at the introduction sequence and first mission of the game.

Posted by Al on 05/01 at 11:59 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]

Thursday, April 30, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: PlayStation3 ::
Infamous - Preview

From game developer Sucker Punch, creators of the award-winning Sly Cooper series, and publisher Sony comes inFAMOUS. The first open-world title exclusively for the PlayStation 3, infamous is a single player action/adventure that places you in the role of once regular guy, Cole, who in the aftermath of a horrific catastrophe finds himself not only alive, but developing a fantastic array of superpowers. Going from ordinary to extraordinary overnight isn't something to take lightly. With these powers does one exact revenge? Protect the innocent? Or perhaps, dabble in a little of both? The choice is yours in infamous.

Take a look at game play from the demo version of the game.

Posted by Al on 04/30 at 11:59 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: PC :: PlayStation3 :: Wii :: Xbox 360 :: PlayStation2 ::
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Opening minutes

The X-Men saga continues with the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game, based on the feature film of the same name. Unleash the fury of Wolverine and see how it all began. With cinema-style graphics and sound, and unstoppable action and excitement, X-Men Origins: Wolverine will have you on the edge of seat as you slash, slice, and stab your way through level after level of intense, epic gameplay.

Take a look at the game's introduction sequence and first few minutes of game play.

Posted by Al on 04/29 at 11:59 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

:: Games :: Videos :: Xbox 360 ::
Magna Carta 2 - Japanese trailer

Magna Carta 2 is the sequel to RPG Magna Carta: Tears of Blood which appeared on the PlayStation2. The game is developed by Softmax and published by Banpresto exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is scheduled to be released in Japan on August 6, 2009.

Posted by Al on 04/28 at 11:59 PM [0 Comments] [0 Trackbacks]
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