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·  Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 96 in Destiny
·  Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 95 in Destiny
·  Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 94 in Destiny
·  Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 93 in Destiny
·  Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 92 in Destiny
·  Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 91 in Destiny
·  Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 90 in Destiny
·  Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 89 in Destiny
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The Moderator FAQ is almost complete, and you can read it to get an introduction into publishing your articles. I still need to hammer out some details regarding graphic files, and hope to have that done in a couple of days.

Feel free to take the system out for a test drive by posting some test articles here in the "Modcp" blog. If you feel you are ready, you can post an article on the "" blog. Note: There is no way to move articles from one blog to the other. Unless you want to cut and paste between screens, do not post something here and later intend to move it to the public blog. Since the actual News system has not been announced site-wide (it was only announced to our forum members during the vB3 conversion), don't expect a big readership. It's still officially in "beta".

However, hopefully by next weekend (April 17th), the News system will be live. By this, I mean that the top ten headlines will appear on the home page of the main site within one hour of being published here; the top five headlines will appear at the bottom of all of our cheat pages within one hour of being published here; and your latest three original articles* will appear on the home page of the main site.

*By original articles, I mean your "editorials" (not news headlines and stories). As they are published, I will choose the three best out of the current log and flag them to appear on the main site. As a new original article is posted, and is decided to be "feature-worthy", I'll flag it as such and it will appear at the top of the three, bumping the oldest one off.

This publishing software itself is only in it's second public beta at the moment. Thus, we do not have a built-in forum to discuss with each other (yet). However, the commenting system here is unmoderated, and we can use it as a simple bulletin board until then. Please feel free to post any questions you have there, or simply email me.
Posted by Al on 04/11 at 07:52 PM

Moderator FAQ

An introduction to the News publishing system.

Posting a new article
Step 1
Log into the publishing system at

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In the Slashdot type, the Body field consists of one or two sentences of your own opinions about the news story, with an embedded link to the source of the information.

In the Google type, there is no original commentary. Instead, it consists of a link to the source of the story along with a quote from the place you are linking to. This is allowable, under the "Fair Use" provision of copyright laws. It is important that you do not copy the entire story from the site you are linking to, as this is not allowed and is considered both plagaristic and a violation of copyright. Instead, start with the word "From" followed by a link to the story and a comma. The name of the link should be the site that originated the story. For example "GameSpot", "1up", or "Gamers" for,, or Note that the .com portion of the site is not included in the name of the link, as it's obvious that you are linking to a web site. Then, put an excerpt (one or two paragraphs at most) of the story from their site in quotes. Remember to change any quotes that they may have in their story to single quotes. The final result will be something like:

From Super Duper Game News, "Big Game Co. today announced that they are releasing 'Lame Game 2', a sequel to 2003's original 'Lame Game' on the PlayStation3, Xbox Next, and Nintendo N5. Joe Dingleberry, vice-president of marketing for Big Game Co., stated 'This will be the biggest thing since the original 'Lame Game'. Basically, we just ran out of ideas and used some new 3-D models and changed everyone's name.' The game is scheduled to be released on April Fool's Day, with yet another possible sequel as early as Arbor Day.

The Extended text field is a sort of scratch-pad. You can use it to store notes about your story, or use the formatting buttons to create HTML there before cutting and pasting it into your article. Text entered here will not appear publicly.

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Step 5 (optional)
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Posted by Al on 04/10 at 06:05 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 96 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 07/09 at 10:22 AM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 95 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 07/02 at 09:48 AM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 94 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 06/24 at 07:39 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 93 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 06/18 at 10:37 AM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 92 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 06/10 at 09:41 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 91 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 06/04 at 12:35 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 90 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 05/27 at 08:51 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 89 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 05/21 at 10:05 AM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 88 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 05/14 at 11:34 AM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 87 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 05/07 at 03:19 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 86 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 04/30 at 02:26 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 85 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 04/23 at 03:08 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 84 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 04/16 at 10:00 AM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 83 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 04/09 at 03:34 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 82 in Destiny

Datto shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 04/02 at 01:29 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 81 in Destiny

Datto shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 03/26 at 10:43 AM

Special item locations in Fallout 4: Automaton

360GameTV shows where the Tesla Rifle, Salvaged Assaultron Head, and Tesla Power Armor can be found in the Automaton DLC in Fallout 4.
Posted by Al on 03/23 at 06:04 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 80 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 03/18 at 08:45 PM

Starting off in Pokken Tournament

RabidRetrospectGames plays through the first half hour of Pokken Tournament.
Posted by Al on 03/17 at 09:10 PM

Dealing with vendors in The Division

Random Chievos presents a short tutorial about dealing with vendors in The Division.
Posted by Al on 03/15 at 07:55 PM

Power Puff Girls in The Division

OniZombies finds a reference to the Power Puff Girls in The Division.
Posted by Al on 03/13 at 07:40 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 79 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 03/11 at 11:47 AM

A beginners guide to The Division

Datto gives basic information on leveling quickly, skills, perks, and other general advice.

Posted by Al on 03/10 at 08:04 PM

Shaun of the Dead reference in The Division

Random Chievos discovers a reference to the fence shortcut scene from the film, Shaun of the Dead.
Posted by Al on 03/08 at 03:29 PM

The intro sequence from The Division

The opening cinematic from Tom Clancy's The Division, courtesy of RajmanGaming HD.
Posted by Al on 03/07 at 10:48 AM

Stardew Valley game play

SplatterCatGaming takes us through the start of Stardew Valley, a farming sim reminiscent of the Harvest Moon series.

Posted by Al on 03/06 at 01:12 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 78 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.

Posted by Al on 03/04 at 12:22 PM

Assassins Creed Syndicate - The Last Maharaja walkthrough

RajmanGaming HD does a longplay of the The Last Maharaja DLC for Assassin's Creed Syndicate on the PlayStation4.

Posted by Al on 03/03 at 12:31 PM

Flawless boss battles in Wiz n Liz on the Genesis

Shadowserg takes on all the bosses in Wiz n Liz on the Genesis and comes out without getting hit once.

Posted by Al on 03/02 at 12:20 PM

Gremlins reference in Battlefield Hardline - Betrayal

jackfrags finds a reference to the movie Gremlins in the Betrayal DLC for Battlefield Hardline.

Posted by Al on 03/01 at 12:16 PM

Super Turrican full game playthrough

ZEUSDAZ brings back SNES memories with a full game playthrough of Super Turrican, done on the original console and not an emulator.
Posted by Al on 02/29 at 11:41 AM

Far Cry Primal rare black jaguar location

randomchievos demonstrates how a rare black jaguar is captured in Far Cry Primal.

Posted by Al on 02/28 at 11:10 AM

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Snow Globe locations

randomchievos unveils the locations of all 50 Snow Globes in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2.
Posted by Al on 02/27 at 12:01 PM

Where to find Xur and what to get in Week 77 in Destiny

360GameTV shows you where Xur can be found and what can be obtained this weekend in Destiny.
Posted by Al on 02/26 at 11:38 AM

The Gold Gnomes of Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

All 54 Gold Gnomes in Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 have been revealed by Somewhat Awesome Games.
Posted by Al on 02/25 at 10:42 AM

Fossilized dragon in Far Cry Primal

GamerForEternity discovers the fossil of a Blood Dragon in Far Cry Primal.
Posted by Al on 02/24 at 04:54 PM

All tameable beasts in Far Cry Primal

360GameTV showcases all seventeen beasts that can be tamed in Far Cry Primal.
Posted by Al on 02/23 at 09:56 AM

40,000 domino tribute to GTA V

Webguy1000 sets up and knocks down 40,000 dominos in a tribute to Grand Theft Auto V.
Posted by Al on 07/23 at 09:29 AM

How not to start a police chase

Philly Wonken demonstrates how not to escape the cops in Sleeping Dogs.
Posted by Al on 03/04 at 11:07 AM

Worse PS4 Christmas present ever

A Colorado man found gets scammed with a fake PlayStation4, then has problems with Walmart believing his story.
Posted by Al on 12/30 at 10:02 AM

Playing a giant game of Operation in GTA V

AH Community plays a game of Operation, created with vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V.
Posted by Al on 12/27 at 02:02 PM

Trick shots if you had a Portal gun

CorridorDigital proves that the best use for a Portal gun is to shoot some hoops.
Posted by Al on 12/23 at 11:17 AM

Link as a character in Ultra Street Fighter 4

khaledantar666 shows off a mod that brings in Link as a character in the PC version of Ultra Street Fighter 4.
Posted by Al on 12/17 at 11:56 AM

Riding a BMX bike down a skyscraper in GTA V

VaNilla survives a vertical wall ride in downtown Los Santos.
Posted by Al on 12/05 at 12:24 PM

Worst park ranger ever in GTA V

Nurolight found a park ranger that is way too focused with his binoculars.
Posted by Al on 12/03 at 12:13 PM

2D game characters in the real world

pipocaVFX brings sprites out of their 2D games and into real world environments.
Posted by Al on 12/01 at 12:10 PM

Into The Deep GTA V wildlife documentary

8-bit Bastard gives us a underwater wildlife documentary detailing the underwater inhabitants of Los Santos.
Posted by Al on 11/29 at 11:59 AM

Mario-themed freestyle on Dancing with the Stars

Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas do a freestyle dance to Super Mario Bros.
Posted by Al on 11/27 at 12:09 PM

GTA V traffic jam disaster

Naswas captures the evolution of a simple traffic jam into disaster and destruction in Grand Theft Auto v.
Posted by Al on 11/25 at 02:18 PM

Far Cry 4 in real life

devinsupertramp recreates the opening minutes of Far Cry 4 in real life.
Posted by Al on 11/23 at 12:34 PM

Final Fantasy 7 remade in LittleBigPlanet3

TheJamster1992 has recreated the first mission of Final Fantasy 7 using LittleBigPlanet3.
Posted by Al on 11/21 at 01:54 PM

How the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man would be released today

Lowtax demonstrates how game companies would release the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man if it were a modern title.
Posted by Al on 11/19 at 01:48 PM

Unplugged cover of the Halo theme

The Warp Zone covers the Halo-theme, done western-style.
Posted by Al on 11/17 at 05:11 PM

South Park explains the Freemium game model

South Parks points out the absurdities in Freemium games.
Posted by Al on 11/09 at 01:33 PM

Beating down Dark Souls bosses using a drum controller

gbbearzly takes on Ornstein and Smough armed with an Xbox 360 drum controller.
Posted by Al on 11/07 at 01:13 PM

The burrito videogame analogy

Aren't We Clever shows what it'd be like if buying a burrito was the same as buying videogames.
Posted by Al on 11/05 at 12:47 PM

Mike Tyson fights himself in Punch-Out

Mike Tyson plays Punch-Out!! on the NES as shown on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
Posted by Al on 10/31 at 10:20 AM

The medical staff for Mortal Kombat

The Warp Zone imagines what it'd be like to be responsible to patch up Mortal Kombat fighters.
Posted by Al on 10/29 at 10:36 AM

Big vs small in Madden NLF 2015

TocaeGaming pits a team of giants against a team of little guys, with hilarious results.
Posted by Al on 10/27 at 09:55 AM

Every Game Boy start screen

NicksplosionFX has compiled a video showcasing every "Press Start" screen from the Game Boy.
Posted by Al on 10/25 at 02:07 PM

Alien Isolation with other famous aliens

Mashed imagines brings in some guest appearances to Alien Isolation.
Posted by Al on 10/23 at 06:37 PM

3D Mega Man created with chalk on the ground

AWE me showcases the creation of an incredible 3D rendering of Mega Man with sidewalk chalk.
Posted by Al on 10/21 at 11:38 AM

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel pogo song

Pogo celebrates the release of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel with a great pogo-ism mix.
Posted by Al on 10/19 at 11:46 AM

Funny Destiny tales

loadingreadyrun takes a retro-themed poke at Destiny.
Posted by Al on 10/18 at 03:32 PM

A race with 1000 identical cars

RickardRick renders a race that looks like 1,000 cars making up a huge blue wave.
Posted by Al on 10/16 at 03:45 PM

Creating Squall's Gunblade in real life

AWE me shows how Squall's famous hybrid weapon from Final Fantasy VIII was made real.
Posted by Al on 10/14 at 10:16 AM

The magic door in GTA V that sends people flying

vinesauce shows how a glitch in a door can send you flying far away.
Posted by Al on 10/12 at 05:10 PM

Classic game locations re-imagined

Tim Hijlkema brings classic video game locations to modern standards.
Posted by Al on 10/11 at 01:13 PM

Angry Goat Street Fighter

Marca Blanca brings in an angry goat as a contender in real life Street Fighter.
Posted by Al on 10/09 at 11:34 AM

Real life Portal gun battle

RackaRacka shows how using Portal guns in real life can really escalate things.
Posted by Al on 10/07 at 11:31 AM

Kittens take over Assassin's Creed

Mr.TVCow brings in a squad of killer kitties to take out targets, Assassin's Creed-style.
Posted by Al on 10/05 at 11:47 AM

Parkour off the anti-grav ball in Destiny

Kevin Katzenmoyer uses the anti-grav ball to reach new heights in The Tower.
Posted by Al on 10/04 at 11:25 AM

How to make bomb defusal matches more interesting

Deviant Pictures Films imagines a new type of bomb defusal match, using chickens.
Posted by Al on 10/03 at 11:45 AM

Amazing Halo 3 jumping

Jump Theory showcases some incredible jumping skills in Halo 3.
Posted by Al on 10/02 at 11:18 AM

Old Super Mario reminisces about his life

Daiki Sugimoto wonders what an aged Mario would be doing, long after his days of adventuring.
Posted by Al on 10/01 at 10:58 AM

Trolling at the Tower in Destiny

Gamester92 shows us how to push an AFK player to their death at The Tower.
Posted by Al on 09/30 at 11:12 AM

Suprises when you do nothing in a game

Don't miss the animations that happen when you go idle in a game.
Posted by Al on 09/29 at 09:55 AM

Retro platform gaming in the real world

Jason Paul and Team Farang put their free running skills up to a retro platforming challenge.
Posted by Al on 09/27 at 01:30 PM

Playing a Destiny PvP match with mostly punches

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways, as bednarz shows how to defend a control point with a fists.
Posted by Al on 09/25 at 12:57 PM

How real life would be in The Sims 4

The Warp Zone brings a typical day in The Sims 4 to real life.
Posted by Al on 09/23 at 12:55 PM

Donkey Kong Country mod for Doom

DooMero demonstrates a mod that transforms Doom into a strange version of Donkey Kong Country.
Posted by Al on 09/21 at 10:29 AM

Doom running on a printer

SteveHOCP modified the firmware of a Canon printer to allow it to run Doom on the LED display.
Posted by Al on 09/19 at 10:38 AM

Mario causes real world havoc

Pastek has Mario pranking in various real world situations.
Posted by Al on 09/17 at 11:47 AM

Playing Dark Souls with a guitar controller

gbbearzly takes on Ornstein and Smough using the guitar controller from Rock Band.
Posted by Al on 09/13 at 12:34 PM

Guardians of the Galaxy GTA4 mod

taltigolt populates Liberty City with Groots with a Guardians of the Galaxy mod.
Posted by Al on 09/11 at 12:31 PM

Super Mario Kart played on a Force Dynamics motion platform

Force Dynamics shows off their 301 commercial motion platform running Super Mario Kart on the SNES.
Posted by Al on 09/09 at 11:15 AM

Using a chicken to take out a preacher

Angelus Credo shoots a chicken from a bow, spends some time sitting on a bench... and watches it take out a preacher.
Posted by Al on 09/07 at 11:20 AM

Mutated babies in The Sims 4

Natalie Gambrill demos a glitch in The Sims 4 that creates babies with freaky evil limbs.
Posted by Al on 09/05 at 11:13 AM

One foot tall player glitch in Madden 15

Shake4ndBake shows off a tiny player glitch in a Madden 15 solo challenge.
Posted by Al on 09/03 at 11:28 AM

Oculus Rift VR while on a real rollercoaster

Gamesmold shows what happens when you ride a rollercoaster while wearing an Oculus Rift VR displaying a virtual version synchronized to the real track.
Posted by Al on 09/01 at 11:39 AM

Minecraft made in Trials Fusion

Pneumatic Bog has created a Trials Fusion Skillgame called Trials Craft.
Posted by Al on 08/29 at 11:14 AM

Moo Moo Meadows course from Mario Kart Wii in real life

mysteryman826 attempts a real life Moo Moo Meadows course.
Posted by Al on 08/27 at 11:11 AM

Pretty things created in Dark Souls 2

MrAlbinoLama shows off his art skills in Dark Souls 2.
Posted by Al on 08/24 at 12:14 PM

True to game lyrics for the Super Mario Bros. theme song

Animation Domination High-Def puts lyrics to the Super Mario Bros. theme song.
Posted by Al on 08/22 at 12:07 PM

Pierce Brosnan plays GoldenEye 007

Pierce Brosnan takes control of himself in a Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 007 game against Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.
Posted by Al on 08/20 at 11:37 AM

MediEvil recreated as a Skyrim mod

KorinOo demos MediEvil: Hero of Gallowmere, a fan-based Skyrim mode that plans to recreate the first four levels of the PlayStation's MediEvil game.
Posted by Al on 08/18 at 01:35 PM

Waluigi in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

russmarrs2 shows off a modified Nintendo 64 ROM that puts Waluigi in the starring role of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Posted by Al on 08/16 at 11:10 AM

Scene from The Matrix made retro through 8-bit sounds

Phillip Raupach remixed a scene from The Matrix with retro game-type music and sound effects.
Posted by Al on 08/14 at 10:45 AM

Fish plays Battlefield 4

Zero Fox FK puts his goldfish in control of a Battlefield 4 game.
Posted by Al on 08/12 at 11:15 AM

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 beaten in under four minutes

GeorgeThePlushie does a speedrun and completes the PlayStation version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 in 3:26.
Posted by Al on 08/10 at 10:41 AM

Incredible Far Cry 3 base liberation

Rabbit's Respawn shows some skill with some headshots with a bow, then incredible luck sending an exploding car through the air for the final kill.
Posted by Al on 08/01 at 11:09 AM

Scientifically accurate Sonic the Hedgehog

Fox Animation Domination reveals the disgusting habits of hedgehogs.
Posted by Al on 07/30 at 11:03 AM

Banjo Kazooie intro cover by one man

SquidPhysics plays all the instruments in his cover of the Banjo Kazooie introduction music.
Posted by Al on 07/28 at 11:09 AM

Bank of the Prophet from Bioshock Infinite recreated with LEGOs

Joshua Hanlon from Brick Podcast talks to Imagine Rigney about his Bioshock Infinite creation.
Posted by Al on 07/26 at 02:02 PM

Zelda and Daytona USA mashup

Twin Perfect imagines what it would be like to have Epona participate in a Daytona USA race
Posted by Al on 07/24 at 02:00 PM

Halo 3 theme done in a stairway

Quinn Halleck finds the perfect acoustic environment to render his version of the Halo 3 theme song.
Posted by Al on 07/22 at 11:33 AM

Watch Dogs graphics fail

Clubpm123 drives around Chicago in a semi-transparent car.
Posted by Al on 07/20 at 11:31 AM

Videogame art from 23,548 beads

Toasted Gaming shows how 23,548 Piece Perler Beads were transformed into videogame artwork.
Posted by Al on 07/18 at 10:27 AM

Luigi death stare moments at Anime Expo 2014

Luigi takes on cosplayers at Anime Expo 2014.
Posted by Al on 07/16 at 10:35 AM

Sonic Adventure 2 cutscene modern remake

Hypo has remade one of the cutscenes from Sonic Adventure 2 by using the original audio with newly rendered graphics.
Posted by Al on 07/14 at 11:56 AM

T-shirt with playable Tetris game

marc kerger creates a wearable Tetris game that features 128 LEDs and power from 4 AA batteries.
Posted by Al on 07/12 at 12:29 PM

Real life Street Fighter II starring drunk Russians

Marca Blanca mashes a clip featuring two drunk Russians trying to fight with Street Fighter II.
Posted by Al on 07/11 at 10:29 AM

Tapping the Tetris theme on wine glasses

Dan Newbie clinks out one of the most recognizable video game themes on glassware.
Posted by Al on 07/10 at 11:23 AM

Grand Theft Auto V real life trailer

Zapruder Pictures re-creates the introduction to Grand Theft Auto V in real life, set in Madrid, Spain.
Posted by Al on 07/08 at 10:57 AM

Stop-motion Super Mario Bros. cake animation

gamerboymedia creates a delicious stop-motion Super Mario Bros. animation.
Posted by Al on 07/06 at 01:17 PM

Stop motion 3D chalk art based on Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds

AWE me brings together a short Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds stop motion video done with chalk.
Posted by Al on 07/04 at 02:38 PM

Epic Mario Kart 8 boosted jump

Thomas Puttick shows how to be a pro at jumping gaps
Posted by Al on 07/02 at 12:04 PM

EA Sports UFC physics fail

HaX & GliTcH demonstrates some wayward kick results in EA Sports UFC.
Posted by Al on 06/30 at 12:00 PM

Another disastrous Mario Kart 8 finish

Maple LeafSA shows how tough Mario Kart 8 can be on friendships.
Posted by Al on 06/28 at 11:23 AM

More first person Grand Theft Auto V footage

XBLToothPik shows more footage from his first person view mod to the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto V.
Posted by Al on 06/26 at 10:30 AM

Grand Theft Auto V in first person view

XBLToothPik has created a modded Xbox 360 version of GTAV running in first person view.
Posted by Al on 06/24 at 10:29 AM

Painful first to last place finish in Mario Kart 8

Ghoulston loses a Mario Kart 8 race just a few yards from the finish line.
Posted by Al on 06/20 at 01:53 PM

Game of Thrones and The Legend of Zelda mash-up

The Pixel Kingdom presents The Game of Thrones intro, done Zelda style.
Posted by Al on 06/12 at 01:28 PM

Be careful when letting kids play with Portal guns

Action Movie Kid shows what could happen if Portal guns were real.
Posted by Al on 06/10 at 12:42 PM

Watch Dogs on the Commodore 64

Majami Hiroz takes Watch Dogs back to 1989, with an imagined Commodore 64 version.
Posted by Al on 06/08 at 10:04 AM

GTAV on the Commodore 64

Majami Hiroz re-imagines the Commodore 64 version of Grand Theft Auto V.
Posted by Al on 06/06 at 09:59 AM

Super Smash Bros. goes first person

pipocaVFX shows what a first person perspective Super Smash Bros. would be like.
Posted by Al on 06/04 at 09:58 AM

Watch Dogs glitch compilation

Roc Sandstrom shows how hacking Chicago gets really funny when glitches pops up.
Posted by Al on 06/02 at 09:55 AM

Edible Mario

Daryna Kossar re-creates Mario as food art.
Posted by Al on 05/25 at 11:15 AM

More Dark Souls II trolling

This time GuardianHX mimics a Hollow Royal Soldier in the Forest of Fallen Giants and trolls invading players.
Posted by Al on 05/23 at 02:29 PM

The Legend of Zelda theme song played on kitchen items

Dan Newbie recruits wine glasses, pots, pans, and beer bottles to play the The Legend of Zelda theme song from the NES.
Posted by Al on 05/21 at 12:34 PM

Watch Dogs cellphone prank

Sony demonstrates the power available in Watch Dogs in real-life.
Posted by Al on 05/19 at 10:25 AM

Gilbert Gottfried videogame voiceovers

Game Informer has Gilbert Gottfried voice over iconic dialog from various games.
Posted by Al on 05/16 at 10:23 AM

Mario themed Game of Thrones intro

NicksplosionFX puts an retrogaming spin on the Game of Thrones introduction, placing it in a Super Mario Bros. setting.
Posted by Al on 05/14 at 09:56 AM

Winnning in Counter Strike using a steering wheel controller

GamerMuscleVideos piles on the kills in Counter Strike using a steering wheel to play the game.
Posted by Al on 05/12 at 10:43 AM

The Walking Dead and Mario mash-up

Dorkly imagines The Walking Dead taking place in the Mario universe.
Posted by Al on 05/09 at 09:05 AM

Physics fail in Forza 5 sends car skyward

David Pessing captures an incredible launch caused by a hit from behind in Forza 5.
Posted by Al on 05/08 at 09:17 AM

Mod allows GTAV to be played as an animal

GTA5Videos takes on the GTAV world as a pig, chimp, and more!
Posted by Al on 05/06 at 09:12 AM

The first level in GoldenEye 007 recreated

William Kjellgren used the Far Cry 3 editor to remake the first level of GoldenEye 007 from the Nintendo 64.
Posted by Al on 05/01 at 09:31 AM

Which is a real track and which is the game

ADRIANF1esp does a side-by-side comparison of the Laguna Seca race track in real life and in Project CARS.
Posted by Al on 04/29 at 09:38 AM

Live music performance on the DS

Anthony Seeha uses two Nintendo DS systems running the KORG DS-10 Plus emulator to mix live music.
Posted by Al on 04/26 at 10:22 AM

Fingersnapping the Super Mario Bros theme

Emil Axelsson takes things a step further, playing the Super Mario Bros. theme with nothing except his fingers.
Posted by Al on 04/24 at 08:58 AM

Super Mario Bros theme played on stuff from a kitchen

Dan Newbie uses two pencils, lots of wine glasses filled with water, and a frying pan to perform the Super Mario Bros. theme song.
Posted by Al on 04/21 at 08:44 AM

Elder Scrolls Online animated song

Harry Partridge brings us "Back To Tamriel", an animated musical tribute to Elder Scrolls Online.
Posted by Al on 04/19 at 10:33 AM

inFamous Second Son walking glitch

A glitch during inFamous Second Son has character models strutting at an angle.
Posted by Al on 04/17 at 11:43 AM

Super Mario Cat

A cat going through the paces in the Mario universe.
Posted by Al on 04/15 at 08:46 AM

Professor Layon and GTA5 mashup

Polaris imagines what it would be like if Michael had Professor Layton in his crew.
Posted by Al on 04/14 at 10:35 AM

The Sims 3 completed in about three minutes

NeverNotKicking gets to ultimate happiness in just over three minutes.
Posted by Al on 04/13 at 08:42 AM

Every SNES starting screen

NicksplosionFX has compiled a nine hour marathon of every SNES starting screen, arranged in alphabetical order.
Posted by Al on 04/11 at 08:40 AM

Building-sized Tetris game

A giant 100,000 square-foot Tetris game was playable over the weekend on the side of the Cira Centre building in Philadelphia.
Posted by Al on 04/09 at 08:37 AM

The destructive side of Mario

Jhoofnail shows the downside of having real life Mario game play.
Posted by Al on 04/07 at 09:58 AM

Oculus Facebook Rift

Marc Tschudi imagines what the Facebook owned version of the Oculus Rift may turn out to be.
Posted by Al on 04/01 at 09:33 AM

Cover of the Still Alive theme from Portal

Aviators and P1K have redone the Still Alive track from Portal.
Posted by Al on 03/28 at 09:24 AM

Fruit Ninja apparently is a big hit with felines

Fabulous Mr. Pug has compiled clips of cats that are really into Fruit Ninja.
Posted by Al on 03/26 at 09:52 AM

Trolling in Dark Souls II

YOGSCAST Strippin kills unwary victims in Dark Souls II player vs. player mode.
Posted by Al on 03/24 at 09:18 AM

Final Fantasy VII battle music cover

TetriminoVGBand covers the J-E-N-O-V-A and Birth of a God battle themes from Final Fantasy VII.
Posted by Al on 03/22 at 09:37 AM

Fan-based Fallout movie trailer

Fallout Lost/Found is going to be a fan-made live action movie set in the Fallout game universe.
Posted by Al on 03/20 at 02:24 PM

Insane drifting in Initial D

Jodice112's friend Josh tearing up Stage 6 AA Tsubaki DH on the arcade version of Initial D.
Posted by Al on 03/18 at 03:56 PM

Fight Club as an 8-bit game

CineFix re-imagines the movie Fight Club as an 8-bit era videogame.
Posted by Al on 03/16 at 10:38 AM

The hard life of Cloud Strife

Animation Domination shows how simple everyday tasks are a challenge for Cloud.
Posted by Al on 03/14 at 10:19 AM

Funny Bridge Constructor fails

Vinesauce shows some hilarious physics fails and glitches in Bridge Constructor.
Posted by Al on 03/13 at 11:02 AM

The Virtuix Omni VR treadmill

The Virtuix Omni is now available for pre-order. Check it out in action in Far Cry 3.
Posted by Al on 03/12 at 01:36 PM

Happening now in every neighborhood around you

The Onion summarizes grade school friendships in the next-gen era.
Posted by Al on 03/11 at 10:59 AM

Crazy completion of custom Super Mario Bros. level

Raiff Alves shows off an impressive completion of a deadly tool assisted speedrun in Super Mario Bros.
Posted by Al on 03/10 at 10:29 AM

A typical day in GTA Online

Jameserton shows the pitfalls of multiplayer in GTA V.
Posted by Al on 03/09 at 10:56 AM

8-bit Anthem by The GAG Quartet

This music video by The GAG Quartet features some classic NES-era theme music.
Posted by Al on 03/08 at 09:58 AM

VR version of Mario Kart

Chadtronic shows off some first person Mario Kart driving on the Oculus Rift.
Posted by Al on 03/06 at 09:48 AM

The origin of Sonic

Comdey group BEASTS imagines how Sonic the Hedgehog was created. Naughty language and all.
Posted by Al on 03/05 at 10:10 AM

Videogame themes played on beer bottles

The Bottle Boys show off their beer bottle music skills on several classic video game theme songs.
Posted by Al on 03/04 at 10:28 AM

Playable gameboy costume

MidgarZolom finds a man wearing a playable Gameboy costume at Ohayocon 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.
Posted by Al on 03/03 at 09:44 AM

VR version of The Legend of Zelda

Vaecon test drives ZeldaVR, a virtual reality clone of The Legend of Zelda, on the Oculus Rift.
Posted by Al on 03/02 at 11:48 AM

What if Dark Souls was a 1980s cartoon

veselekov re-imagines Dark Souls as a VHS taped 80s Saturday morning cartoon.
Posted by Al on 03/01 at 09:55 AM

Stealthily get your mobile gaming fix at work or school

HouseholdHacker demonstrates how to get your game on safely while at work or school.
Posted by Al on 02/28 at 11:16 AM

Sniping a private jet in GTA Online

GoldGloveTV has a livestream clip of an incredibly lucky snipe of a private jet.
Posted by Al on 02/27 at 09:51 AM

Street Fighter bonus stage in Turkish insurance commercial

A Turkish insurance company brings in some Street Fighter action to one of their television commercials.
Posted by Al on 02/26 at 10:21 AM

Olympic skating with Mario Kart powerups

timtimfed brings us a less boring version of Olympic speed skating, featuring power-ups from Mario Kart.
Posted by Al on 02/25 at 09:56 AM

Mario theme played on ancient Chinese musical instrument

nsofilm brings us the Mario theme played on the sheng, a Chinese reed instrument with a three thousand year history.
Posted by Al on 02/24 at 10:19 AM

What if Bravely Default was on the Game Boy

ChemicalTaint presents a retro version of Bravely Default.
Posted by Al on 02/22 at 01:43 PM

Unstoppable Battlefield 4 train

TheRussianBadger attempts to halt a supposedly unstoppable train with a full cast of 64 players.
Posted by Al on 02/20 at 09:53 AM

Space Jam reimagined in NBA 2K14

MkEliteWorksX replays the ToonSquad vs. Monstars showdown in an NBA 2K14 mod.
Posted by Al on 02/18 at 09:50 AM

Gamecube robot

Joshua Vasquez test drives a robot with a Gamecube chassis.
Posted by Al on 02/17 at 10:07 AM

Top 10 videogame vehicles

WatchMojo lists their top ten vehicles from video games.
Posted by Al on 02/16 at 10:21 AM

Mario-themed doorbell

Joe Tsai brings coin collecting to door opening.
Posted by Al on 02/14 at 09:41 AM

The real life version of the Halo Energy Sword

The Halo Energy Sword is brought to real life by Man At Arms.
Posted by Al on 02/12 at 09:38 AM

Navi would be very annoying in real life

BlueInfection cosplays Navi and guides Link through the perils of FanimeCon 2012.
Posted by Al on 02/10 at 11:41 AM

More trolling with a gamertag

This time, MasterOfLuck and MisterCODSlayer use the Xbox Bing command to troll Call of Duty: Ghost players.
Posted by Al on 02/06 at 09:52 AM

Man saves his Xbox from burning house

A Kansas man went back into his burning home to save his game system.
Posted by Al on 02/04 at 10:24 AM

Talor Swift vs. Ryu at the Grammys

Twisted Genre brings us this scene from the Grammys, where Ryu shows his role during a Taylor Swift performance.
Posted by Al on 01/30 at 09:07 AM

Gerudo Valley brought to life

Violinist Taylor Davis brings the Gerudo Valley theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to real life.
Posted by Al on 01/28 at 09:35 AM

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 fails

LetsFifa compiles some hilarious fails and glitches from Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
Posted by Al on 01/27 at 10:23 AM

Punch-out!! 3D chalk art

Awe me shows what it takes to create King Hippo from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! as sidewalk 3D chalk art.
Posted by Al on 01/26 at 10:20 AM

Huge compliation of every NES and Famicom title screen

NicksplosionFX has put together an epic 3 hour compilation of every NES and Famicom title screen every made.
Posted by Al on 01/25 at 09:11 AM

Can video games make you smarter?

AsapSCIENCE ponders the positive effects of video games.
Posted by Al on 01/24 at 10:12 AM

Having a bad day in GTA Online

How much bad luck can you have in GTA Online? Lots, courtesy of GaMerDaV.
Posted by Al on 01/23 at 10:07 AM

Physics fails in Airport Simulator 2014

vinesauce shows how frustrating it is to play a simulation game that seems to break the laws of physics.
Posted by Al on 01/22 at 08:49 PM

What if Donkey Kong Country barrels were real

FreddieW (RocketJump) imagines what it would be like if you could use the barrels from Donkey Kong Country as transportation.
Posted by Al on 01/21 at 09:33 AM

Franklin finds GTA V boring

CatFat reveals what Franklin really likes to do in GTA V.
Posted by Al on 01/20 at 10:00 AM

Sephiroth's Masamune sword from Final Fantasy VII brought to life

AWE me shows off the real life version of Sephiroth's Masamune sword from Final Fantasy VII.
Posted by Al on 01/19 at 09:39 AM

See the world from the eyes of Lara Croft

Filipe Costa re-creates game play from Tomb Raider done in first person perspective.
Posted by Al on 01/18 at 09:38 AM

8-bit game music on electronic harmonicas

basami sentaku shows how an electronic harmonica trio can belt out some classic Mario music, 8-bit style.
Posted by Al on 01/17 at 09:35 AM

Friends with a Creeper Minecraft parody

Mattcraft does a Minecraft themed parody, with some re-worked Eminem beats.
Posted by Al on 01/16 at 10:29 AM

Video game locations re-imagined as animations

Tim Hijlkema animates twenty-six locations from some of the most popular games of all time.
Posted by Al on 01/15 at 10:49 AM

Miiverse failed 8th grade romance part deux

PwerlvlAmy continues the narration of the tragic 8th grade Miiverse romance of Allan and Nicole.
Posted by Al on 01/14 at 09:31 AM

Miiverse failed 8th grade romance

Allan and Nicole star in a failed 8th grade romance played out on Miiverse and re-enacted by CurtDogg Gaming.
Posted by Al on 01/12 at 09:56 AM

Trolling with a gamertag

Master of Luck uses the gamertag "Xbox Sign Out", gets on Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One, and hilarity ensues.
Posted by Al on 01/10 at 09:49 AM

16 videogame themes in one minute on guitar

Chad Neidt takes sixteen videogame theme songs and puts them together in one classical guitar piece.
Posted by Al on 01/07 at 10:28 AM

Gritty action movie take on Mario

Fury Fingers re-imagines Mario starring in a gritty action movie.
Posted by Al on 01/05 at 11:09 AM

The top ten Easter Eggs of 2013

FunWithGuru counts down his top ten video game Easter Eggs of 2013
Posted by Al on 01/03 at 10:32 AM

Fails in World of Tanks

The World of Tanks Official Channel has put together a clip featuring some of the best fails and funny situations in the game.
Posted by Al on 12/31 at 07:02 PM

Playing Pong on a traffic crossing box

kaltaff shows a traffic crossing in Germany that allows people on opposite side's of the street to play Pong while waiting for the light to change.
Posted by Al on 12/29 at 10:07 AM

Never steal Mario's power-ups

CorridorDigital demonstrates an epic showdown between Lara Croft, Master Chief, and Assassin's Creed's Connor and Mario.
Posted by Al on 12/27 at 09:59 AM

The Blades of Chaos in real life

AWE Me recreates the Blades of Chaos as used by Kratos in God of War.
Posted by Al on 12/25 at 11:03 AM

Grand Theft Auto, kid's edition

Nacho Punch imagines what it would be like if Grand Theft Auto were a kid's game.
Posted by Al on 12/23 at 10:59 AM

Santa goes on a rampage

Markiplier shows the world how Santa goes on a rampage.
Posted by Al on 12/21 at 10:00 AM

Mario Kart 64 in real life

Every wonder what Mario Kart 64 would be in real life? Simon Lachapelle shows us.
Posted by Al on 12/19 at 11:18 AM

Using PS4 DualShock 4, Xbox 360 controllers, PC mice and keyboard on Xbox One

Modders Team Xecuter and CronusMAX demonstrate how peripherals from other devices can be used with the Xbox One.
Posted by Al on 12/17 at 10:25 AM

Getting back to North Yankton in GTA Online

Kronos explains how you can revisit North Yankton, this time in free roam.
Posted by Al on 12/15 at 09:58 AM

Circling rocket kill in Battlefield 4

A bizarre circling rocket eventually finds a target to kill in Battlefield 4, courtesy of fireFRAGrepeat.
Posted by Al on 12/10 at 10:12 AM

Some crazy moments in GTA5 Online

speedyw03 showcases some crazy, unbelievable, and WTF? moments in Grand Theft Auto V Online.
Posted by Al on 12/02 at 11:14 AM

Stopping used game sales is actually good for consumers

TotalBiscuit discusses the controversy surrounding used games, and how what's good for game developers and publishers is in the long run good for gamers.
Posted by Al on 05/30 at 01:18 PM

Final Fantasy VI music played by floppy drives

See what happens when the grinding sound of floppy drives are put to good use.
Posted by Al on 05/20 at 09:24 AM

Killzone: Shadow Fall - First look

First look at Killzone: Shadow Fall game play, on the PlayStation4.
Posted by Al on 02/22 at 08:35 PM

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Skills Upgrade Trailer

The game introduces Raiden as the central character; a child soldier transformed into a half-man, half-machine cyborg ninja, equipped with a high-frequency katana blade and a soul fueled by revenge.
Posted by Al on 02/15 at 01:44 PM

Tomb Raider - Monastery Escape developer walkthrough

After a brutal storm destroys the boat she was traveling on, a frightened young woman is left washed ashore on an unknown beach. On her own but not alone she has only one goal, to survive. Here begins the first adventure for a young and inexperienced Lara Croft in a story which charts the journey of an ordinary woman who finds out just how far she must go in order to stay alive.

Posted by Al on 02/14 at 11:56 AM

Tomb Raider: Guide To Survival - Part 2

After a brutal storm destroys the boat she was traveling on, a frightened young woman is left washed ashore on an unknown beach. On her own but not alone she has only one goal, to survive. Here begins the first adventure for a young and inexperienced Lara Croft in a story which charts the journey of an ordinary woman who finds out just how far she must go in order to stay alive.

Posted by Al on 02/13 at 11:54 AM

Tomb Raider: Guide To Survival - Part 1

After a brutal storm destroys the boat she was traveling on, a frightened young woman is left washed ashore on an unknown beach. On her own but not alone she has only one goal, to survive. Here begins the first adventure for a young and inexperienced Lara Croft in a story which charts the journey of an ordinary woman who finds out just how far she must go in order to stay alive.

Posted by Al on 02/12 at 11:29 AM

Silicon Knights Ordered to Recall and Destroy Too Human, X-Men Destiny

Following the loss of a counter-suit from Unreal Engine developers Epic Games, struggling Silicon Knights has been forced to recall and destroy several titles. In 2007, Silicon Knights filed a lawsuit against Epic Games for failing to improve upon the engine that the company had spent significant money to license, essentially sabotaging the efforts of other developers to utilize this engine. Epic Games filed a counter-suit shortly after which accused Silicon Knights of deliberately copying the Unreal Engine code in order to create their own game engine, which was subsequently used to produce the games Too Human and X-Men Destiny, as well as within the yet to be released games The Box/Ritualyst, The Sandman, and Siren in the Maelstrom.

The courts, as you might have guessed, found in favour of Epic Games. On top of paying a settlement in the region of $9.2 million, Silicon Knights have been ordered to recall every unsold copy of Too Human and X-Men Destiny and destroy them. They must also destroy the existing code for their unreleased titles. The court has given them a deadline of December 21st to comply, by which point all copies of both games will be off the shelves permanently.

If you've ever wanted to play either title -- now's the time!

Source: Gamesradar

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Posted by on 11/19 at 06:07 PM

Peter Molyneux Forced to Rename Latest Project Due to NASA Conflict

According to 22Cans Co-Founder, Peter Molyneux, the first offering of the independent company has been delayed due to a conflict with NASA. In a posting on Twitter, Peter Molyneux noted that complications arising from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover have caused the game to be delayed until later this month due to a naming conflict. While it was initially scheduled to launch at the end of August, the naming conflict has forced the company to rethink their launch plans and come up with a new name.

According to Molyneux's Twitter page, the "new" name for Curiosity is now Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube. Not exactly a drastic change, but allegedly enough to resolve the conflict. Expect Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube sometime within the month of September.

Source: Peter Molyneux's Twitter Account

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Posted by on 09/02 at 12:18 AM

Final Fantasy VII Is Coming To PC

If you didn't get to play the 1997 classic, or if you just want Final Fantasy VII on your PC, then your opportunity will come soon.

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII will be re-released on PC at some time in the future. This newer version of the game includes fresh features like cloud saves and achievements. The most interesting new feature is called the "Character Booster". This feature will allow the player to maximize their HP, MP, and Gil by simply clicking a button. So far, it seems that this version of Final Fantasy VII will only be available on the Square Enix store.

Here are the system requirements that we can expect:
► Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
► 2 GHz Processor or faster
► 1 GB RAM
► DirectX 9-compatible graphic card

Price and release date are yet to be announced.

Source: Square Enix
Posted by on 07/04 at 02:11 PM

New Dishonored Videos Show Stealth And Violence

Watch this pair of gameplay videos showing off the different ways Dishonored can be played.

In the videos below, a couple of the co-creative directors from Dishonored play through a mission of the stealthy first-person-action game featuring main character Corvo Atano. Both videos showcase the same mission, but one displays a stealthy approach to the game, while the second video shows a more violent and less stealthy version of the game. In the video commentary, the co-creative directors mention that there are many ways to progress through missions in the game. When entering a building called The Golden Cat, they make it a point to say that there are at least 8 different ways to infiltrate the building. Breaking into buildings isn't the only part of Dishonored that offers choices to the player. Encounters with enemies can be dealt with a knife, a knock out, or even a sneaky maneuver that keeps Corvo out of sight. The videos below also show some of the unique abilities that Corvo Atano has at his disposal.

Dishonored is expected to release October 9 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Stealth Video:

Violence Video:
Posted by on 06/28 at 01:42 PM

Mass Effect 3 Producer Calls Attention To Future DLC

Mass Effect 3 producer revealed on Twitter that future DLC will be available.

Mike Gamble, producer for Mass Effect 3, recently tweeted, "Would now be a good time to talk about how we're doing more DLC in the future?" After hinting at more DLC for Mass Effect 3, Gamble responded to himself in another tweet saying, "That was a trick question. We'll save the future DLC for future chats. Don't worry though...there's much more."

While no specific details were revealed, Mass Effect 3 fans will find comfort in knowing that the Extended Cut DLC will not be the last of the additions to the game. Drop by the GameWinners Forum to tell us what DLC you want to see.

Via: Joystiq
Source: Twitter [1], [2]
Posted by on 06/27 at 02:40 PM

TimeSplitters Fans Start A Petition For A Fourth Game

Even though Crytek told fans to not get their hopes up, a new Facebook petition for a new TimeSplitters game has emerged.

The Facebook group known as "100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters 4" is trying to convince Crytek to continue developing the TimeSplitters 4 game that was put on hold. The group hopes to get at least 100,000 "likes", but they don't want to stop their.

Here is a message from the group's Facebook page:
We are a group trying to convince Crytek to finish developing TimeSplitters 4! Even if it means doing a Kickstarter. (I'd fund that!).. Note: Even though the page is to gain 100k, we'll probably need much more. So dont give up at 100k!

Petitions can be a powerful influence that fans send towards a developer, so "like" the group if you want to see a new TimeSplitters game.

Via: Game Informer
Source: Facebook
Posted by on 06/18 at 03:43 PM

Microsoft Will Not Show At Gamescom Or TGS This Year

Microsoft is not participating in Gamescom or the Tokyo Game Show this year.

Larry Hryb (AKA Major Nelson on XBL) announced this morning that Microsoft is skipping Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show this year in order to focus on other events. Here is Hryb's full statement:

As you saw at E3, we have a solid line-up of games launching this holiday, along with other entertainment experiences. We've changed our approach a little, though. This year, Xbox will be focusing on smaller, more localized promotions and experiences for press, partners, retailers and customers around the world. Which means that as you might have seen on some of the news sites today, we won't be taking part in gamescom or Tokyo Games Show this year.

Both are still important shows for the industry, and we do wish the organizers well.

Gamescom and TGS are two of the largest video game events each year. Hopefully Microsoft makes up for their absence in both events.

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Posted by on 06/14 at 11:15 AM

The PC Version Of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Has Been Delayed

Anxious PC gamers waiting for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will have to two extra weeks to get their hands on the game.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was scheduled to release June 12 for PC, but the game is having a minor delay of two weeks. Gamers will be able to play Future Soldier on June 26.

Here is a trailer to help cope with the waiting period:

Source: Game Informer
Posted by on 06/14 at 11:01 AM

Peter Molyneux Promotes New Independent Game, Featuring 50,000 GBP DLC

Former LionHead Chief Promoting New Company's Venture, Which Will Feature 1 Piece of DLC Costing 50,000 GBP ($77,500 USD). In what can only be called another "Molyneux Moment," the former head of Microsoft development house LionHead today unveiled some of the basic plans for the first game from the new independent company, 22 Cans, which has been entitled Curiosity.

According to Molyneux, the game will feature a single virtual room, with a black cube that all users will chip away at. Eventually, the black cube will break, revealing something "truly amazing, absolutely unique" and only the person responsible for breaking the cube will get to see this wondrous thing.

The catch? During the course of the chiseling, players will be able to purchase a limited number of chisels, which will increase the player's tapping strength. As you might have guessed, one of these chisels, which only one player will be able to buy, will sell for an estimated $77,500 USD. This will give the user 100,000 times the tapping strength of a standard chisel, but of course, there's no guarantee that this chisel will break through the cube, nor that anyone will actually purchase it.

Molyneux is expecting this portion of the game to be unveiled within the next six weeks, leading to the full and final game which is set to be released within the next two years.


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Posted by on 06/07 at 11:11 PM

How Portal 2 Will Work With The PlayStation Move

DLC will be available for the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 to add Move functionality.

From developer Sixense comes brand new Portal 2 DLC, titled Portal 2 In Motion, exclusive for PS3 owners. This DLC will not only add PlayStation Move functionality, but it will also include new puzzles and features.

In the video below from GameTrailers, Josh bays, Director of Product Marketing at Sixense, talks about some of the fresh material being introduced in the DLC. One of the new impressive features is the ability to morph objects. Regular cubes in Portal 2 can now be used to make bridges, pillars, etc. Another great feature is the ability to move objects further away from you by reaching out with the Move remote. These features, along with a few other details, are in the video below, so take a look for yourself.

Posted by on 06/06 at 04:14 PM

Quantic Dream's Next Game Is Beyond: Two Souls

From the creators of Heavy Rain comes this new cinematic experience displayed at E3.

Beyond: Two Souls follows antagonist Jodie Holmes through 15 years of her life. The game focuses on the concept of death and the "beyond". More importantly, Jodie speaks to unseen being by the name of Ivan. Whether or not Ivan is dead has not been revealed.

The trailer below shows Jodie Holmes, portrayed by actress Ellen Page, being questioned in a police station. While Jodie doesn't say much, she does display some sort of supernatural power. Obviously there is something special about Jodie, but what is it exactly? Well, the trailer shows that she is special enough to cause a SWAT team to march into the police station where she is being held. In order to not spoil any details, here is the trailer, so you can witness it yourself. It is also worth noting that the facial graphics look very advanced and superb.

Posted by on 06/05 at 03:59 PM

New Dishonored Trailer Shows Gameplay

Watch the new Dishonored trailer that displays some of the game's bloody stealth kills. In the trailer below, you will see three minutes of gameplay, bloody kills, stealthy maneuvers, and an extended view at some of the game's setting.

Dishonored to due to release on October 9 this year.

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Dark Souls DLC Coming To Consoles

This is for all of the Dark Souls console players that won't be getting the Prepare To Die Edition on PC.

When the Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition was announced, bonus content was unveiled that was not included in console versions. The bonus content has been titled Artorias of the Abyss, and it will be available for anyone not purchasing the Prepare To Die Edition on PC. This DLC expansion introduces new weapons, armor, areas, and bosses to Dark Souls.

The DLC will be available this winter for $14.99 on PSN and 1,200 MP on Xbox Live.

Source: Game Informer

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Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Announced

Insomniac Games announces the newest Ratchet & Clank installment due this fall on PSN.

With the approach of the 10th anniversary for the Ratchet & Clank franchise, a related announcement was bound to arise this year. The Ratchet & Clank Collection is due this summer in Europe and fall for North America, so fans of the series can relive their favorite moments from the classic PS2 titles. However, Insomniac Games has announced an entirely new Ratchet & Clank game titled Full Frontal Assault.

Just like Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty, Full Frontal Assault will only be available on the PlayStation Store at launch. Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games, says, "We've returned to the series' classic feel, camera, controls and weapons, while innovating and giving you a whole new way to play." Ted Price also mentions that online features will be available in Full Frontal Assault, but specific details will come later. Details so far reveal that this game will be an experience that old-time fans and newcomers can enjoy equally.

More details on Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will arrive as the fall season approaches this year.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Blizzard Apologizes For Diablo III Server Issues

Blizzard reaches out to their fans with an apology and update.

After Diablo III launched on May 15, many users experienced problems with the game's servers and connectivity. Since launch, Blizzard has been working hard on making sure that the issues are fixed and prevented from happening in the future.

Blizzard issued an official statement to their fans that included an apology and an update on the progress for Diablo III. According to the statement, the real-money auction house for Diablo III will be delayed past the original estimated date of May 22.

Here is the entire statement from Blizzard:

Diablo Players:

We'd like to extend a very sincere thank you to everyone who joined the global Diablo III launch celebrations this week, as well as to everyone who was ready to jump into Sanctuary the moment the game went live.

To that end, we'd also like to say that we've been humbled by your enthusiasm -- and we sincerely regret that your crusade to bring down the Lord of Terror was thwarted not by mobs of demons, but by mortal infrastructure. As many of you are aware, technical issues occurring within hours after the game's launch led to players experiencing error messages and difficulty logging in. These issues cropped up again last night for the Americas and Europe servers. Despite very aggressive projections, our preparations for the launch of the game did not go far enough.

We've been monitoring the game 24/7 and have applied several optimizations to help our systems better weather the global rush. As of late last night, specifically 11:50 PM PDT on May 15, all systems have been online and running relatively smoothly. We're continuing to monitor performance globally and will be taking further measures as needed to ensure a positive experience for everyone. This includes some maintenance to implement additional improvements for each region.

In order to make sure everything is continuing to run as it should, we've decided to move out our target launch for the real-money auction house beyond our original estimated date of May 22. We'll post further updates on that in the near future.

Aside from the tremendous number of players simultaneously logging in to the game, one of the launch-day service issues was linked to the achievement system. Some players began to notice early on that achievements were either not being earned properly, or not being saved between multiple logins. We're investigating this issue and will provide a specific update as soon as possible.

We greatly appreciate everyone's support, and we want to sincerely apologize for the difficulties many of you encountered on day one. Please visit the Support site or Support forums for the latest service-related updates or for help in troubleshooting any technical issues you may be having downloading, installing, or while playing the game.

Thank you again for your patience while we reinforce the gates of Sanctuary and further strengthen it for your onslaught.

Blizzard Entertainment

Source: Blizzard
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Rockstar Games Is Handing Out Free Copies Of Midnight Club 2 On Steam

A few clicks can earn you a free game!
Rockstar Games is offering all Steam users a free copy of Midnight Club 2. All you have to do is join the official Rockstar Games group on Steam. Be sure that you have a registered Steam account and have at least one purchase via Steam (gifted or for yourself), because you won't be eligible otherwise. Also, the copy of the game is non-giftable, so you can't hand it off to a buddy.

You have until May 15 to join the group. All eligible users will be receive their copies of Midnight Club 2 by May 29.

Source: Eurogamer
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New Assassin's Creed III Gameplay Trailer

Watch Connor assassinate some Red Coats in this new gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed III

A new side of Assassin's Creed III shines in its new gameplay trailer (shown below). We see Connor, our assassin protagonist, take on the Red Coats in a stealthy fashion. Hopping from tree to tree, using muskets, and taking on gun-wielding armies are all displayed in the trailer with promising gameplay footage.

Assassin's Creed III is set to release on October 30 this year.

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Wolfenstein 3D Is Now Free For Everyone

Play Wolfenstein 3D for free on your browser...

Wolfenstein 3D is definitely worthy of the title: "Classic". Whether you are a fan of the game, or you always wanted to play it, you will be happy hear that Wolfenstein 3D is now free-to-play.

In celebration of Wolfenstein 3D's 20th anniversary, go ahead and play the game here.

Source: Game Informer
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Thatgamecompany To Announce Their Next Game This Year

Jenova Chen, Co-founder of Thatgamecompany, plans to announce the developer's next game this year

Thatgamecompany released their latest game, Journey, in March. Journey had a great amount of success on PSN, and fans have been anxiously waiting for an announcement on TGC's next project.

In an interview with VG247, Jenova Chen, Co-founder of TGC, goes into detail, "We're negotiating with various partners, so maybe within the next month, we'll be able to determine which is the [right deal]."

TGC finished their deal with Sony with the release of Journey. It is very possible that future games from TGC will be available cross-platform. For now, however, we have to go off of "various partners".

Chen goes on to say, "In terms of when you'll know about the next game, I think we intentionally announce our games very early. We announced Flower half a year after we launched Flow. We announced Journey half a year after we launched Flower. So hopefully within this year, you'll hear from us about our next game."

Flow, Flower, and Journey were three beautifully artistic games that made for fun experiences. Hopefully TGC can create such an experience again with their next game.

Source: VG247
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New Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer Makes Little Sense

Konami releases this new "Arm" trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance...

The recently released live-action trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance doesn't explain much, but it's a step closer to figuring out what Konami is hinting at. This teaser features deranged doctors experimenting on and injecting a man. That man is most likely Raiden, the main character of Metal Gear Rising.

More details about the game from Konami can be expected soon.
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The Diablo III TV Commercial Hits The Internet Early

Evil is back...

The commercial that was supposed to air tonight has come early via the Diablo YouTube channel. View the trailer above and get excited.

Diablo III will be unleashed on May 15.
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Diablo III Commercial Airs Tomorrow

More hype to satisfy hungry fans!

Tomorrow, Sunday, April 29, a brand new Diablo III commercial will air. Be sure to be watching Family Guy on Fox at 9:00PM (8:00PM Central), so you don't miss it. The commercial will give a cinematic look at Diablo III, and hopefully send fans off into the short wait until the Diablo III release.

Diablo III will arrive on May 15 this year.


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Play The Dragon's Dogma Demo Next Week

Gamers can get their hands on this highly anticipated RPG early next week

Dragon's Dogma will arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 22nd for Gamers in North America; Europe on May 25th. While the release is still more than a month away, anxious fans of Dragon's Dogma can play the demo available on Xbox Live everywhere and PSN in North America on April 24th.

The demo will allow players to fully customize their characters. These characters will be able to be brought into the full retail release of Dragon's Dogma in May.

Source: GameInformer
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Demon's Souls Severs Go Offline May 31st

Demon's Souls inevitable fate has arrived

Demon's Souls fans were happy to hear that ATLUS was not going to shut down the North American servers in 2011. However, ATLUS noted that the time would come in 2012. Well, that time is now. In a statement sent to GameInformer, Tim Pivnicny, ATLUS VP of sales and marketing, talks about the situation:

"On October 6, 2009, North American gamers expectations of what an online roleplaying experience could be were forever changed. With DemonҒs Souls, gamers received a title of breathtaking scope and vision, a project built on experimental cooperative and competitive multiplayer concepts, offering users both direct and indirect methods of communication and interaction. Elements of every connected players single player world carried into the worlds of others, sometimes as nothing more than an echo or afterimage, and other times in the form of an alliance or invasion. With countless hazards to memorize and plan for spread across each of the gameҒs sprawling dozen-plus worlds, the ability for players to leave hintsor, potentially, deceptionsחand to view the final moments of other adventurers lives, created an unprecedented form of RPG crowd-sourcing that remains revolutionary to this day.

When subtle interactions were insufficient assistance, players could call across dimensions for assistance, pulling the weakened spirit forms of other adventurersҗunable to communicate using conventional voice chat in order to preserve the games intense atmosphereҗinto their worlds to help them defeat the games unforgettable boss monsters. Other less altruistic spirit form users could invade the world of living adventurers and try to revive themselves by quite literally stealing that life from another. All of these online elements, all of the ways in which gamers would interact with each other, served to enhance and complement the core game and were designed so as to neither diminish nor distract from the experience and thrill of simply playing the game.

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege for all of our staff at ATLUS to have been involved with so innovative and groundbreaking an interactive entertainment experience. We poured our heart and soul into every facet of our involvement with DemonҒs Souls, particularly the titles memorable Deluxe Edition, which served as the only avenue through which to purchase the gameҒs official strategy guide. It was also of the utmost importance for us to sustain the games online experience as long as possible, even beyond the point at which sales could help to offset the expense. Regrettably, the online servers cannot be sustained forever and now the end draws near. Thank you to the unparalleled passion and support of the DemonҒs Souls community throughout these last two and a half years. The online adventure may end soon, but the memory of itjust like that of every boss strategy, every level floor plan, and hidden secretחlives on in the gamers for whom the game was so special.

Long live Boletaria!"

The servers for Demon's Souls will officially go offline on May 31st. The single-player functionality of the game will still work, but online occurrences will no longer exist. So, jump on Demon's Souls on May 31st if you want to enjoy the end of Demon's Souls online glory.

Source: GameInformer

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The Legend Of Dragoon Hits PSN May1st

The classic from 2000 is reborn

Since the 1999 release in Japan, and the 2000 release in the US, The Legend of Dragoon has been recognized as one of the best RPGs to be on PlayStation. Over three years were poured into the development of this ambitious RPG. On May 1st, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to download The Legend of Dragoon as a PSOne Classic from the PlayStation Store for $9.99. This is great news for old-time fans, and gamers who want to give LoD a shot.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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New Mass Effect 3 Patch Arrives April 9th

The Normandy is going to get a tune-up

Mass Effect 3 has had its fair share of problems. Bioware, however, is stepping up and releasing a patch for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 to fix some minor and major bugs. Here is a list of what to expect from the update:

► Fixed issues when in some cases Shepards customized facial features from ME1/ME2 may not be properly imported to ME3.
► Fixed an issue when quickly and repeatedly selecting to Resume a Save could result in Player Level reset and a potential locking of powers.
► Fixed an issue when selecting Multiplayer in the Main Menu while under a poor network connection could result in an unresponsive state.
► Fixed a potential crash while accessing an in-game terminal from Eden Prime level.
► Fixed an issue when attempting to login while Server is down. It would display a Server Down message and accepting the Server Shutdown message would shut down the game.
► Fixed a potential memory crash while loading a Quick Save of a custom FemShep.
► Fixed an issue when restarting missions and acquiring an above max amount of weapon mods results in displayed debug text on-screen.
► Fixed an issue when an unresponsive game state could occur during transition after the Conduit level.
► Fixed an issue when DLC game saves can be accessed from an account without DLC if another account on the same computer has access to the related DLC. (PC Only)
► Fixed an issue when saves from different accounts on the same computer may become locked if one account has access to DLC which the other account does not. (PC Only)
► Fixed an issue when potentially the game could enter unresponsive state when transitioning from the Holding Docks area to the Normandy Docks area of the Citadel. (PS3 Only)

The update will arrive for PC on April 9th, and then for consoles on April 10th.

Source: Bioware
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How Gamers Can Access The Ghost Reacon: Future Soldier Beta

Get your hands on the anticipated shooter early

Ghost Reacon: Future Soldier launches on May 22nd for PS3 and Xbox 360 users. There are a couple of ways for gamers to get access to the beta that opens April 19th.

PS3 Users:
Anyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription will have access to the beta on April 19th.

Xbox 360 Users: The first option is to use the code that is included with purchases of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction. The second option is preordering a copy of Ghost Reacon: Future Soldier, which will earn you a code.

The beta will feature two game modes. The first game mode is Conflict. Conflict features multiple objectives that each team must complete. Completing objectives earns points, and the team with the most points after fifteen minutes wins. The second mode is Saboteur. This mode won't be available right away, but it will be on April 19th. Saboteur leads teams to find a neutral bomb and eventually plant it at the enemies' base.

The two maps that will be available are Mill and Pipeline.

Source: Gameinformer
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EA Is "The Worst Company In America" for 2012

And the winner of the Golden Poo is...

The website recently opened a poll up for their readers to vote on the worst company in America for 2012. The final round of voting consisted of Electronic Arts and Bank of America. In the end, EA took home the Golden Poo Award Companies that were in the poll included: AT&T, Walmart, Comcast, PayPal, and many others.

Gamers must be truly upset with EA's actions recently. For a video game publisher to beat out a popular bank like Bank of America is sort of a big deal. 250,000 people voted for this poll, so calling this a "fluke" would not be accurate. For the gamers asking, "How is EA a bad company?" The Consumerist does a good job of summarizing gamer's thoughts:

"There have even been numerous accusations that EA and its ilk deliberately hold back game content with the sole intent of charging a fee for it at a later date. It's one thing to support a game with new content that is worth the price. It's another to put out an inferior and occasionally broken ח product with the mindset of 'ah, we'll fix it later and make some money for doing so.' "

EA puts out a lot of games each year as a publisher. Some of the games are very popular releases. With this recent wave of bad-reputation, they may have to change some things to keep their fans holding on.

Source: Consumerist

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Mortal Kombat For Vita Will Arrive In May

Test your might in the palm of your hand The version of the 2011's Mortal Kombat will be available for PlayStation Vita on May 1st in North America and May 4th in Europe.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer below to see how the game will utilize some of the Vita's touch features.

Source: GameInformer
Trailer Source: GameTrailers
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Assassin's Creed III Sets Preorder Records For Ubisoft

What is red, white, blue, and selling more copies than its predecessor?

Every time an Assassin's Creed titles comes along, the hype for the game is usually impressive. The game certainly gets the recognition it deserves. Assassin's Creed III may change the meaning of "hype" for Ubisoft. Ubisoft reported that Assassin's Creed III has already gotten more preorders than Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and the game has 10 times more preorders than Assassin's Creed: Revelations when looking at the three week span that Assassin's Creed III has been available for.

Ubisoft also has high hopes for the their new game's showing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this Jun. They expect that the total number of preorders will exceed those of Assassin's Creed Revelations by the time Assassin's Creed III hits stores on October 30th.

Source: Gamespot
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Journey Has Become PSN's Fastest-Selling Game

Since its release two weeks ago, Journey has been well recepted by many reviewers and gamers alike. There is no doubt that Journey has exceeded the expectations of many, and has given thatgamecompany another proud piece of work to show-off. Even though we know Journey is doing well in sales, it has been doing better than we thought.

Jenova Chen, Creative Director at thatgamecompany, has announced on the PlayStation Blog that Journey has become the PlayStation Network's "fastest-selling game" when compared to all of the available first and third-party titles. A big congratulations for thatgamecompany is in order.

Chen also announced a downloadable soundtrack for Journey that will be available April 10th via the PlayStation Store.
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LionHead Co-Founder Peter Molyneux Departing for 22 Cans

After semi-controversial 15 years, Peter Molyneux is departing LionHead Studios. Posted via Twitter, LionHead Studios Co-Founder Peter Molyneux announced that he is leaving LionHead Studios effective immediately after completion of Fable: The Journey. The move marks an end to a somewhat controversial tenure with LionHead, with Molyneux often receiving vast criticism for his hyping of game content which would later prove to be either not included or far less significant than it was made out to be.

While later confirming via Kotaku that he would be leaving the company following completion of Fable: The Journey, Molyneux posted on his Twitter account that "I have left the lovely amazing Microsoft and Lionhead. Now for something really amazing, scary and brave a new company called 22 Cans." The new company, 22 Cans, was also founded by a former LionHead executive, Tim Rance. No word as yet on what projects this new company will be working on.

Source: Siliconera

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Remastered Edition Of Deadly Premonition Coming To PS3

PS3 gamers searching for a new, unique horror game may get what they are looking for
The Xbox 360 cult classic Deadly Premonition will be coming to PlayStation 3. The unique and bizarre game will have a couple of changes though. In an interview with Joystiq Toybox Games founder Yasuhiro Wada shared some general details on what to expect. The game is going to be remastered for the PS3 and new in-game experiences will also be added to the original game. This new version of the game will also feature PlayStation Move support. PlayStation Move may be able to relieve the game of any awkward controls described by many critics.

Yasuhiro Wada mentioned that more details on Deadly Premonition for PS3 will surface at E3 2012.

Source: Joystiq
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First Trailer Of Medal Of Honor: Warfighter + Release Date

Tier 1 is back in all of its glory
EA recently announced that a new Medal Of Honor title was on its way. No solid details on the new FPS game were given during the announcement until this point. Now we have a announcement trailer and a release date to get us excited for Medal Of Honor: Warfighter.

In the trailer (shown below), we see Tier 1 operatives navigating war zones while a Middle Eastern sounding voice describes the deadliness of Tier 1. The few glimpses of gameplay shown let us know that gamers will most likely guide a Tier 1 operative through subtle sneaking missions as well as extreme gunfights. The end of the trailer reveals that Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 23, 2012.

Just like with the Medal Of Honor title in 2010, people who pre-order Medal Of Honor: Warfighter will be upgraded to the Limited Edition of the game for free.

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Project: S.E.R.A.

Project: S.E.R.A. is a ten minute short film that features action sequences that appear straight out of a video game and stars Julia Voth (Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil video game).

A young woman watches helplessly as her father, a decorated general, is tortured and killed with an experimental biological weapon. When he suddenly reanimates in a ferocious bloodthirsty state, she must use the combat skills he taught her to escape both her captors and the creature he has become.
Posted by Al on 03/01 at 10:20 PM

PSN Accounts Are Converting To SEN Accounts


PlayStation users should prepare for another one of Sony's User Agreements Sony has been sending out emails to PlayStation Network users to inform them that their PSN accounts are being converted to SEN accounts. SEN accounts are simply Sony Entertainment Network Accounts. So, why is Sony doing this? In their emails they say that they are trying to get to their goal of, "establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account." For the users themselves, they will notice very little change other than the name, and of course the User Agreement that PlayStation users will have to accept along with a soon-to-come update.

Emails are currently being sent out, so if you haven't gotten one yet then you should receive one soon.

Source: GameInformer

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Insomniac Is Finished With The Resistance Franchise

Will the Resistance series survive? Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac, released the video below a couple of days ago to break the bad news to their fans. The message in the video states that Insomniac will not be making any more Resistance games. Price also mentions that the franchise is in the hands of other developers, so it is quite possible for future Resistance games to surface. For all the details, please watch the video below.

Video Source: YouTube

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Into Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition

It's raining awards in a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been acknowledged by Guinness for a " Largest Entertainment Voice Over Project" award. The game features several hundred voice actors binding together to add a impressive 200,000+ lines of dialogue in the game. These statistics have never been reached by another video game or feature film as of 2012. Congratulations to EA, BioWare, LucasArts, and anyone else involved in the making of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

You can also purchase the complete Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer's Edition book today.

Source: Guinness World Records
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Arrives Next Week

The latest Final Fantasy installment gets into the hands of gamers early next week
Everyone loves demos. They are a chance to try out a game before a purchase to make the right decision when buying your games. Square Enix will be releasing a demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 this upcoming week for PS3 and Xbox 360 systems.

The demo will arrive for download in North America on PlayStation 3 on January 10th, and on Xbox 360 on January 11th. There aren't any details yet on what part of the game the demo will allow gamers to play through.

The full version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released in North America on January 31st, 2012.

Source: GameInformer

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LEGO Batman 2 Brings New Heroes To The Series

Batman is bringing some pals along this time around

LEGO Batman took place in Gotham City which allowed you to only play as characters in related to the Batman series. This time, in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, you will have a larger roster of characters. Players will be able to take control of Batman characters, but they will also have the opportunity to use Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern to name a few. This large roster of available characters should bring nice variety and co-op experiences to gamers. Heroes aren't the only character being added to the game though. With the new heroes come villains such as Lex Luther from Superman, but the Joker is sure to make another appearance in the new game as well. Who knows? Maybe Lex Luther and the Joker will be working together to combine their evil powers.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is scheduled to release this Summer on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, 3DS, and PlayStation Vita.

Source: GameInformer

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God Of War IV Shows Up On Composer's Resume

Kratos might be dead, but that doesn't stop him from staring in another God of War title
Timothy Williams, a music composer, added to his resume recently. Williams has done scores for movies like 300 and video games like Rise of the Argonauts, but now he has an unannounced title that gamers may be interested in knowing about. God of War IV has appeared on Williams updated resume as an upcoming project (image of Williams PDF resume above). No details on the game's story or release date have been acquired, but knowing that it exists is good for now.

Source: Siliconera

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Rumors Surface Of A Multi-Platform Epic Mickey Sequel

A new sequel for the Disney's Epic Mickey video game may be on its way At this point, it seems that any relevant evidence of the game's existence has been pulled from sources. However, an article from, a site dealing with Disney related news and information, suggests that Disney said in a official newsletter that Epic Mickey 2 was on its way. Disney may have added that in the newsletter as an accident, because now the information is gone. So, don't we still have that article from Nope. The article has been pulled from the web as well. A GameInformer article mentions that they saw the important information before it was completely erased. The information provided suggests that the Disney Newsletter says:
Disney Epic Mickey 2 is the latest game in the critically acclaimed Disney Epic Mickey videogame series. In this all-new action-platforming game available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, Mickey embarks on an epic journey and is pulled back into a world filled with Disneys forgotten characters. Players can choose to play single-player as Mickey or for the first time players can also choose 2-player split screen mode. In the 2 player mode one person can play as Mickey wielding magic paint and paint thinner to dynamically change the world and the second player can play as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Җ Walt Disneys first cartoon star Җ with the power to fly like a helicopter and use electricity to fight or friend enemies and solve challenges. Team-up and choose your path to save this forgotten world because the choices you make will alter the story and change the end of the game!

This information suggests a few very interesting details. First of all, the game might be multi-platform. The first Epic Mickey game was a Nintendo Wii exclusive, so Epic Mickey 2 would get in the hands of more gamers this time around. Also, this new sequel will feature a co-op option. Other missing parts of the newsletter suggest that the game will come out around Fall 2012.

If this game is actually happening, then a official confirmation will most likely be posted soon.

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First MW3 DLC expected in January

Time to break the bank again!
Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has released the first screenshot of the upcoming first Map Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 expected sometime in January. Which, is a photo of a lovely waterfall in a future map named "Park".

The first batch of DLC maps will ONLY be available to Call of Duty Elite Subscribers on the Xbox 360 at first as the subscription originally promised those who are subscribed will have access to the DLC maps for MW3 before everyone else. However, it is currently unclear how long it will be before it's available for non-subscribers at this time. Robert Bowling also mentioned on Twitter that there will be more than just maps, so there's a chance that more spec-ops missions are expected as well. More details coming soon.

Posted by on 12/22 at 12:51 AM

L4D Action Figures Coming Spring 2012

Boomer Bile, YUCK!

The "Year of the Apocalypse" is preparing itself early with the official posted image of one the top-selling brain-splattering zombie games Left 4 Dead action figures by NECA Toys, said to be on the shelves Spring 2012. We all know how bothersome those "Special Infected" can be, but notably, how disgusting in appearance from typical zombies the Boomer is. And he's first on the list! Lets hope this will be the first of many different collectible figures of Valve's franchises. More details coming soon.

Source: GameInformer
Posted by on 12/16 at 09:30 PM

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Announced

When world's collide!
During the latest Spike Video Game Awards, the latest development of the Tony Hawk series has yet again, been announced. Making this the tenth official Tony Hawk installment. (Not including other special versions/installments) However, this isn't the kind of Tony Hawk game we've been used to since Tony Hawk's Underground. As the "Pro Skater" title returns, so to many memories.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD features familiar levels from THPS and THPS 2 for a blast-to-the-past, rebuilt and remastered for modern machines by "Robomodo". The game will be console downloadable, and is expected to range around $15 once released this summer. The game will feature new and old pro skaters from some of the most recent past TH installments. As they said, "If we've been reading the Twitters correctly, this is exactly what the TH fans have asked for."

So many memories...

Source: oneofswords

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Grand Theft Auto III Goes Mobile

A classic title makes it way to mobile devices this December

In October, Rockstar Games announced a mobile version of Grand Theft Auto III in celebration of the game's 10-year-anniversary. Rockstar Games made the official announcement today presenting supported devices, price, a release date, and some promising screenshots. The game will be in the palms of many gamers on December 15th at a price of $4.99.

Take a look at the supported devices and screenshots below:

Apple iOS Devices: iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4 & 4S, iPod touch 4th Generation
Android Phones: HTC Rezound, LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid X2, Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Galaxy R, T-Mobile G2x
Android Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Dell Streak 7, LG Optimus Pad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Toshiba Thrive

Apple iOS:


Source: Rockstar Games

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Artwork Revealed for Square Enix's New Medieval RPG

In an attempt to attract a new staff for a hushed project, Sqaure Enix has released the first artwork for an upcoming title. One of the positions Square Enix is hiring for is a Network Programmer. A position with a title like that might suggest that there is some online play that will be expected of this untitled project. A 3D Graphics Programmer position is also available, so 3D compatibility will most likely be available. Square Enix will also be working with Epic Games as this title will use the Unreal Engine.

No specific details have been officially released, so we have to judge the game based on the artwork (above image) so far. The artwork suggests that the atmosphere of the game will be dark. The castle in the distant horizon will most likely be the main focus of the game if not a very key part. The owl could just be for the artwork, or perhaps a companion in the main character's journey. Either way, the artwork is intriguing so far, and I can't wait to see more in the future for this game. Keep your eyes peeled for details.

Source: Siliconera

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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition?

Is there a special edition of Mortal Kombat coming our way?

The BBFC has a game listed under the name "Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition". It is obvious that the content included in a special edition version of the game will include Mortal Kombat (2011) DLC characters such as: Rain, Freddy Krueger, Scarlet, etc. This doesn't mean that there won't be other new features added to this "Komplete Edition". There have been no confirmations or solid details released about this game, but we won't have to wait long, because the BBFC has the game listed to release on February 17th, 2012, and you can bet that there will be a proper announcement soon to let gamers know of the games existence.

Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat, teased in a Tweet last month that there would an "unexpected surprise" regarding the Mortal Kombat series. There is a large chance that he was referring to this game.

Source: CVG

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Black Ops Zombies iOS Now Available for iPhone/iPod

There's a Zombie Killer in All of us!

Treyarch's "Nazi Zombies" survival mode was not only a hit for the CoD franchise on consoles, but in the world of Apple Apps as well. The simplified iOS version of CoD Zombies that came complete with all available maps from the "Call of Duty: World At War" Zombies map packs that also allowed for Co-Op online game play, similar to the original console versions, has released the second installment featuring the zombie maps from "Call of Duty Black Ops".

The entire game has been "taken to the next level" Black Ops Zombies is a well-realized incarnation of even it's consoles, predecessor brethren. As originally presented in the console loading screens, the interface is laid up with a comic-style art when navigating the menus and HUD. Players are able to pick any of the original four characters to play from, as well as the 6 reincarnated new zombie maps. There are three difficulties to choose from: Recruit, Regular and Veteran, which is a considerable step up from the default console version.

As of December 1st, the Zombie-slaying app is available for $6.99.

Source: Kotaku

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Dragon Age Multiplayer Rumoured

Dragon Age Multiplayer Rumoured According to Kotaku, an insider has announced to them that Dragon Age is set to move away from its singleplayer roots, with both PvE and PvP elements thrown into an arena-style experience.

While they are unsure if it is set to be a standalone title or whether it will be packaged as part of the main series, the use of DICE's Frostbite 2 engine is sure to be encouraging news to fans of the series. The Frostbite 2 engine, which debuted earlier in the year with Battlefield 3, has since been used on Need for Speed: The Run and early views of the game report that it looks beautiful.

And, if you like Dragon Age, why not check out our forums, where you are sure to find others who share your interests!

Source: Kotaku
Posted by on 11/30 at 10:59 AM

FREE Gears of War 3 Map Pack arrives on Turkey Day

New weapon skin along with my pumpkin pie? Sweet! Tomorrow, Epic Games will be releasing the Versus Booster Map Pack for free as the stuffing in honor of Thanksgiving. Two of the maps are brand new to Gears 3 and the others have already arrived in the Horde Command Map Pack.

They are:

- Bullet Marsh
- Clocktower
- Azura
- Rustlung
- Blood Drive

Clocktower map

Epic Games also teamed with Paramount Pictures to deliver a special challenge based on Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Which, starting tomorrow, means anyone who watches the new Mission: Impossible trailer on Xbox Live can also get a shot at unlocking an exclusive Weapon Skin set based on Ghost Protocol as the gravy to go along with that. However, there's the catch that you have to be the Gears of War 3 campaign on Insane difficulty by December 25th, one month's time. If you already have, then it will be available automatically in the new weapon skin pack on December 31st.

Source: IGN

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Jak And Daxter Get The HD Treatment

Loyal Jak and Daxter fans should read this HD Collections seem to be the "cool" thing to do in today's gaming world. It is great to see some of the best games in history make their way to current consoles. The Jak and Daxter series is reaching its 10 year anniversary, but that is not the only thing to celebrate as it will enter the trend of HD collections. Evan Wells, the Co-President of Naughty Dog, announced today that the Jak and Daxter Collection is real and that Jak and Daxter will finally debut on the PlayStation 3. To gather some excitement, PlayStation released the trailer below.

The trailer does let gamers know a bit about the collection. The first thing I realized is that the main three games of the series will be available. That included Jak and Daxter, Jak II, and Jak 3. Next, the Jak and Daxter Collection will offer 3D support for anyone who loves their 3D gaming experiences. I am sure that the Jak and Daxter games will offer some great 3D cutscenes. Finally, the collection will have full PSN trophy support for all the trophy collectors out there.

The Jak and Daxter Collection is expected to launch in February next year.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Starhawk Private Beta Deploys Tomorrow

Let's be honest, everybody likes private betas... The PlayStation 3 exclusive game Starhawk, the sequel to the 2007 release Warhawk, will be playable through a private beta starting tomorrow November 22nd. If You haven't been paying attention to Starhawk or want to know more about it; the video below that was released by PlayStation dives into the development team's thoughts and shows some of the gameplay that Starhawk will offer.

Now, every beta is different, and interested gamers probably have a common question: How do I access Starhawk's private beta? Well, there are quite a few different methods:

A.) If you receive emails from PlayStation and have played Warhawk, then you have a chance of getting a private beta code. However, there is a select number, and not all the gamers who have played Warhawk will be getting codes.
B.) Look out for promotions from partners such as: G4, IGN, GameSpot, 1UP, USA Today, and many others.
C.) If you have a voucher code from a copy of Uncharted 3, you will have access to a more polished beta early on in 2012.
Nothing has been said about PlayStation Plus members gaining access.

If you gain access or just want to discuss your thoughts on Starhawk, feel free to visit the GameWinners Forums

Source: PlayStation Blog
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Lego Movies Underway for 2014?

Warner Bros greenlit hybrid live-action/animated feature film in a world of building blocks.
Warner Bros, the studio behind Harry Potter and Batman franchises that have also had individual Lego video games is banking on Lego now being the next big movie tentpole.

Australian-based firm Animal Logic (Happy Feet, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole) will handle the animation for the film, which the trade says will be 80% animation and is slated for a 2014 release.

"Plot details for Lego -- an action-adventure set in the Lego world -- remain under wraps," according to Variety. "Casting for the live-action characters is set to begin in January."

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" will write and direct the movie. Along with, Robot Chicken's Chris Mckay, Co-directing.

More details are expected at a press conference in Australia next week.


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Modern Warfare 3 Breaks Entertainment Sales Records


Call of Duty has done it again... We have seen in previous years that Call of Duty titles (such as Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3) reach incredibly high expectations in terms of sales. Only two years ago, Modern Warfare 2 hit stores and 4.7 million copies were bought on day one. One year after that, Black Ops was released breaking the record with 5.6 million copies. The latest Call of Duty title has managed to break any previous record from a Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare 3 sold over 6.5 million copies in North America and the United Kingdom on day one. The game's release reeled in a impressive $400,000,000. Overall, Modern Warfare 3 earned approximately $40,000,000 more than Black Ops. "We believe the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the biggest entertainment launch of all time in any medium", says Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, in the official announcement.

The series has continued in the making of entertainment sales history. Modern Warfare 3 has crushed most movie and book sales numbers by a long-shot.

Source: Kotaku

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New Modern Warfare 3 Live Action Trailer

There's A Soldier In All Of Us. Special guests Jonah Hill, a.k.a "The n00b" and Sam Worthington, a.k.a "The Vet" take it to the streets of New York in the new MW3 live action trailer to show the fans how an unlikely duo gets the job done, CoD style.

Source: Gamespy

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Grand Theft Auto V Has Been Announced

It was pretty obvious that Grand Theft Auto V was announced when I decided to visit the Rockstar Games official website and was immediatly attacked by an inevitable picture showing the GTA V logo. We know nothing for now, but the announcement does state that the debut trailer will be unleashed November 2nd. It will be interesting to see how they unveil this new project.

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World Of Warcraft Subscribers Can Get Diablo III For Free

Blizzard has made an announcement at this year's BlizzCon 2011 that will make any Blizzard fan giddy with excitement. Blizzard will be handing out free digitial copies of Diablo III, at release, for all WoW subscribers who sign up for an annual pass/subscription. Along with the pass and Diablo III, you will also get an "exclusive WoW Mount" known as Tyrael's Charger, and you will get guaranteed beta access for future WoW expansions. There are two restrictions to the deal though. First, you must be 18 years of age. Second, you must have a registered copy of World of Warcraft before or on Oct. 18, 2011. Check out the official site for more information.
No one knows for sure when Diablo will release, but until then we have a cinematic trailer to keep our attention.

Source: GameSpy

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Assassinate Your Enemies With Ezio In Soul Calibur V

There has been speculation that Soul Calibur V will feature a secret character. Basically the equivalent to playing as Darth Vader (PS3) or Yoda (Xbox 360). Rumors have surfaced recently about Soul Calibur V's secret character, but only one has proven to be true. The one confirmed rumor, announced by Namco, was Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin's Creed) being that secret character. The even better news is that Ezio will be featured in both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, unlike the fourth installment in the series. Below you can find a new SCV trailer featuring many of the characters including Ezio.

Video Source: Siliconera

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New Xbox Set for 2013 Release?

Reports are surfacing that Microsoft's latest Xbox, as yet unnamed, will be making it's debut at E3 2013, with three developers reported to be working on launch titles. Among those reportedly working on titles for the new Xbox are Lionhead Studios, Electronic Arts and Crytek. Apparently, along with preparing for the upcoming 2012 launch of Fable: The Journey, Lionhead Studios is hard at work preparing a fifth installation of the series to launch with the new Xbox.

Reports have listed EA and Crytek as being in the very early stages of development of their next-generation games, while several members of Microsoft's Xbox team have their occupations changed to working on the hardware for the next Xbox on their LinkedIn Profiles, specifically Jeff Faulkner, thought to be the creative director of the "Xbox Next Gen." Most are expecting all four companies to announce their next generation efforts, supposedly with more development houses, at E3 2013, with eyes towards the Holiday 2013 season as a launch date.

Souce: GameSpot

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Pre-Owned Buyers Of Arkham City Can Get Free Catwoman Codes At GameStop

There has been a recent trend of video game developers delivering extra content to gamers through codes that are packaged with the purchase of a new game. Recently more and more developers are putting these codes on services like the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE. The most common example of these codes are online passes, which are codes that are required to enable multiplayer experiences for the player.

The soon-to-release Batman: Arkham City may not be coming with an online pass, but it was announced that the game will be coming with a code that enables the player to play as Catwoman. Of course, gamers assumed that this was bad news for gamers who were purchasing this game pre-owned, because most pre-owned copies of games don't have codes anymore. However, in an e-mail from GameStop to Game Informer, it has been announced that these codes will be given out for free with pre-owned copies at GameStop retail stores.

Good news for gamers, bad news for developers.
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New Arkham City Trailer Prepares Gamers For Batman's Newest Challenge

Batman: Arkham City's release is coming up fast. To get the attention of some anxious gamers, the creators have decided to throw them a bone and show-off a new trailer. The trailer caught my attention because it features many characters that will be seen in this new game. Some of the characters shown are Hugo Strange, the Joker, Two Face, and the Penguin. Of course some of these villains are new characters compared to the previous game Batman: Arkham Asylum. However, some of the old characters, like Poison Ivy, will also be making appearances in the game. It's safe to say there will be a satisfying variety of characters and villains in Batman: Arkham City. Go ahead and watch the trailer below for some more scenes from the upcoming game.

Video Source: Siliconera

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Microsoft Sued By Impulse Technology Over Kinect

It seems like Impulse Technology ltd. wants to sue Microsoft because of some Kinect patents. Impulse Technology, based in Ohio, filed a case against Microsoft on July 1, 2011, because they believe that Microsoft used technology that was not theirs. The patents are specifically for technology that track a person's movement and play video games without a controller. The complaint from Impulse Technology states that Microsoft was informed of these patents before and that Microsoft has willfully ignored such statements. Basically, Impulse Technology wants to sue Microsoft for infringement of certain patents used with the Kinect.

Microsoft isn't alone in the battle though. Video game publishers that are also accused of using the Kinect's technology are stepping up to defend Microsoft. These publishers include Electronic Arts, Sega, and Konami. Supposedly the publishers are "guilty" of distributing games that infringe on some of the Impulse Technology patents.

Overall, Impulse Technology is looking to get injunction, damages, treble damages, interest, and lawyer fees out of Microsoft.

Source: Patent Arcade
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GoldenEye 007 Reloaded - More Details

Yesterday, we saw some screenshots from GoldenEye 007 Reloaded. They were not much to go off of. Now, however, we have plenty of details regarding the soon to come shooter. Today, Activision released some official details regarding GoldenEye 007 Reloaded. One of the most important things is the fact that this new remake will feature a brand new engine. The game will run HD graphics at 60 frames-per-second. Game modifiers will also be usable in the campaign mode of the game; these modifiers include golden guns and infinite ammo. The game will also have PlayStation Move compatibility, but no details on Kinect have been released. The game will feature a multiplayer mode with games up to 16 players. The Multiplayer will feature new maps, modes, and characters to the series.

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded
is set to come to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems this fall.

Source: Gamespot
Posted by on 07/20 at 09:55 PM

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Will Come To PS3 and Xbox 360


Back in 1997, GoldenEye 007 was released on Nintendo 64. The game has been recognized as a great FPS game, but also one of the best games on Nintendo 64. In 2010, a reimagining of the original game was released on Nintendo Wii. It is obvious that the GoldenEye 007 experience has only been on Nintendo systems. That is about to change. Screenshots have been released of a new reimagining of the classic game that many gamers know and love. This new game, known as GoldenEye 007 Reloaded, will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360, rather than the Wii. The screenshots clearly show that the game's graphics will be a major upgrade compared to the game released in '97. The game has not been officially announced by Activision or Nintendo, so it is unsaid that the game is a port of the Wii title or if it will be redone. More information should reveal itself soon because Activision has a Comic-Con event tomorrow. For now, take a look at some of the screenshots:


Source: Kotaku
Screenshots: Videogamer

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Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition - Official Content


Yesterday, we wrote that there were early details releasedon the content within the collector's edition for Batman: Arkham City. Today, we bring you a list of all the content that will be included in the $99.99 purchase. As recently mentioned in our first article, a statue produced by Kotobukiya will be included. The statue is the Caped Crusader himself sealed in a nice box. Buyers will also get Batman: Gotham Knight, which is an animated movie that was released in 2008 and has gotten good reviews overall. Other than that, you get a art book, soundtrack that you will download with a code, and four collectible cards.

For $99.99 this may be worth it for diehard Batman fans.

Source: Gamespot
Posted by on 07/19 at 12:42 PM

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Comes To North America January 2012

It seems that Square Enix has confirmed a launch date for the North American release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 via their Twitter page. The message reads: "FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is slated for a January 2012 release for North America. Be excited!"
We are sure that a lot of gamers will be excited. Very excited.
Posted by on 07/19 at 01:24 AM

Mega Man Legends 3 Gets The Boot

It looks like the Mega Man Legends 3 cancelled. But why? Capcom officially announced today that the continuation of the Mega Man Legends series for the 3DS has been called off, and that there are no longer plans for the game. Capcom, of course, has recognized their supporters sorrow for the cancellation and has sent out their deepest apologies numerous times. Some gamers are probably beginning to think that the series may be in trouble, but Capcom ensures that this is not the case. In a FAQ list on one of Capcom's announcements, the question reads: "This is the second Mega Man game cancelled this year, what does this mean for the future of the Mega Man Franchise?" The answer following the question reads: " Mega Man is still an important franchise within Capcoms portfolio and we will continue to pursue opportunities to create new titles in the series"

Maybe Mega Man Legends 3 will fall into the hands of anxious gamers in the future.

Source: Capcom

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Albert Wesker's Voice Actor Sings For Fans

In a recent video posted on YouTube, D.C. Douglas, voice actor of Resident Evil 5's Albert Wesker answers a bunch of fans questions. Everything from how he got started in acting to future Resident Evil games is covered in this extensive Q&A. At the end of the video Mr. Douglas has a special song for all his fans that starts at 14:25.
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Early Details On Batman Arkham City Collector's Edition

Batman: Arkham City is one of the most anticipated games of 2011, so it was kind of expected to hear some details about some sort of special edition for the game. The details are vague, but it's all we have for now. On several retailers' sites, it is said that the following will be included in the collector's edition:

- A Kotobukiya produced Statue. (The manufacturer is known for collectible statues)
- An art book
- Access to add-on content before anyone else
- Gotham Knight animated content

Some retailers mention that there is more to be announced with this collector's edition and that the above content is not all consumers will be able to get their hands on. The retail price is marked at $99.99 for release.

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Did You Play The Uncharted 3 Beta? Well, 1.53 Million Others Did As Well

It looks like Sony pulled the plug on the very popular Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Beta, but Sony also released some statistics from the beta's run. Most of them are pretty impressive. First of all, Sony is calling this beta the "largest PS3 Beta ever". The stats they include in their announcement back up the statement. Over 1.5 Million people participated in the beta. 1.9 Billion kills. 48 Billion shots fired. 22 Million matches completed and with those 22 Million matches, 362 years of gameplay was put in this beta. So, it's safe to say that the beta was a success.

Why did the beta do so well? Was it the popularity of the game that influenced so many to play? Even though the game is one of the highest anticipated of 2011, the reason why the stats are so impressive is because of the free PlayStation Plus access. The Uncharted 3 was originally going to be for PlayStation Plus subscribers only, and it was. However, the Welcome Back program gave pretty much any user with an internet connection access to the Uncharted 3 beta with free month of PlayStation Plus. The beta would've done well regardless, but the jaw-dropping numbers are from the wide variety of people that could participate.

Source: PlayStation Blog
Posted by on 07/15 at 11:18 PM

Netflix Comes To 3DS This Week

The popular movie/TV show streaming service, Netflix, already has compatibility with consoles like PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. However, Netflix is going portable on the Nintendo 3DS this week. All you have to do is download the Netflix app from the eShop. From there you login in with your current Netflix account and begin watching hundreds of movies and TV shows right on the 3DS. For now, the videos will only be streaming in 2D. However, if 3D movies become an additional choice on Netflix in the future, then the 3DS will most likely have full 3D support for such videos.

Source: Siliconera

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Square Enix Gets A Special Gift From Sony

A couple of weeks ago, Square Enix announced that they officially shipped 100 million copies of Final Fantasy games around the world. As a congratulations, Sony decided to send them a little gift. That gift was a Chocobo cake. The 100 million sales of Final Fantasy titles include sequels, ports, spin-offs, as well as the main series. Even though the developer has released a lot of Final Fantasy over the years, it's still a remarkable milestone to sell so many copies and have one of the most popular game series ever. The cake below is the same Sony sent to Sqaure Enix, and it reads: "Congratulations for the series surpassing 100 million units"


Source: Siliconera

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Limbo Hits PSN On July 19th

Recently, the hit Xbox Live title Limbo had been confirmed for release on PSN and Steam. Of course, those interested in the release wanted to know a release date, but nothing was said when the game was announced for PSN and Steam. However, Dino Patti, CEO of Playdead, posted on the PlayStation Blog that the game will launch on PSN July 19th of this year. So in less than two weeks PlayStation 3 users can get their hands on Limbo, which will also be out for an entire year on July 21st. Until the release, here is some Limbo footage:

Source and Video: PlayStation Blog
Posted by on 07/09 at 11:00 PM

PSN Summer Sale Starts July 12th

Every summer the PlayStation Network holds a sale to celebrate the season. The discounts are usually pretty fair, but this year PlayStation Plus subscribers get a little bonus. All of the games available (listed below) will be 30% off for regular users. For regular users: Games that were originally $9.99 will be $6.99 with the discount. Games that were originally $14.99 will be $10.49 with the discount. For PlayStation Plus users: Games that were originally $9.99 will be $4.89. Games that were originally $14.99 will be $7.34.

Here is the full list of games that will be available:
-Back to the Future: The Game Full Series
-Chime Super Deluxe
-Dead Space Extraction
-Hard Corps: Uprising
-Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
-PixelJunk Shooter 2
-Risk: Factions
-Scott Pilgrim
-Tales from Space: About a Blob

The sale starts July 12th, 2011, and it will end July 19th, 2011.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Limbo Has Been Confirmed For PC And PS3

Limbo, Playdead's once exclusive game to Xbox 360, has been praised for its art and puzzle-platformer style. Limbo has also recieved high ratings of 9/10 from both IGN and Game Informer as well as many other reviews. It's safe to say that the majority of players who tried Limbo approved of the unique gameplay. Rumors began to spread when Sony Computer Entertainment Korea had a submission for Limbo to be classified by the Korean Ratings Board. Of course, these rumors focused on the PS3 system because of Sony's involvement. However, it has been confirmed that Limbo will be coming to PS3 as well as Steam. Playdead CEO Dino Patti told Edge, "Limbo is production for Steam and PSN, and is coming very soon. I cant elaborate more at this moment, but we will have more details soon." So, soon enough, anyone with a PS3, Xbox 360, or PC running Steam will be able to get their hands on Limbo. No details on a date have been mentioned, but the game will most likely be $15. Keep an eye out for when Limbo is available for download on your system.

Source: Edge

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Supreme Court Upholds First Amendment Protection for Video Games

The Supreme Court has today upheld the ruling that video games, even violent video games, are protected under the US Constitution's First Amendment. In the US today, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the decision that the First Amendment to the US Constitution was also applicable to video games, and that bills in Vermont and California aimed at banning the sale of violent video games would be overturned permanently. In 2005, California introduced a bill aimed at severely limiting or outright denying the sale of violent video games to minors. The bill was placed on hold, as representatives from the video game industry fought the bill, citing protection under the first amendment.

Today's Supreme Court decision confirms that video games, even those with acts of violence in them, are fully protected under the First Amendment. Games have long been vilified as being too violent, or causing kids to act violently or commit acts of violence. This is a stance that most gamers, industry professionals and supporters have vehemently denied. Avid gamers have been known to role play as their favourite characters, or take an extreme interest in the collectibles that come with popular franchises; however, outside of extreme examples of younger children, games are not often a target for reenactment.

Movies, music, even novels have contained gore and violence long before video games existed. Childrens' stories, best-sellers, even multi-award winning films have been known to contain violence, all of which are protected under the US Constitution's First Amendment. Now, thanks to the Supreme Court, video games finally fall into this same category. A small victory, or the end of one road which starts another for the detractors?


Have an opinion about this ruling, violent video games, or video games in general? Come and share your views with us on the GameWinners Forums
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Killzone 3: Triple XP Weekend Starts June 24

In light of Killzone 3's new recently released DLC, developers of the game are running a triple XP event this weekend. The event started June 24 at 9:00 AM Pacific time, and will continue to run until June 27 at 9:00 AM. It doesn't matter if you bought the new DLC or not, everyone can get in on the triple XP action by playing the online multiplayer. Regardless, the triple XP seems pretty generous and fans will love the ability of leveling up faster than they ever have before.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog
Posted by on 06/24 at 08:34 PM

Brink DLC, "Agents of Change", Will Be Free For Two Weeks

Owners of the recently released FPS known as Brink will be pleased to know that the developers are being generous and offering the first DLC completely free for two full weeks. As Bethesda's blog states: "the DLC features two all-new environments, five new player abilities, two new outfits, and two new weapon attachments". So, it's safe to say that this DLC has decent content, especially for the free price tag. The update for this DLC is already available for PC users while Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users will recieve the update with the release of Agents of Change. The DLC will be available on Xbox LIVE, PSN, and Steam. There is no officially release date, but Bethesda is saying "early July". Make sure to look out for this DLC because it will be free!

Source: Bethesda's Blog
Posted by on 06/24 at 05:48 PM

God Of War PSP Titles Make Their Way To PS3

This year, Sony decided to give us a little more God Of War at the 2011 E3 Show. Don't get too excited though, no "new" games were announced. However, the two recent PSP titles (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) are coming to the PS3 in a HD collection.

Both of the best selling PSP titles will have added features that the PSP doesn't support. The first is 3D compatability. Both of Kratos' adventures can be experienced in compelling 3D action. Both games will also have full, and seperate, trophy support. Trophy collectors will have a blast trying to get as many trophies from two full games.

As seen in the above trailer, the expected release date is September 13, 2011.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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E3 2011: Microsoft Officially Reveals Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Second Halo Trilogy

Four games in Microsoft's flagship series revealed, two dated. Possibly one of the worst held secrets of the year, Microsoft Game Studios officially revealed Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary at this afternoon's E3 press conference. Few details were revealed during the conference itself, being announced simply as a fully remastered version of 2001's Xbox launch title of the same name complete with online cooperative play. Members at NeoGAF have since identified the studios behind the title as Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity. The game seems to be running on the same engine as 2010's Halo title, Halo: Reach, but using the gameplay and physics systems found in the original Halo: Combat Evolved. Some posters have also claimed that Halo Anniversary won't have its own multiplayer component, instead following in the footsteps of Halo 3: ODST and being an extension of Halo: Reach's multiplayer, complete with new (old) maps. Whether the maps can be exported for a nominal fee or not isn't clear at present. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is scheduled for release on November 15th, 2011, exactly ten years after the original release. MSRP, according to Siliconera, is $39.99.

Microsoft also announced today the start of a new Halo trilogy. The first game from this trilogy, presumably under development at 343 Industries, is simply titled Halo 4. A brief clip shown at the end of the conference was all Microsoft was willing to share, however the game has a tenative release window of Fall 2012.

Sources: NeoGAF; Siliconera; IGN (trailers)

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Sony Answers Some Questions Regarding PlayStation Network Outages

Any active PlayStation 3 user who has tried to use online services recently knows that the PlayStation Network is currently shut down. Since April 20th PlayStation and Qriocity services have been disabled. Responding to the frustration, however, a Q&A update was put up on PlayStation's official blog on April 27th. The question everyone wants answered is, "When will the PlayStation Network be back up and running?" The truthful answer is: Who knows. Sony insists that they are working day and night to secure the network. As for a timeframe for services to be back up, Sony says, we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday". This means generally around May 3rd. However, they only mention that "some services" will be available. Hopefully the PlayStation Network will be fully functional soon.

According to Sony, personal date stored on the PlayStation Network (email, billing addresses, etc.) was breached as the information was not encrypted. However, it is unsaid whether or not credit card information has been stolen. Sony says this: "While all credit card information stored in our systems is encrypted and there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, we cannot rule out the possibility." It's recommended to watch credit reports closely if you have ever purchased anything off of the PlayStation Network with a credit card.

Among other answered questions, Sony mentions that all users will have to update their passwords through an update when the network is back up. We will have to stay tuned to Sony's announcements for further information regarding a date in which the network will be up and running again.

Source: PlayStation's official blog
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Kyocera Set to Introduce Dual-Screen Android Gaming Smartphone

Kyocera demonstrated their new dual-screen Android-based gaming phone recently. In a recent demonstration of upcoming technology, Kyocera unveiled their latest bid to break through in the smartphone community with the new Kyocera Echo. The Echo is a dual-screen Android-based smartphone designed with gaming in mind. Unsurprisingly, the Echo looks extremely similar to a Nintendo DS, and the game being demonstrated, The Sims 3, looked and ran very much like it's DS counterpart, albeit with improved graphics.

The Echo is set to hit US markets on the Sprint network later in 2011, but many have concerns that the phone will not become the great gaming platform it's being touted as. For one thing, the phone uses another fork of Google's Android SDK, the Sprint SDK, limiting game developers to producing titles for one product line on one network. It's unclear whether the Echo will benefit from the upcoming PlayStation Suite from Sony, but early indicators are that the two titles launching with the phone won't be getting much in the way of competition due to the games being so severely limited to just the one device.

Kyocera Echo.  Image source:

Source: Joystiq

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Namco Bandai Announces Armored Core V, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces F for North America

Company teases and announces games for their upcoming fiscal year. Namco Bandai had good news for RPG fans on both sides of the console/PC style divide Wednesday, announcing Tales of Graces F for North America and pegging "Project Dark," now officially Dark Souls, for a 2011 release. Those who aren't particularly big fans of RPGs weren't left out though, as Namco Bandai also announced that they would release From Software's mech action game, Armored Core V, in early 2012. Finally, Famitsu revealed Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS. Namco Bandai's 30th Anniversary celebration of the two historic franchises wasn't announced for North America just yet, not even receiving a proper release date for Japan, however the two series were teased alongside Tales of Graces F.

Armored Core V
Armored Core V looks to continue the multiplayer refinement started in Armored Core: For Answer by incorporating a strong team element. Teams of four combatants and one "support" unit compete in their customized mechs in multiplayer modes similar to those found in the first-person shooter genre, such as base defense. Reports indicate the presence of a lobby, which players can easily drop out of and join into mid-game, that will allow teammates to communicate with one another regardless of their field status.

Dark Souls
Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, 2009's hard-as-nails Action/RPG PlayStation 3 exclusive. While there won't be any direct connections between the stories or worlds from the two games, Dark Souls will remain true to what its predecessor established. Difficulty is said to be greatly increased with the world being more expansive and seamless in scope, while most of the online elements found in Demon's Souls will also be present, in addition to new features such as cooperative and competitive multiplayer. Reports also indicate that Demon's Souls won't have its own servers this time around, possibly because of its multiplatform development, which may affect certain aspects of the game.

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions
Similar to Galaga & Galaxian back on the original Gameboy, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is two unique games on one cart. The two games celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their respective franchises, and each incorporates the 3DS' unique features into the reimagined games. Pac-Man Tilt, a side-scrolling platformer/action game, uses the 3DS' accelerometer and gyroscope to allow the player to tilt the in-game world. This allows Pac-Man to stand on objects which can then be moved independently, which could result in some clever puzzles reminiscent of Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures. Galaga, on the other hand, has been transformed into a "3D" shooting game called Galaga 3D Impact. Players will be placed into the cockpit of the Galaga fighter, while the game itself is said to be an on-rails shooter.

Tales of Graces F
Aside from the teaser website, found here, no information has been given just yet. Judging from the localizations of previous titles, however, we should expect a late Q3 or early Q4 release. Tales of Graces F was a PlayStation 3 enhanced port in Japan, so there's presently no reason to assume it would be made available for a different platform while being localized. Sorry, Xbox 360 owners.

Source: AndriaSang; Kotaku; Siliconera

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Madden 2011 Says Steelers Will Win the Super Bowl

According to the yearly simulation done before the Super Bowl, the Steelers will be the victors of Super Bowl XLV. In a simulated clash between the Steelers and the Packers, EA Sports' Madden 2011 determined that the Steelers will win the game by a score of 24-20. Going into the final quarter, Pittsburgh was up 17-13. Aaron Rodgers brought his team downfield to score a touchdown, putting the pressure on Big Ben and the Steelers. Roethlisberger passed for a final touchdown pass with under a minute and a half left. The Super Bowl MVP was predicted to be Wide Receiver Mike Wallace the MVP, for having over 100 yards and a touchdown. Surprisingly, this simulation has correctly predicted 6 out of the last 7 Super Bowls correctly.

Source: Gamespot

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Call of Duty Black Ops New Maps

In this article, I take a look at the new multiplayer maps released as DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops On 2/1, Treyarch released four new multiplayer maps and one new map for Nazi Zombies for Call of Duty: Black Ops, their record-breaking first person shooter. Costing 1200 Microsoft points for those on Xbox 360, the maps are titled Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon and Stadium.

Berlin Wall, naturally, is stationed at the divide of East and West Germany, complete with a "No Man's Land" area. Discovery is another snow-based map with several choke points for those who enjoy fast-paced action. Kowloon is based on a level from the campaign mode and continues Treyarch's quest for interactive gaming with two zip wires, which allow players to travel quickly from one destination to another, although leaving them vulnerable for attack by those scouring said areas for kills. Stadium is exactly how it sounds. A sports stadium, based on a New York ice hockey arena.

Want to know more? The video below, courtesy of oiGamingx, gives a brief overview of the maps for you.

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Sony Officially Announces The NGP (PSP2)

After all of the rumors for several years, Sony officially announced the NGP (or PSP2) at an event in Tokyo.
Along with its announcement of existence, Sony has also given us a list of features and specs that we can expect.

-Multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display (OLED) as the front display
-Multi-touch pad on the rear of the device
-Dual analog sticks
-Two cameras. One in front, and one in back
-Software titles on small, dedicated flash memory-based cards
-Three motion sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass
-Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity
-PlayStation Network access, including ӓLiveAreaٔ, NearӔ and ActivityӔ log features Trophy Support
-NGP will be able to play PSP titles, minis, PS one classics, video and comics from the PlayStation Store

-CPU - ARM CortexΙ-A9 core (4 core)
-GPU - SGX543MP4+
-External Dimensions - Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)
-Cameras - One in front, one in the rear
-Sound - Built-in stereo speakers, built-in microphone
-Sensors - Six-axis motion sensing system, and three-axis electronic compass
-Location - GPS and Wi-Fi service support
-Keys and Switches - PS button, power button, directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left), action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), shoulder buttons (Right/Left), right stick, left stick, START button, SELECT button, volume buttons (+/-)

Sony also mentions several popular franchises that may make its way to the NGP. These include Killzone, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Call of Duty, Resistance, and more.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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PlayStation One Games Coming to Android

Sony officially announce a new PlayStation Suite Service, which allows Android users to play their favourite PSOne games. Sony today officially unveiled their new PlayStation Suite service, which will be available later this year. The PlayStation Suite service will allow users of select Android-based systems to utilize the service in order to play their favourite PlayStation One games. This will also include non-Sony devices, giving the company a wider audience to target.

The PlayStation Suite is set to launch later this year, and while plans for future compatibility are unknown at this time, Sony has commented to say that it will be "starting" with PlayStation One games, hinting at the potential for compatibility with other platforms' games or even brand new titles. The PlayStation Suite will also feature on some of Sony's upcoming devices, including the upcoming successor to the PSP.

Source: Siliconera

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11 PlayStation Network Games Are 50% Off

To celebrate 2011, PlayStation is cutting 11 games' prices half-off. This is nice to see. Most of the games have good reputations and have been on the top download lists. Pick these up quickly because the sale ends January 31st.

Here is a full list of games as well as the new discounted price:

-Costume Quest - $7.49
-Deathspank Thongs of Virtue - $7.49
-Hoard - $7.49
-Soldner-X2: Final Prototype - $6.49
-MotorStorm 3D Rift - $4.99
-Peggle - $4.99
-Space Invaders Infinity Gene - $4.99
-Swords and Soliders - $4.99
-Tumble - $4.99
-Comet Crash - $4.99
-Shatter - $3.99

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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PlayStation 3 Gets Free Killzone 3 Beta

After a period of time to get things up and going, the closed beta for Killzone 3 will open to all PS3 owners with a connection to the PlayStation Store. The beta will be accessible February 2nd and run through February 14th. Giving wanting fans just enough time to try out this highly anticipated shooter. PS3 users will also be able take advantage of the PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D features with the beta.

The online beta will offer one map and four game modes from Killzone 3. Frozen Dam is the one map that gamers can access. The PlayStation Blog announcement describes this map as: " a sprawling asymmetrical map set in an old dam facility". The three game modes available are Guerrila Warfare, Warzone, Operations, and Botzone. Guerrila Warfare is essentially Team Deathmatch. Warzone is the same as it was from Killzone 2; Warzone puts 24 players in rounds of mini-missions online. Operations is described mostly as an online campaign. Botzone is where a player trying to learn the game can verse up to 15 AI players. Botzone can be played with any of the other game modes.

The rest of the details of Killzone 3 can be answered by playing the beta that launches February 2nd.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XIII-2; Official Trailer Revealed

Sequel to 2010's RPG juggernaut to receive direct follow-up "next winter." Square Enix's 1st Production Department Premiere, formerly the Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference, was held Tuesday night and revealed new information regarding several games currently in development in both Tokyo and Osaka. A number of surprises were promised for the Premiere, and Square Enix did their best to deliver. Taking a momentary break from the games announced last year or earlier, Square Enix revealed a new game: Final Fantasy XIII-2. A sequel to last year's game had been hinted towards for several weeks, starting with an artwork by character designer Tetsuya Nomura sent to high-ranking account holders on Square Enix's member website with the message "She must not be forgotten."

While details on the game are scarce at present, the official trailer released today shows female lead Lightning sporting a new look in an almost cathedral-like building before squaring off with a new character dressed in black and purple. Early reports indicate that this man is Lightning's "rival," however it is unknown in what way he's opposing her nor whether they have a prior connection. An article in Jump Magazine this week also contained a vague passage: "In the world where I once existed, times path is no longer certain҅"

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is currently slated for a 2011 release in Japan, with the North American and European releases set for "Next Winter."

Spoiler Warning: Pressing play auto-skips this trailer to the 38 second mark. No spoilers are present from there on, however almost everything before that spoils the ending of Final Fantasy XIII.

Source: PlayStationBlog (English trailer available)

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Get The SOCOM 4 Beta With Your Purchase Of Killzone 3

With the purchase of one highly anticipated PS3 game, you will be getting early access to another. An exclusive SOCOM 4 beta will be available when, or if, you go to pick up your copy of Killzone 3. Of course there is no say on how long the beta will be available, but PlayStation's Official Blog does say to look out for the marked boxes that say: "Early access SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta". The announcement from PlayStation did not say when the beta will start or end. I guess we need to wait until February 22 to find out more.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog
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Bulletstorm Demo Announced

Anyone anticipating the soon to come action shooter, Bulletstorm, will be glad to hear that you can get your hands on the action early this month. EA, and others associated with the game, have announced a Bulletstorm demo. The free demo will be available for download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE on January 25.

Bulletstorm will offer 3 game modes including a single-play campaign and a multiplayer mode. However, the third mode, known as Echo mode, will be available in the early access demo. This is how EA described Echo mode in their announcement: "a unique experience that tracks and compares players scores while they play through locations found in the campaign.

Bulletstorm will be available February 22, 2011.

Source: EA

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Tomb Raider Gets A HD Remake For The PS3

It looks like Lara Croft is getting a HD make-over this March. After announcing the new Tomb Raider game a while back, it seems that Square Enix is behind another related project. This project is a HD remake of three Tomb Raider games known as The Tomb Raider Trilogy. This Trilogy will include: Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld. Bonuses include an exclusive theme pack and PlayStation Home avatars.

If you are a big Tomb Raider fan, then you can pick this collection up for $39.99 on March 22, 2011. Just the thing fans need to get pumped up for the future game's release. Signs say that this will be PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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New Soul Calibur Is On Its Way


It looks like we will get to see some of our favorite fighting action in an all new Soul Calibur game. Daishi Odashima announced that a new Soul Calibur project is in progress. Daishi Odashima is the new Soul Calibur director, and shared the great news over Twitter. Daishi Odashima said, "SC is back! Get ready, fans!" Katsuhiro Harada, Namco Bandai producer, shared his excitment for the new project as well. One of his several tweets on the subject included, "I'm really glad that we were able to start work on a new Soul Calibur!"

Katsuhiro Harada has already said that he can't release a launch date or any further information. As the project progresses, I am sure we will hear more from Daishi Odashima.

Source: Ripten

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First Strike - CoD: Black Ops DLC

An interview of Dan Bunting, interviewed by Major Nelson, announces the first Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC called First Strike.
First Strike will be available February 1, 2010 on Xbox 360 for 1200 MS Points. Then, you will be able to get your hands on four new multiplayer maps, and one new zombie map. Here is what we know about each map so far:

Berlin Wall - Obviously in Berlin, fighting at Checkpoint Charlie.
Discovery - Takes place in an Antarctic setting. Map features a abandoned research lab from World War II.
Kowloon - Rooftop setting based on the single player campaign.
Stadium - A hockey rink in the United States.

There was also a new zombie map announced, but Dan mentions in the interview that the information is classified.

Nothing was said on a release for PS3 or PC, so this DLC will be Xbox exclusive until dates are announced.

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Behind The Scenes With L.A. Noire

Rockstar Games gave us a behind the scenes look into the complex making of L.A. Noire. They posted this video:

So, what do we know after watching this video? Simple. L.A. Noire is going to deliver a real experience. It's going to put you into the heat of deciding whether or not suspects are lying. This experience is all possible because of the technology they are using to develop the game. The new technology captures real voice actors' expressions while they act out each scene. The cameras used will get every facial squint, twitch, and crooked smile so that the gamer can catch the criminal or decide to let him go.

L.A. Noire has been predicted to come out in 2011. Stay tuned for more updates on Rockstar's anticipated title.

Source: Rockstar Newswire
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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Trailer

This was the full trailer shown at Spike's Video Game Awards:
Uncharted 3 has a launch date of November 1, 2011.

Video Source: GameTrailers

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Is Dated With Teaser

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was a favorite among RPG gamers all over. Most predicted that a sequel was fair, and would come in time. They were right.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a launch date of November 11, 2011. Enjoy the this teaser and stay tuned for a full trailer.

Video Source: GameTrailers

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Dr. Hugo Strange To Be In Arkham City

Arkham City had its first trailer shown at Spike's Video Game Awards last night. Just from this video we know some information already.

First of all the main villain of the story is going to Dr. Hugo Strange. In Arkham City, Strange knows all about Batman. Strange even knows Batman's most important secret.

Video Source: GameTrailers
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Resistance 3: Date And New VGA Trailer

Hopefully our readers have read the Resistance 3 Story Update. If you did, you have a general idea of what the game is about. However, now we have learned more about when Resistance 3 will launch as well as an exclusive trailer shown at Spike's Video Game Awards.

In the above trailer you will watch real gameplay taken from the game. It features the main playable character Joseph Capelli and his companion Dr. Malikov. They are making their way through a flooded city on a boat, but Chimeran death squads seem to want to slow them down a bit.

Hopefully this game will exceed expectations. Its original launch date for now is September 6, 2011 and it's only on PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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Resistance 3 Story Update

Please be aware that this news post contains major spoilers from Resistance 2 in order to give a good look a the storyline of Resistance 3
Since Resistance 3 was announced gamers have pondered for a lot of different things. A pretty important thing that many of these gamers were wondering about was the story of the upcoming title. Remember Joseph Capelli? Yes, the same character that killed Nathan Hale from Resistance 2. Well, he is back, and is looking a lot like the main playable character for this new installment. Resistance 3 takes place in a time in which Capelli stopped fighting. He has been in hiding for four long years with other survivors in Haven, Oklahoma. When a man known as Dr. Malikov comes to town everything changes for Capelli. Capelli decides to help Dr. Malikov in his quest to try and take down the Chimera. Capelli ventures off to New York City to try and help Dr. Malikov. Hopefully, their plan is a success.

Stay tuned and watch the Spike Video Game Awards (2010) for the Resistance 3 trailer premier.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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Pac-Man Championship Edition DX - Opening minutes

Building upon PAC-MAN Championship Editions original six courses, the new game features more than 100 varied and mind-boggling mazes to navigate. Several new modes will also be available to test a player's pellet-munching aptitude. In Time Attack Mode, players will vie for the quickest clear time. Fulfill a series of objectives in Mission Mode or compete to devour the most number of ghosts gobbled in Ghost Mode.
Posted by Al on 11/24 at 05:55 PM

Gran Turismo 5 - Opening sequence

The next installment of the award-winning Gran Turismo simulation racing franchise, Gran Turismo 5, is designed for play exclusively to the PlayStation 3 system. Known for its signature beauty and precision, this highly anticipated racer showcases new jaw-dropping cars, real-life tracks, and diverse racing styles. Gran Turismo 5 promises to deliver exciting advancements to the series, and in the process deliver in the most comprehensive racing experience ever.
Posted by Al on 11/23 at 06:14 PM

Donkey Kong Country Returns - Opening minutes

Inspired by earlier games in the Donkey Kong Country series, Donkey Kong Country Returns is a new take on a beloved Nintendo franchise. The first Donkey Kong Country game developed for play for Wii, this new iteration blends familiar actions, levels and characters with a whole new graphical treatment and feel, as well as new control schemes and play options. Features include: a co-op play option allowing you to team up as Donkey Kong and Diddy, radically different visuals ranging from nearly 3D treatment to others that appear in silhouette, two different controller schemes and more.
Posted by Al on 11/20 at 12:34 PM

Fallout: New Vegas DLC Announced - "Dead Money"

A recent press release from Bethesda Softworks announces a new downloadable pack for Fallout: New Vegas. The DLC will be called, "Dead Money". It will be available on December 21, 2010, and it will only be available on Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft points. There is no news on a date for the PlayStation Network, but hopefully PS3 users will be able to experience Dead Money as well in the future.

Not too much has been announced about what the DLC is about, but the Bethesda Softworks press release did say this:
"As the victim of a raw deal you must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. In Dead Money, your life hangs in the balance as you face new terrain, foes, and choices. It is up to you how you play your cards in the quest to survive."

New terrain, foes, and choices are all most Fallout fans will want and need. Working with more companions should be a good experience as it usually is in Fallout games. We just have to wait and see what other surprises this DLC will offer in December.

Source: Bethesda Softworks Press Release

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Activision Announces New Call Of Duty For 2011

Most gamers are familiar with Activision's Call of Duty franchise. It seems that every game that comes out gets a lot of hype. There is now word that there will be another Call of Duty game in 2011. Activision confirmed the works of a new Call of Duty title in a conference call with analysts.
What does this mean? What time period will the new game take place? Who is developing the game? These are all questions that have not yet been answered. Nothing has been confirmed in the soon to come game. Some people suspect a Modern Warfare 3, but it's way too early to be sure.

The new Call of Duty game is going to be a first-person shooter. This title should not be mixed up with Activision's soon to come third-person shooter title.

Source: GameSpot

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Killzone 3 Gets Helghast Edition

Helghast Edition

A lot of PlayStation 3 users are waiting for February 22 to come around to get their hands on Killzone 3. How could a game like this go without a special edition? Well, be thankful it's not. When Killzone 3 launched in February, there will be a special edition available known as the "Helghast Edition". This seems like it's a must have, but is the price may not be worth it to some gamers.

The Helghast Edition comes with:
- Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure that stands 6.5 tall. This will not be sold in retail stores.
- A "Behind the Scenes" DVD on the making of Killzone 3.
- A Killzone art book.
- A "Super Voucher" (see details below)
- A Helghast Helmet replica to hold your super voucher and Killzone 3 disc.

The Super Voucher will include an entire soundtrack exclusive to Killzone 3, a free dynamic theme, a map pack featuring 2 old Killzone 2 maps, double XP for the first 24 hours of online gameplay, and full access to every weapon and ability in online gameplay for 24 hours.

If you are a die-hard Killzone fan or just want to get a head start in the online gameplay then this Helghast Edition may be right for you. The entire bundle (with the game) will be available for $129.99 on February 22.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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New Mafia II DLC: "Joe's Adventures"

New DLC has been announced, and it's all about Joe. Anyone who has played through Mafia II knows that the Vito Scaletta, the main character, serves some time in jail for quite some time in the game's story. Some may wonder what happened while Vito was away. This DLC is your chance to play through the events between Vito's arrest and release.

You will play as Vito's best friend, Joe Barbaro, and complete his missions and adventures. Included with the DLC will be: more clothes, more music, and more collectibles. The style of the gameplay will be similar to the Jimmy DLC. This means it will feature an arcade style gameplay. You will be able to choose what missions you want to do, and when you want to do them. It also has a point system. Completing missions, killing enemies, driving fast, and doing stunts increase you points.

This DLC will come November 23. It will be available for PSN ($9.99) and Xbox Live (800 points).

Source: Kotaku
Posted by on 10/23 at 12:50 PM

Medal of Honor Gets Free DLC

Medal of Honor will recieve a fee DLC with new maps and a new game mode. This DLC will hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on November 2. The new game mode that will be introduced is called Clean Sweep. Clean Sweep is an elimination game mode where players will have to stay alive to win the game. Clean Sweep will be playable in two new maps as well as two old maps. The two new maps are called Bagram Hangar and Khyber Caves. The two old maps available in Clean Sweep are Diwagal Camp and Kabul City Ruins. It has not been said if the new maps will only be available in Clean Sweep or in other game modes.

There is no reason not to try this soon to come free DLC for all of the content that will be included.

Source: Electronic Arts News

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Dead Space: Ignition - Opening minutes

Dead Space Ignition combines an interactive comic-style story with three unique hacking mini games; Hardware Crack, Trace Route and System Override. Each game offers a fun and satisfying arcade experience that will challenge players with puzzles and twitch gameplay. Dead Space Ignition features a unique. Choose Your Own Adventure type narrative, allowing players to survive the horrific Necromorph outbreak in multiple ways. The game offers four unique endings and upon completion of each one, players will be rewarded with unlocks including an exclusive suit, all of which can be used by Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2.
Posted by Al on 10/14 at 12:27 PM

Gran Turismo 5 Has Been Delayed

Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed. Even though they are delaying the game's release, Sony says that the game will still be released for the holiday season. The original date was November 2, 2010. They can't really push the game that far back if it's going to launch in late November or early December. The game will still come soon, and just be happy that they are trying to make a top of the line racing experience.

A release date should be announced soon.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog
Posted by on 10/13 at 06:27 PM

Medal Of Honor - Opening minutes

Medal of Honor is a first-person shooter from the makers of Battlefield Bad Company 2 that redefines the genre. For shooter fans and modern military enthusiasts, Medal of Honor is a way to experience today's authentic warfare, because unlike anywhere else in the world of video games, Medal of Honor can deliver intense modern warfare gameplay inspired by the actions of the elite Tier 1 Operators currently active in the military. Features include access to Tier 1 Ops and Army Ranger storylines, realistic weaponry and large-scale online multiplayer.
Posted by Al on 10/09 at 11:35 AM

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow - True ending

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a single player Action-Adventure game developed as a reimagining of the classic Castlevania mythology. An entirely modern action console game, Lords of Shadow combines fast-paced weapons and magic based combat against otherworldly enemies, with platforming and puzzle-solving gameplay, to create a fresh gameplay experience that will thrill both fans of the original game series and gamers more rooted in modern action games.
Posted by Al on 10/08 at 02:04 PM

Killzone 3 Beta Announced

One of the most highly anticipated PlayStation 3 games is getting an early beta this October. Killzone 3 has a launch date of February 22, 2011. Since it was announced, I think everyone has wanted a taste of some early Killzone 3 sugar. On October 25 it will be possible to gain access to the Killzone 3 beta, but only under certain circumstances.

First of all, you must have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Second, you have to download an exclusive PlayStation Plus theme on October 19. On October 25, you will get an email, from Sony, with the Killzone 3 beta promotional code. There is a catch though. Only the first 5000 subscribers to download the theme will get access. So you have to act quick! All you have to do from there is enter the code and enjoy some early Killzone 3.

Here is the latest online trailer for Killzone 3 from PlayStation's official blog:

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded - Introduction sequence

Sora's journey in Kingdom Hearts 2 has drawn to a close, and now a new tale is set to begin. Jiminy Cricket is looking over the journal he used to document his first adventure with Sora when he discovers a mysterious message. He didn't write it, so how on earth did it get there? King Mickey is determined to find out, so he and his friends decide to digitize the journal and delve into its deepest secrets. Inside this "datascape" dwells a second Sora who is about to embark on a grand adventure of his very own.
Posted by Al on 10/07 at 11:22 AM

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West - Opening minutes

In Enslaved, players take on the role of Monkey, a strong and athletic, yet solitary figure, who been captured by one of the mysterious slave ships, which harvest the remaining population and take them out west never to return. Trip, a technologically savvy young woman who has also been imprisoned by the same ship, manages to escape. She quickly realizes that Monkey, with his raw strength and power, is her only hope to survive the perilous journey back to her home. She hacks into a slave headband and fits it on Monkey, linking them together if she dies, he diesօ Her journey has now become his and Monkey must now travel west alongside Trip as they traverse a demolished world, under constant threat of capture and mortal peril.
Posted by Al on 10/06 at 10:14 AM

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow - Opening minutes

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a single player Action-Adventure game developed as a reimagining of the classic Castlevania mythology. An entirely modern action console game, Lords of Shadow combines fast-paced weapons and magic based combat against otherworldly enemies, with platforming and puzzle-solving gameplay, to create a fresh gameplay experience that will thrill both fans of the original game series and gamers more rooted in modern action games.
Posted by Al on 10/04 at 02:51 PM

Rock Band 3 Goes Pro

Rock Band 3 introduces the brand new Keyboard and 102 button guitar for an experience putting you a step closer to the real deal.

Harmonix challenges themselves to actually teach it's audience how to play selective songs in the newest installment, Rock Band 3 by introducing one completely new instrument, the Keyboard, and a guitar that's identically played like the real thing. With 17 frets and six strings, equaling an incredible 102 buttons built on the guitar.

While this guitar alone probably won't teach you how to play guitar, it's proved to be a decent and enjoyable solid start. Since it will accurately map individual notes and chords, players can learn basic chord progression and riffs of some of their favorite tunes.

Harmonix and Mad Catz will also be releasing a three cymbal expansion to the Rock Band drum set that will also be accurately mapped to Pro Mode.

Source: Kotaku

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Nintendo 3DS Gets Price And Launch Date

The price and the launch date of the Nintendo 3DS has been confirmed.

The 3DS will launch February 25, 2010. It will be coming in at about $300 (or 25,000 Yen). Included with the 3DS is: a charger, a 2 GB memory card, and essentials like instructions and a warranty.

The 3DS plans to launch with some of these titles (could change):
-Animal Crossing
-Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike
-DJ Hero 3D
-Kid Icarus: Uprising
-Mario Kart
-Nintendogs + cats
-Paper Mario
-PilotWings Resort
-StarFox 64 3D
-Steel Diver
-The Sims 3
With time, more titles could be added to the list of launch games.

The 3DS will obviously have 3D ability, and there will be controls to regulate the effects. No glasses are needed. Other features include backwards compatibility with old Nintendo DS games, and you can transfer downloaded content from a DSI.

There has been some comments going around that the Nintendo 3DS is "too expensive". With the great 3D features that the Nintendo 3DS will offer, I think the price might just be worth it. However, we will have to see how it compares with other 3D systems for the same price, like the PS3. There is no way in telling how this will compare with other systems until the 3DS launch in February.

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Zombie Mode Confirmed - CoD: Black Ops

Treyarch confirms the dead shall rise again in their latest production; Call of Duty: Black Ops. Treyarch says:

"Zombies have been such a hit with our community that we were committed to bringing brand new zombie experiences to Call of Duty: Black Ops," said Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia in a press release. "We've taken extra special care to retain the essential ingredients of our Zombie game, and have also crafted a nice surprise for the fans."

It has also been confirmed not to long ago that CoD fans that purchase the Hardened or Prestige editions of the game, the original four zombie maps from it's predecessor CoD: World at War included in the game when it launches.

Source: @Gamer headlines/Twitter

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Gets the Game of the Year Treatment

Uncharted 2:Among Thieves GotY

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has been accepted as one of the greatest games of all time. It has won many awards and sold millions of copies. It's finally getting a Game of the Year edition. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition is supposed to come out October 12, 2010. Hopefully we won't see a date change. Here is a list of the content they are going to include with the GotY edition:

-PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack
-UNCHARTED: Drakes Fortune Multiplayer Pack
-UNCHARTED 2 Siege Expansion Pack
-Currency Multiplier which grants Double XP up to level 10 in Multiplayer
-Golden Guns option for the AK-47 and the 92FS 9mm pistol for use in Multiplayer
-Early access to ғRevenge Booster Ԗ you still have to purchase it with in-game cash!
-UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra Motion Comic Bundle (which includes Episodes 1-4)
-UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra ֖ Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton Character Skins
-UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Avatar Pack 1
-UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves ֖ Avatar Pack 2
-UNCHARTED Avatar Pack 3
-UNCHARTED Avatar Pack 4
-Pinball Heroes UNCHARTED for the PSP

The content above is over $30.00. That is not including the game. The total price of the GotY edition will be $49.99. That means you are saving at least $30 and getting a great game for $49.99.

If you have not played Uncharted 2, you will find that many gamers will recommend it. If you have ever been interested in the game, the time to act is now. This is a deal that can't be passed up for the money you are saving.

Source: PlayStation's Official Blog

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Developers Could Hold The PSP2

Claims have recently been made that PSP2 hardware is possessed by several developers. The PSP has been around for almost six years since its launch in Japan on December 12, 2004. Worldwide the PSP has sold over 60 million units. For a while now, people have wanted to see or hear about an upcoming PSP2. Not a new model, but a completely new unit. There have been claims from developers like NetherRealm Studios that they actually possess PSP2 hardware. There is no way to tell when a PSP2 will come out, however. It's great to know that Sony is listening to their buyers as they have begged for a PSP2 for almost 2 years now.

No software or hardware has been revealed. We can only listen to rumors and decide if we want to believe them. A popular rumor mentions that the PSP2 will have touch-sensitive buttons. Others think the PSP2 will have phone qualities like texting or even calling ability. None of the information has been confirmed.

So, for right now, don't get too hyped up about a PSP2 from rumors. Gamers should expect some confirmed information, from Sony, soon. However, this might take a couple of months.

Source: Kotaku
Posted by on 09/27 at 04:44 PM

PC Gamers Get Medal of Honor Beta

Medal of Honor

PC gamers will be able to experience the multiplayer action of Medal of Honor in an exclusive beta. The latest Medal of Honor title has already seen exclusive closed betas for PS3 and Xbox 360 systems. On October 4, PC gamers will also be able to join in on the action of Medal of Honor. Similar to the closed beta, this will include two maps and two game modes to play. These betas will help Medal of Honor become a better online experience, so the more people that play the better. Anyone interested should act as fast as possible, because the beta ends October 7. To access the beta you must go to
Medal of Honor is the first of the franchise to step out of the WWII era. Be sure to check out the full game at launch on October 12. The game will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: EA
Posted by on 09/26 at 12:17 AM

Halo Reach DLC Possibly Under Way

Additional found Achievements and Gamerscore potentially confirms DLC for Reach

Latest Bungie Weekly Updates show an additional ten Achievements and 250 Gamerscore was recently added to the newly released, Halo: Reach. DLC perhaps? No official mention on the main site, but we can keep our fingers crossed!

Source: Kotaku

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Madden Roster Update Gives Out 100 Rating

For the first time since 2008, a player has been given a 100 rating in one category. In week 2 of the NFL Season, Randy Moss, of the New England Patriots, made a fantastic one-handed grab for a touchdown. Not only did this catch look effortless, but it was also done against Darrelle Revis, who is often considered to be one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. As a result of this fantastic play, the most recent Madden Roster update boosted Randy Moss' spectacular catch rating to 100.

Watch Moss' amazing catch:

Source: Kotaku

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Rock Band Adds Anthrax, Among Others

The next update for the Rock Band Music Store features 5 tracks by Anthrax, along with songs by My Chemical Romance and others. The online store for Harmonix' Rock Band grows once again; this time, the additions include Anthrax, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Atreyu, Buckcherry, and the Doobie Brothers. Most notably is the inclusion of the Thrash Metal fan-favorite "Indians", and a live version of the popular song "Madhouse". Harmonix has once again managed to add several great tracks in numerous genres, allowing gamers to build their own musical library, making the game a much more personal experience. The full list of new songs is listed below:

Anthrax "Among the Living"
Anthrax "I'm the Man"
Anthrax "Indians"
Anthrax "Madhouse (Live)"
Anthrax "Metal Thrashing Mad (Live)"
My Chemical Romance "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"
My Chemical Romance "Welcome to the Black Parade"
30 Seconds to Mars "Closer to the Edge"
Atreyu "Coffin Nails"
Buckcherry "Out of Line"
The Doobie Brothers "Listen to the Music"
The Doobie Brothers "Long Train Runnin'"

Source: Kotaku

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LittleBigPlanet 2 Gets A New Release Date

Originally launching in November, LittleBigPlanet 2 is now launching January 18, 2011. So, if you were excited about getting LittleBigPlanet 2, look the other way for a couple of months because you're going to have to wait until 2011. It's bad enough that the date would be pushed back, but now it's not even arriving for the holiday season of 2010. Media Molecule, developers of LittleBigPlanet 2, did say this:
"On the upside, we are going to find a way to give more of you a taste of LBP2 prior to launch, so stay tuned."
That could mean anything from a trailer, to a demo. We will just have to wait and see what they bring us next.

So if you want LittleBigPlanet, make sure to remember that the new release date is January 18, 2011.

Source: Playstation's Official Blog

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Pokemon White - Opening minutes

Visit the Isshu Region and venture onto the center island where new and legendary Pokemon wait for their new masters. The two powerful Pokemon you can tame in these latest versions are the white, fire breathing Reshiram in Pokemon Black and the black electric user Zekrom in Pokemon White.

Pokemon Black and White connects all the games in the series and brings you even more fun. Aside from Reshiram and Zekrom, you can meet Pokemon with new associations such as the dream controller Muna and the earthquake making Meguroko. Be sure to catch'em all and build your dream team.

Hiyun City is trendy and ultra-modern, explore it as the smart and cool protagonist. Get new Pokemon balls and tools in the Pokemon Centers. You can also get drinks from the handy vending machines around the corner of every street.

There are more 3D graphics and dynamic camera movements to give you the full view of the city, your Pokemon and your enemies. Invite your friends into the game and show off your collection. If you want to connect to the players from other areas, you can upload your game data onto the internet and see if anyone could beat your records.
Posted by Al on 09/18 at 12:49 PM

From Software Announces "Project Dark"

Demon Soul's hit stores last year in October for North America (February for Japan). Many have said that it was one of the best games of 2009, and one of the hardest ever. Now the developers of the hit RPG, From Software, are back and have announced the working title, "Project Dark". Not much has been said about Project Dark just yet. What we do know about Project Dark is action RPG. There will also be new online features. Hopefully they will consider adding more multiplayer options than Demon's Souls offered in which you could only invade games or ask to take part in someone's game. Adding a chat function other than pre-set messages on the ground would also be a step up.

Project Dark is supposed to release in 2011. We do know that this game will be available to XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3. We do not know if North America will have to wait a little longer than Japan as we saw with Demon's Souls. From Software will give more details on the game in "Early 2011" as said on the official site. We will have to wait until then for screens, or a trailer.

Source: Official Website; Gamespot

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Professor Layton And The Unwound Future - Opening minutes

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is a unique puzzle adventure for Nintendo DS and DSi in which the player reveals the game's story and unravels its mystery little by little with each puzzle successfully solved. The third US release in the popular Professor Layton game franchise, Unwound Future contains the same addictive gameplay, hand-painted art style graphics and invocative music as its two predecessors, making it a must-have title for both new puzzle players and longtime fans of the series. Additional features include: 165 built-in puzzles, easy to use hint and game save systems and additional puzzles available for download on a weekly basis for a limited time following game launch.
Posted by Al on 09/13 at 01:25 PM

August Console and Software Sales Revealed

The monthly NPD numbers have been released for console and software sales. Not surprisingly, Madden 2011 dominated this month's sales on both Xbox 360 and PS3. The next closest game (Super Mario Galaxy 2) sold over 700,000 units less than Madden on either system. Console sales have also had interesting numbers, with the Xbox 360 leading, followed by both of Nintendo's current consoles. For next month, expect the highly anticipated Halo: Reach to top the charts.

Full numbers (approx.):


Xbox 360 456,000 units
Nintendo DS 342,700
Nintendo Wii 244,300
Playstation 3 226,000
PSP 79,400


Madden NFL 11 - Xbox 360 - 920,000
Madden NFL 11 - PS3 - 893,600
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Wii - 124,6000
Mafia 2 - Xbox 360 - 121,600
New Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo DS - 110,400
New Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo Wii
Mafia 2 - PS3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Xbox 360
NCAA Football 11 - Xbox 360
Wii Fit Plus - Wii

Source: ars technica

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Madden 2011 Update

An update for Madden 2011 has given back the previously popular pre-snap controls. After quite a strong reaction from long-time Madden players, an update for the newest game has returned the pre-snap (audible, hot route, etc) controls to those found in Madden 2010. In addition, Madden Moments will be added throughout the season, to give players a more enticing reason to complete them. These Madden Moments are purchasable using Microsoft Points or credit earned through multi-player victories.

Source: Kokatu

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Pokemon Black and White Starter Evolutions Leaked?

Several pictures containing what look like possible evolutions for the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White have been found. Pictures have been circulating the internet recently in hopes that the evolved forms of Pokemon Black and White's starter Pokemon have been found. Keeping in mind that this has not been confirmed, here are the pictures:

Source: Siliconera

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Vanquish - Demo game play

The story of Vanquish is set in the near future. Russia and the United States are vying for ownership of the world's fast-depleting energy resources and the US has constructed a space station in order to harness energy from the sun. Russian forces capture this space station and divert its harvested solar energy into a blast wave that destroys San Francisco, aiming to force the US into a total and unconditional surrender. In response, the US tasks its armed forces with recapturing the space station before the Russians can annihilate their next target New York.
Posted by Al on 09/03 at 03:13 PM

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions - Opening minutes

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is an action-packed adventure encompassing four dramatically different parallel universes, each with its own Spider-Man armed with unique strengths. Each stunning universe has its own detailed art design and thrilling gameplay with challenging skill sets to master in order to unlock powerful new moves. Explore dramatic, stunning environments, wield explosive new powers, and face epic boss battles against extraordinary foes. Experience the legendary Super Hero like never before: Four unique worlds. Four distinct Spider-Men. One unparalleled experience!
Posted by Al on 09/01 at 12:38 PM

Atlus Co. Dissolved, Absorbed by Index Holdings

Developer and publisher of the Megami Tensei meta-series to be absorbed by parent company and merged with fellow subsidiary October 1st. Another Japanese developer has been dissolved today. Following developers such as Cavia and Feelplus comes word that Atlus, developer of Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian Oddysey, and Trauma Center, will cease to exist as an independent developer as of October 1st. Parent company Index Holdings, whom acquired Atlus in 2006 following their very successful RPG/Social Sim hybrid Persona 3, announced that the current staff will be merged with another of Index Holdings's subsidiaries, mobile developer Index. The dissolution of Atlus and its fusion with Index is said to best "leverage" the stable of properties Atlus has created over the last two and a half decades, as well as the Atlus brand name itself.

Given Index's focus on mobile games and the recent announcement of Persona 3 Social, a mobile spin-off, one could assume this will lead to an increased number of such games featuring Atlus's intellectual properties. Details beyond that are scarce at best, however. While the Atlus brand name will continue to be used for publishing, there's been no word on how this will affect day-to-day operations and future projects. Speaking with Gamasutra, Atlus USA Public Relations and Sales Manager, Aram Jabbari, declined to comment on how this may affect the North American publishing branch. Gamasutra reports that we can look forward to an official statement soon, however in the meantime the "Atlus Faithful" are sure to be on pins and needles.

Source: Index Holdings, via Gamasutra
Thanks to m4tt for the heads-up!

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Starcraft II Patch Coming Soon

Blizzard will be adding a patch in the upcoming month to address multiplayer balance issues in Starcraft II. A number of changes will addressed in an upcoming patch from Blizzard in order to balance the multiplayer in Starcraft II. Many players feel that Terran are overpowered, while Zerg are extremely hard to master and at times, underpowered. Blizzard hopes to fix this by changing the following things:

-Increases in Zealot build times
-Increases in Reaper build times
-Decreases in Siege Tank Power
-Decreases in Battlecruiser attacks vs. ground units
-Decreases in Ultralisk damage

Read the full patch notes below:

Source: Blizzard

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Metroid Other M - Opening minutes

Metroid: Other M is a single player shooter for Wii that takes the beloved Metroid franchise into uncharted and exciting new territory. Set between the events of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, the game features unprecedented access to the backstory, thoughts and in-game interactions of the usually closed off heroine of the series, Samus Aran. Developed jointly by Nintendo and the celebrated Japanese development studio, Team Ninja, the game also features exciting play options, including the ability to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives, pointer and sideways Wii Remote controller orientation, stunning in-game cinematics and a classic blend of Metroid action and puzzle-solving gameplay.
Posted by Al on 08/26 at 03:25 PM

Purchasing Used Games is Cheating, Says THQ

A statement by THQ employee Cory Ledesma says that buying used games is cheating publishers out of money. The popular used gaming market was called out by a THQ employee who claims that buying used games is cheating. Understandably, developers and publishers don't gain any revenue from used games, but it is an inevitable part of any market. Developers have begun taking away incentives to buy games used (such as giving 1-time codes for online play, which go to whoever purchases the game new) in response to this problem. Cory Ledesma says;

"[I]f used game buyers are upset they don't get the online feature set I don't really have much sympathy for them"

While Ledesma (among others) is understandably upset, it is a bit arrogant to assume that the video game market is safe from used games. It is interesting to see how far publishers and developers will go before fans begin to boycott games.

Source: Kokatu

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Rights the Wrongs of Modern Warfare 2

Unlike Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops will feature dedicated servers and possibly mods for PC. When it was announced that Modern Warfare 2 would not have dedicated servers, there was a strong backlash from the community. While this backlash did not disrupt sales of the game, it obviously turned some heads. Treyarch has announced that Black Ops, the new Call of Duty game, will feature dedicated servers. Furthermore, Treyarch is working hard to allow mods for PC so that there is continued interest in the game and any future developments. Treyarch comments,

"We plan to open the game up for modding sometime post-launch. We do not know yet to what extent you will be able to mod the game. There are some purely technical issues related to engine and internal tool enhancements that do not easily fit the modtools paradigm"

Source: ars technica

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Sony Looking to Implement Online Passes in Future Games?

In an interview with, Sony of Europe's President, Andrew House, shared his thoughts on EA's and THQ's recent efforts to counter used game sales. One of the more controversial topics of the past year has been EA's "Project Ten Dollar." A system designed to, in part, combat used video games sales, Project Ten Dollar sees the removal of online-enabled portions of select games such as Mass Effect 2 and Madden NFL 11. These portions are then made as premium downloads, costing between $5 and $15, which customers must purchase before being able to play their game online or accessing specific, online-oriented content such as roster updates or DLC expansions. This fee is waived for customers that purchase the game new via a one-time use code included inside the game box.

While EA's intents were and are obvious, the number of inconveniences imposed on customers by Project Ten Dollar speak for themselves. Concerns were raised again when Ubisoft, having taken heavy criticism for the ridiculous DRM (Digital Rights Management) used in the PC version of Assassin's Creed II, went on record that they were carefully watching EA's efforts and stated that they would probably follow suit in the future. Thus far Ubisoft has yet to implement an online pass system into their games, however publisher THQ was quick to act, adding an online pass to May's UFC Undisputed 2010.

Now it seems it may be Sony's turn. Speaking with GamesIndustry, Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, expressed support for EA and THQ's online pass structure when asked about it and rumors that Activision will eventually charge for Call of Duty's multiplayer. "On the principle of making online portions of the game available or unlocked from the disc-based release for a fee, we're broadly supportive of that. And we're exploring actively the same option for our own content," House said. "In terms of just a charge for basic online play, thats something that we have to talk about a lot more and we struggle with a little bit because we feel very vindicated and base a lot of the success of PSN today - a 70 per cent connection rate across consoles - on the fact that weҒve removed that major initial barrier to entry."

Should these plans lead to games such as SOCOM 4, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, or MLB 11: The Show having online passes, it wouldn't be Sony's first attempt at combating used sales and pirates in this manner. Two PlayStation Portable games, ModNation Racers and SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3, have already used online "entitlement codes" required in order to play them online. This would, however, open the proverbial floodgates with third-party publishers wasting no time following Sony's lead -- at least on the PlayStation 3.

Source: GamesIndustry (Registration Required), via Kotaku

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Amazon Discontinues Sale of Xbox Live Arcade Games

Amazon has stopped selling Xbox Live Arcade Games, but is continuing to sell Microsoft Point cards. Buying Microsoft Points - the currency used on Xbox Live - is now the only way to purchase Xbox Live Arcade Games from Amazon. Previously, the online distributor allowed individuals to purchase games using money, instead of Microsoft Points. This was advantageous because Microsoft Points were designed in such a way that buying a card almost always led to having leftover points. Microsoft has recently lowered the increment of points sold from 500 to 400, to stay in line with Xbox Live Arcade Games which typically cost 400, 800, 1200, or 1600 points. Here is the official statement from Amazon:

"We are no longer selling Xbox LIVE arcade game codes on You can continue to purchase Xbox LIVE points on and those points can be redeemed through your Xbox 360 console to purchase any of the games that were previously available."

Source: Kokatu

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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2 - Demo game play

Aerial warfare has evolved. So have you. As a member of the ultra-secret HAWX 2 squadron, you are one of the chosen few. One of the truly elite. You will use finely honed reflexes, bleeding-edge technology and ultra-sophisticated aircraft their existence denied by many governments ֖ to dominate the skies. You will do so by mastering every nuance of the worlds finest combat aircraft. You will slip into enemy territory undetected, deliver a crippling blow and escape before he can summon a response. You will use your superior technology to decimate the enemy from afar, then draw him in close for a pulse-pounding dogfight. You will do all this with professionalism, skill and consummate lethality. Because you are a member of HAWX 2. And you are one of the finest military aviators the world has ever known.
Posted by Al on 08/18 at 06:47 PM

One FREE Name Change Available for Starcraft II

After a community backlash, Blizzard has stated that users will be given one free name change but have the option to pay for name changes afterwards. When a player first logs into Starcraft II, they are prompted to create a screen name. What many did not know, was that this screen name was permanent, and unlike past games, was an identity, as opposed to a save file. After many complaints, Blizzard decided to take action by allowing players one free name change, in order to make up for any mistakes that may have occurred initially. Furthermore, players have the option to change their name for a fee later, however the price was not disclosed.

Though this is clearly positive news, the community has not necessarily responded that well. Some fans believe that users should be allowed unlimited free name changes because of the simplicity of programming required for a name change while others feel that paid name changes hold a player responsible for their actions. In any case, Blizzard has had some clear troubles with the launch of Starcraft II and it seems in the eyes of the fans that they can do no right, despite their best intentions.

Source: Kokatu

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's Collector's Edition Revealed

Ubisoft offers a bit of extra in-game content and some swag for fans willing to fork over an additional $40. Are you tired of every major release this holiday season having a "Special," "Limited," or "Collector's" edition? Grin and bear it a little longer, as Ubisoft revealed their Collector's Edition for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood last week. Priced quite a bit higher than your average, run-of-the-mill special edition, Brotherhood's will cost you $99.99. In addition to the game, the Collector's Edition also includes two exclusive in-game maps, a full-sized, hard copy map of Rome, an art book, and a bonus disc featuring a "Making-of," a sneak peak at the upcoming Assassin's Creed comic, trailers, and Brotherhood's soundtrack.

The biggest item in the Collector's Edition, however, is a fully functioning Jack-in-the-Box. Retailers such as Amazon will stock versions that come with a Jack-in-the-Box modeled after The Doctor, whom first appeared in Assassin's Creed II, while GameStop will stock their own exclusive version that includes one modeled after The Harlequin. Both toys appear to be of fairly high quality, making the decision of getting one over the other that much harder.

Regardless of whether customers purchase the standard or Collector's Edition, Amazon and GameStop both have additional goodies available for those who pre-order. Pre-ordering either edition at Amazon nets customers a download code for "Helmschmied Drachen" armor, exclusive in-game attire for use in single-player. If customers opt for the standard edition Amazon also throws in a $10 "Video Game Credit," good for $10 off their next video game-related purchase. This isn't included with the Collector's Edition. Over at GameStop customers that pre-order either edition will get a download code for an exclusive character, The Harlequin, for use in Brotherhood's multiplayer mode. And don't forget about GameStop's exclusive multiplayer beta either, which is still ongoing exclusively for the PlayStation 3 version while supplies last. The beta runs from September 13th to September 27th, and the only way to get access is via a code from GameStop.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is scheduled for on November 16th for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The PC version, which currently doesn't have a Collector's Edition, is slated for release on February 22nd, 2011.

Source: Amazon; GameStop; Kotaku

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THQ Loses Money, Analyzing UFC Undisputed's Future

After UFC Undisputed 2010's slower than expected launch, publisher THQ comments on the franchise's future. While UFC Undisputed 2009's debut had no trouble topping the NPD's top ten best-selling titles for May 2009, selling more than a million copies across the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, UFC Undisputed 2010 wasn't quite so fortunate. Placing fourth and fifth in May 2010's NPD list, selling a little more than 400,000 copies in total, UFC 2010 was still far from a flop, however publisher THQ realizes that timing had more than a little to do with the drop in sales. Red Dead Redemption released in the same month, selling a little over 1.5 million copies, and has been cited as the primary reason for UFC 2010's under-performance.

As a result, THQ is now looking to slow production of the UFC franchise and find more appropriate release windows so that the games won't be lost in the holiday season or overshadowed by high-profile games such as Red Dead Redemption. "We're considering a longer development cycle15, 18, 21 months, rather than annually," said THQ's Brian Farrel on Monday. Exact plans haven't been finalized, although THQ plans to release another UFC Undisputed before March 31st, 2012. "The question is timing. That depends on the scope of the game, the window and how we want to release the game."

Source: Kotaku

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Soundgarden's Upcoming Compilation Album Packaged With Guitar Hero

Newly reunited band's upcoming album will not only be available for purchase through Guitar Hero later this year, new copies of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will come packaged with a physical copy of it. We're pretty late with this one, I admit. But when you factor in that it's been nearly 13 years since the last Soundgarden release and even longer since their breakup in early 1997, "better late than never" seems appropriate. USA Today revealed back on August 3rd that Soundgarden, whom reunited back in January, would be packaging their upcoming compilation album, Telephantasm: A Retrospective, with the first print run of Activision's Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

This marks the first time a physical copy of a music album has been included with Guitar Hero, although a compilation "Companion Pack" CD was released for Guitar Hero III, and serves to further connect the music and video game industries. Telephantsm will include 11 previously released songs, including Black Hole Sun and Spoonman, as well as Black Rain, a previous unreleased song recorded back in 1991. Black Rain will be an on-disc song for Warriors of Rock, while the other 11 songs will be available for download and play on day one.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is scheduled for a September 28th release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Telephantasm: A Retrospective is scheduled for release on October 5th, with a "Deluxe Edition" and a "Limited Edition" available on September 28th.

Source: USA Today, via Kotaku

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Developer Acquisitions, Closures, & Layoffs

A quick look at several development studios that were recently hit with layoffs, closed down, and/or were purchased by other companies. Personnel changes are nothing new in the gaming industry. Studios bring in additional workers for new games and cut back after they're released, under-performing titles force publishers to be more choosy of their releases, or sometimes developers just need a change of scenery and migrate to a different studio. Several of these developer-related stories have cropped up over the last week or two, so we've compiled them into one post for easy reading.

Following the dissolution and absorption of Cavia last month comes word that Artoon and Feelplus have met the same fate. English-speaking gamers will know Artoon as the developer of Nintendo's Yoshi's Island DS and Microsoft/Mistwalker's Blue Dragon. Feelplus, largely made up of former Square Enix and Nautilus (Shadow Hearts) employees, is best known as the developer of Mistwalker's Xbox 360 RPG, Lost Odyssey. As with Cavia the Artoon and Feelplus labels will no longer be used, however the employees themselves have merely been reassigned to other teams owned by AQ Interactive.

Another Japanese developer, Flight-Plan, has also been closed down. Flight-Plan was founded clear back in 1995 and was best known for its Summon Night series of RPGs. Several former employees of Flight-Plan have already regrouped and founded a new studio, named Apollosoft. Their first game as Apollosoft will be Blue Roses: The Fairy and the Blue Eyed Warriors, a turn-based strategy RPG for the PSP. Nippon Ichi Software will be publishing the game on behalf of the fledgling studio.

French developer Arkane Studios, best known for their work on Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Bioshock 2, has been purchased by ZeniMax Media. ZeniMax is the owner of development studios Bethesda Softworks and id Software.

n-Space is a name that won't be familiar to most. Responsible for several Wii and DS versions of popular games such as Call of Duty and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, as well as the 2005 GameCube game Geist, n-Space has gone about their job largely unnoticed. Citing "momentary reduced demand," n-Space has laid off about 25 of its 100 or so workers.

Finally, Realtime Worlds, developer of the recently released and critically panned APB: All Points Bulletin, has cut a large number of jobs. While attributed to planned restructuring following the release of APB, rumors are circulating that entire teams are being or have been let go. Realtime Worlds's first game, 2007's Xbox 360 exclusive Crackdown, received significant attention thanks to the inclusion of an invitation to Halo 3's multiplayer beta.

Source: Kotaku; Siliconera

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Nazi Zombie Mode Confirmed to Be in Call of Duty: Black Ops

The popular round-based survival mode from Call of Duty: World at War will reappear in Black Ops Due to an error by Best Buy, it was revealed that the Hardened and Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops will feature the original four Nazi Zombie maps that were in Call of Duty: World at War. Although the initial map in World at War was just supposed to be a fun mini-game, the popularity of the game led to several maps being released and a huge community forming for the mini-game. Treyarch developed a full in-depth storyline to go along with the game as well.

While this slip-up by Best Buy confirms the return of Zombies, it does raise two questions; firstly, will people who did not buy the prestige/hardened editions be left in the dust and if so, how will this affect the size of the Zombie community, and secondly, will there be new Nazi Zombie maps in Black Ops? While the return of Zombies is good news, a lack of new maps would undoubtedly be very frustrating to loyal Zombie fans.

Source: Gamespy

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Fable III Designer Expects Game to Ship 5 Million Copies on 360 Alone

LionHead Chief and Fable III Designer, Peter Molyneux is adamant the latest installment in the Fable series will sell more than 5 million copies on the 360 alone. Being well-known as someone that over-promises on games, you would think LionHead Chief and Fable III designer Peter Molyneux might have learned to tone down his promises for his upcoming games. When it comes to Fable III, however, that's not the case.

In a recent statement, Molyneux is quoted as saying that he believes the latest installment in the Fable franchise will sell over 5 million copies on the Xbox 360. When asked if that was meant to relate to total sales, including the PC version, Molyneux stood behind the statement saying "we want more than five million people playing Fable III on the Xbox 360, full stop."

Fable II sold well, with over 3.7 million copies sold, but Molyneux is standing firm in his belief that Fable III will do better. When talking about the reason for this bold sales forecast, the LionHead Chief stated that the game would feature "less clutter in the game, less aggravating little inventions that Peter Molyneux once thought was a good idea" and include "More clarity, better story, better cast, better balance. Of course, we have to do all this still with fresh ideas and a new feel to the game." This, Molyneux believes, will bring about a broader audience than in the past, leading the way to a more successful launch than its' previous incarnations.

Fable III is set to ship for the Xbox 360 on October 26th, while the PC version, which was set to ship on the same day, has been pushed back to an unspecified date.

Source: GameSpy

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Netflix Set to Introduce Films From Paramount, LionsGate, and MGM

Instant Streaming Set to Get a Major Boost with Blockbuster Titles Hitting Netflix The popular internet streaming video service, Netflix, on Wednesday unveiled a new near-$1Billion deal that will allow the service to stream films from Paramount, LionsGate and MGM studios. This means blockbuster titles such as Iron Man 2 and Star Trek will soon be available for instant streaming.

As a part of the deal, signed with Epix TV, the station owned by all three studios, Netflix will be permitted to stream films that premier on Epix 90 days in advance. In essence, three months after its' debut on Epic, it will debut and be readily available on Netflix.

Netflix is set to start streaming these Epix releases on September 1st.

Source: Kotaku

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Sony Reportedly Making Android-Based PlayStation Phone

Engadget reports Sony is Planning a PlayStation Phone based on the Android Operating System. After long-term speculation about a potential PlayStation phone, Engadget has today released a report claiming that Sony-Ericsson is presently working on a phone based on the Android Operating System.

Rumored to be a cross between the PSP Go and the Samsung Captivate, early mock-ups seem to suggest a mobile phone appearance with the PSP's d-pad and button layout in a slide-out keypad. PSP-capable titles such as God of War and LittleBigPlanet are said to be cross-compatible with the new device, while non-PSP releases, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, could be "on tap" for the mobile device.

Sony has yet to confirm that the phone is in the works, but could be waiting for either Gamescon or the Tokyo Game Show to announce the new device.

Source: Kotaku

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Kinect Will Not Support Sign Language at Launch

Following reports of a patent request listing recognition of American Sign Language as a feature of the Kinect, Microsoft claims it won't. After recent reports that the upcoming Kinect will feature ASL recognition, Microsoft today confirmed that the motion-sensitive device will not feature ASL recognition at launch.

When asked by GameSpot about the Kinect's ability to cater to the hearing-impaired via sign language, a representative stated that Microsoft has a tendency to file lots of patents to protect their "intellectual property," but that it does not necessarily make it to production. The Kinect set to launch on November 4th will not feature ASL recognition out-of-the-box, but nothing was said about a potential update later on down the line that might introduce this feature.

When launched the Kinect will cost $150 in the US and 129.99 in the UK. "It will also be available as part of a $300/ã249.99 bundle that will include the recently revealed 4GB Xbox 360 and Kinect Adventures minigame compilation."

Source: GameSpot

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Mafia 2 - Demo game play

Mafia II is a third-person, sandbox shooter that provides a look into the dark and unforgiving world of the Mob. Expanding on the original hit, Mafia, that captivated more than 2 million gamers around the world, this new incarnation takes players even deeper into the Mafia with a mature and exciting experience that allows players to explore the gameworld as they wish and immerses them in it like never before. Features include complete gangster movie experience, a wide variety of combat (including vehicular) a mood setting soundtrack and much more.
Posted by Al on 08/11 at 01:51 PM

Full Setlist for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Leaked?

Through a clip on YouTube, the setlist of the newest installment in the Guitar Hero series may have been revealed. According to Gamestop's website, a clip featuring the entire setlist of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was revealed on a YouTube video. While Activision chose not to comment, one source of legitimacy is the fact that every song revealed thus far matches what was posted on the list. Back are the typical choices for Guitar Hero games, including ZZ Top, Jane's Addiction, Blue Oyster Cult, and more. Click the link below to see the full list.

Source: Gamespot

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Amazon Tries Their Hand With Kindle Games

Online retailer Amazon has developed and released two free word games for their Kindle e-book reader. It sounds odd having games available for a device specifically marketed as a storage device for electronic books, but that's exactly what happened last week. Further proof that the gaming industry's appeal has escaped only a few, Amazon has decided to test the waters with two very appropriate games: Every Word, a variation of Boggle in which players try to make as many words they can using certain letters in a set amount of time, and Shuffled Row, a single-player variation of Scrabble.

The games are currently only compatible with Kindle devices, not the Kindle applications for devices such as Apple's iPhone or iPad. Siliconera's Ishaan also reports that the games are only available in the United States, so this appears to be a very small trial.

Source: Publishers Weekly, via Siliconera

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EA Reveals Need for Speed: Shift 2

Financial report outs a second Need for Speed title due out this fiscal year. Need for Speed: Shift, EA's questionable take on the racing simulator genre, is getting a sequel. Quietly tucked away in an investment report the game is slated for EA's 2011 fiscal year, in the fourth quarter. That would place it somewhere between January 1st and March 3st, 2011. Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age 2 are listed before it, perhaps indicating that it's closer to the latter of those dates.

As it wasn't a formal announcement there isn't any information, screenshots, or trailers available. Although, since it carries the Shift name, it shouldn't be too hard to imagine what the game will include.

Source: EA's Investor Report, via Kotaku

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Arkham Asylum 2 Now Arkham City; Madness Descends Fall 2011

Details revealed for Batman follow-up as it takes center stage in the September edition of Game Informer magazine. Last year's Batman: Arkham Asylum released to critical acclaim, changing more than a few opinions about what a game based on a licensed property could be. Developer Rocksteady wasted no time in announcing a sequel, then tentatively titled Arkham Asylum 2, during Spike's 2009 Video Games Awards broadcast. That title has now officially been changed to Arkham City.

Located in the heart of Gotham, the new Arkham prison appears to be a walled-off portion of the city filled to the brim with the worst Gotham has to offer. Catwoman and Two-Face both appear on the stylish cover of Game Informer Issue 209, indicating their inclusion, while The Joker has appeared in both trailers. Rumors of Mr. Freeze, Talia al Ghul, and The Riddler appearing are also circulating, however I could not verify these at the time of posting. While media for Arkham City isn't readily available just yet, comments made by Rocksteady's David Hego last month regarding the x-ray vision "Detective Mode" did reveal that the aesthetic changes would be severely toned down for the sequel so as not to detract from the game's visuals and atmosphere.

Game Informer Issue 209 should be arriving in mailboxes this week, with Game Informer's Arkham City hub being regularly updated throughout the month. A brief trailer is also available for viewing at the official Arkham City website.

Source: Official Website; Game Informer, via Kotaku (1, 2)

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Bioshock 2 Receiving Single-Player DLC Expansion

After a series of multiplayer-specific releases, 2K Games announces a new expansion for the main game. Still haven't had enough of Rapture's epic tales? Then 2K Games has just the thing with Minerva's Den, a new single-player expansion for February's blockbuster. Set in an entirely new section of Rapture, players will assume the role of a new character and team up with Brigid Tenenbaum to bring down another corrupt dictator. Details beyond that are scarce, however things are rarely that simple in Bioshock's underwater paradise.

Sporting new Plasmids, abilities, weapons, and an assortment of new enemy variants, Minerva's Den sounds a bit more like a new game than a simple expansion. 2K Games's President, Christoph Hartmann, seconds the notion. "Minerva's Den is a substantial addition that will give players more of what they're looking for: more story, more narrative, more gameplay and more of Rapture. The core team has created an exciting product that further enhances the mystery and allure of the world of Rapture. Minerva's Den will be a fitting conclusion to the BioShock 2 saga."

No pricing or release date have been announced yet, but Kotaku reports that it'll be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Kotaku

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Details On Getting Into The Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Beta

Multiplayer component receives an invitation-only beta next month. Ubisoft announced last week that the multiplayer beta for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will be both console and retailer exclusive. Starting tomorrow, August 9th, GameStop will begin handing out beta codes to people that pre-order the game. Supplies will be limited and proof of reservation/purchase is required for customers that pre-ordered prior to August 9th. Codes are to be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis, and the exact number of codes available hasn't been disclosed.

The beta is scheduled to start on September 13th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3 edition of the game. Xbox 360 players will, unfortunately, have to wait until the game's official launch on November 16th before they can try the multiplayer.

Source: Kotaku

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Run to the Hills!

In support of their new album, the Final Frontier, Iron Maiden has released an online video game. Iron Maiden's 15th full-length album, The Final Frontier, has been given it's own video game to promote the album. The player controls a roadie who has the goal of returning all of Iron Maiden's gear after it was sent into space. The game is hosted here.

Source: Kokatu

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Machinarium Creators Offer Steep Discout to Assuage Piracy

Developer drops price on Machinarium to assuage pirates. When the sales figures for Machinarium hit, it was revealed that only 5 -> 15% of the population playing the game had actually purchased a legal copy of said game. The other 85% opted to play a pirated version.

Developers Amanita Designs have taken action to try and right the proverbial ship by offering the game, originally $20, for the price of $5. The new price comes with an added bonus, as the lowered price tag now also includes the games' soundtrack and a bonus song aptly titled "Pirate Amnesty."

Source: Kotaku

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Splinter Cell Director Joins LucasArts

The man responsible for making Splinter Cell and designing Far Cry 2 Joins LucasArts Former Ubisoft director, Clint Hocking, has left the company and wound up at the home of the Star Wars games, LucasArts.

Hocking was responsible for the design of Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell, but left the company earlier this year in order to pursue other interests. The developer has now found himself a position at the home of Star Wars and Star Wars games, LucasArts.

Hocking marks the second high-profile release following LucasArts's former executive produce for games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Haden Blackman, announced plans to resign from the company in order to pursue other interests.

Source: Kotaku

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Kinect to Recognize American Sign Language

Microsoft's new controller-less creation will recognize American Sign Language In a patent filed by Microsoft recently, it was revealed that the forthcoming Kinect will be able to track motion, read lips and interpret American Sign Language, or ASL.

According to the patent papers, Kinect's voice chat would be limiting for those who cannot speak, and while they can type a response into the voice chat using already existing methods, this can be quite laborious and frustrating for someone fluent in ASL. Kinect, therefore, will allow speachless players to utilize ASL movements to convey their thoughts and feelings to their opponents without the need to spend hours typing traditionally.

Kinect is also capable of mapping your fingers and toes to determine individual movement and increased awareness of each appendage moving. The system will also be capable of reading lips, making it even more accessible for those who cannot speak.

Kinect is set to launch worldwide November 4th

Source: GameSpot

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Id Software Officially Launches Quake Live

Quake developers, Id Software, officially join the ranks of the free-to-play realm Taking their first steps into the free-to-play realm, Quake developers, Id Software, today officially launched Quake Live.

Quake Live is a variant of the popular Quake III, designed with web browsers in mind. The "standard" version of Quake Live features 40 arenas, five game modes, access to one clan, matchmaking, stats and friends lists. The game will also feature two extra versions, those being Premium and Pro.

The Premium version of Quake Live includes all of the standard features, as well as 20 Premium maps, a new "Freeze Tag" game mode, the ability to create your own clan and join up to five others, exclusive Premium level awards, custom profile wallpaper, and match statistics stored for six months. Quake Live Premium will cost $1.99(USD) per-month, billed annually.

The Pro version of Quake Live will include all of the above features, as well as the ability to create your own Quake Live server, the ability to invite up to three "standard" version friends to play on a Premium map, exclusive Pro level awards, create your own clan and join up to ten others, and match statistics saved for a year. Quake Life Pro will cost $3.99(USD) per-month, billed annually.

Interested parties can register and take part at

Source: GameSpy

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Four New Species Revealed for The Old Republic

BioWare reveals four new playable species for the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic. Star Wars: The Old Republic developers, BioWare, revealed four new playable species for their upcoming title. These species, known as Mirialans, Miraluka, Zabraks, and Sith Purebloods, are all force-wielding species that are essentially human-derivatives.

On the dark side, the newest additions to the Sith are the Zabraks, Darth Maul's people. They are a red skinned race with facial tattoos and horns. The other new addition is that of the Sith Pureblood, which also features red skin, but focuses more on being a pure Sith warrior.

On the Jedi side of things, the Mirialans are nearly identical to the Zabraks, with the exception of being green skinned, rather than red. Finally, the Miraluka are an advanced race that wear blindfolds because they see entirely with the force due to their homeworld having no visible light waves.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to ship in the second quarter of 2011

Sources:, Via Kotaku

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Xfire Purchased by Titan Gaming

Xfire, the social networking tool for PC gamers, has been purchased by Titan Gaming. Xfire has been the social networking tool of choice for many PC gamers since it first hit the mainstream six years ago. Two short messages from the Xfire team made it abundantly clear the the service as gamers have come to know it, may be over.

Over the weekend, Xfire gamers received a message stating that Xfire had been sold, and that the vast majority of the development team that had taken shape over the past six years would be leaving as well. Posted on the official Xfire website was the following message:

" August 2, 2010Xfire has been purchased by another company. Most of the team that has brought you Xfire for the last 6 years is leaving, including me. We've enjoyed our time and I personally am sad that I was only able to do 127 releases. Good bye and game on!

- Chris"

Since that time, it has come to light that Titan Gaming, a Santa Monica, California-based gaming company has acquired Xfire. Long-term plans for Xfire have not been made known; however, Titan Gaming CEO has stated that the service will continue uninterrupted for users.

Source: Kotaku

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New Zealand TV Network Presents Fake Sony Executive With Apology Gift Basket

After being called on their ripped-off advertisement by fake Sony executive, Kevin Bulter, New Zealand TV network makes good on gift basket apology. It started with a blatantly ripped-off advertisement from a New Zealand television company, but Sony's fake "Vice President of Everything" Kevin Butler called them on the advertisement and, rather than sending a cease and desist order, requested a gift basket and the company's help in making the PlayStation 3 New Zealand's console of choice.

This past weekend, New Zealand's TV3 made good on the request, by sending Kevin Butler a gift basket, including a plaque labeling the PS3 as the "Official Game Console of Aotearoa." The gift basket also included a box set of Flight of the Conchords' material and other essential New Zealand gifts, including Marmite (much better than Vegemite!), a popular food spread.

Source: Kotaku

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LionHead Introduces New Villager Maker for Fable III

Fable developers, LionHead, today introduce a new feature for Fable III...available now. In preparation for the upcoming release of Fable III, LionHead Studios today announced the availability of the Fable III Villager Maker.

According to LionHead, this feature will be available for gamers to customize a villager, which can be imported into Fable III by those who preorder the game. This villager will then interact with your character throughout the game and provide a slight monetary bonus and new quest upon import.

Fable III is set for release on October 26th; however, the Villager Maker is available now!

Source: Team Xbox

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God of War: Ghosts of Sparta to Hit Shelves in November

Latest God of War game given official release date. The newest entry in the God of War series, the upcoming PSP title God of War: Ghosts of Sparta, is set to drop on November 2nd, with what's being dubbed the "ultimate DLC pack" for those who pre-order.

As a gift for those who pre-order their copy of Ghosts of Sparta, Sony is offering a God of War soundtrack, a PSP theme, a dynamic theme for the PS3, a PSN avatar, a Legionnaire Kratos skin, and a game director's documentary featuring David Jaffe, Cory Balrog, Stig Asmussen, Ru Weerasuiya and Dana Jan discussing the God of War franchise in front of a live audience.

Sony is also offering a special God of War: Ghosts of Sparta PSP Bundle, which comes with a black and red PSP, a voucher to download Chains of Olympus, and a copy of Kick Ass on UMD.

Source: Kotaku

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Former Microsoft VP Releases Halo 2600

Former VP of Microsoft's game publishing division releases Atari 2600 version of Halo, aptly named Halo 2600 Ed Fries, a former Vice President of Microsoft's game publishing division decided to go old school by unveiling Halo 2600, a game designed with the Atari 2600 in mind. The game premiered at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this past week.

To see the game in action, and give it a go yourself, click here

Source: Team Xbox

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Pokemon Black & White Reveals New Cross-Generational Transfer Method

Pokemon Fansite Reveals Latest Method for Cross-Gen Transfers in Pokemon Black & White Pokemon News/Fansite today revealed how the new Pokemon Black & White game will allow gamers to transfer Pokemon from their older generation games to the new version.

According to Serebii, gamers will still need to rely on two DS units in order for the transfers to work; however, once they reach the required building within the Isshu Region, similar to the Pal Park in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, gamers will be able to transfer Pokemon from their previous generation games to Black & White, up to six at a time, and catch them via a new mini-game. Within the mini-game, gamers will see the six transferred Pokemon appear within a set of bushes. The character in the game will be given a bow with which to launch Pokeballs at the Pokemon in order to capture them. Completing the mini-game involves catching all six pokemon, at which point they are also added to your collection of Pokemon.

The trading options are also still available within Pokemon Black & White for those who prefer an alternate route of acquiring Pokemon that don't appear in the game.

Pokemon Black & White is set to ship in North America within the second quarter of 2011.

Sources:, via Siliconera

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Nintendo Teases 3DS Price, Release Date

Nintendo 3DS details set to be announced in September, Nintendo of Europe provides pricing hints. In what's basically an announcement of an announcement, Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo will formally announce the price and release date for their upcoming handheld on September 29th. While the Nintendo 3DS has a vague release window -- it's set to be released this fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, 2011 -- no concrete dates have been revealed. This is, however, something of a strange date as the Tokyo Game Show runs September 16th through the 19th. Though whether anything will be made public during that convention remains to be seen.

And in related news, website Electricpig interviewed Nintendo UK's marketing manager James Honeywell in which hints about the 3DS were dropped. "But for everyone who already knows, you know, the Nintendo DSi is available for around (EUR) 129.99. The Nintendo DSi XL, with the larger screens, is around (EUR) 159.99." Honeywell states that the 3DS will fit somewhere into that pricing scheme, perhaps adding some credence to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter's claim that the unit will retail for about $250 in North America.

Source: Bloomberg, via Siliconera; Electricpig, via Kotaku

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SOCOM 4 Delayed; Zipper Interactive Pushes Shooter to 2011

In an effort to further polish the game and possibly avoid slipping under the radar squaring off against this year's heavy hitters, the upcoming SOCOM has been officially delayed. Rumors that SOCOM 4 had been delayed until sometime in 2011 were confirmed yesterday afternoon. Originally slated for release this holiday season, Senior Community Manager Jeremy Dunham officially confirmed the delay, saying "While we're certainly aware that you've been looking forward to playing SOCOM 4 this year, we don't want to take any shortcuts. Instead, we want to deliver the best and most immersive SOCOM game we possibly can and we're going to use our extra time to do just that."

Though this may be disappointing for series fans, Dunham promises continued updates on the game's status and gameplay features in the coming months. A little extra polish can go a long way, so hopefully Zipper's assurance that it'll be worth the wait can tide gamers over in the meantime.

Source: SOCOM's Official Website (Age gate), via Kotaku

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Google Reportedly Working on New Social Network

Search Engine giant Google reportedly working on new social gaming network to compete with Facebook. Hot on the heels of the news that GameStop has acquired Kongregate comes news that Google is planning to launch their own social networking venture aimed at social gaming.

In a news release published by the Wall Street Journal, reports surfaced that Google were in talks with game developers Playdom, EA's Playfish, and Zynga to help build a base of games for the launch of their new service. This supplements a previous report of Google "secretly" investing $100 Million into Zynga as part of a strategic partnership for the upcoming service.

Google, meanwhile, have remained silent on the matter of their alleged new social network, saying that the world "doesn't need another Facebook knockoff." This comment brought further speculation that the new gaming service would be another tie-in to existing Google Accounts, a fact that also suggests potential native Android capabilities which would allow Android users easy access to the service.

At present, no time frame, specifics or confirmation has been released by Google.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Via Ars Technica, 2

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Namco Announces 3 New Entries in Tales Series

Leaked pictures of the newest edition of V Jump magazine reveal two new Tales games, one enhanced port. While Namco's track record with regards to localizing its Tales line of RPGs has been a sore spot of series fans for years, those disappointed by Tales of Graces being skipped over may have a second shot. Scans of this month's V Jump revealed Tales of Graces F, a PlayStation 3 port of the game due out later this year with various extras. There's no guarantee Graces F will fare any better with Namco's North American branch, however the lack of region locking on the PlayStation 3 does lend itself better to importing.

Also announced today was Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 for the PSP. The third entry in the series will feature over 80 characters, including the main protagonist from Tales of Graces, and is set to be released sometime next year.

Finally, we received our first glimpse of the next "mothership" title in the series. The 13th core entry, as yet untitled, will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. The only image shown was of a city, so details beyond the announcement are virtually nonexistent. Team Symphonia, also responsible for Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Vesperia, is rumored to be the developer. We're still far from seeing it release in Japan, however if any of these games do make it out of Japan this will probably be the one.

Source: NeoGAF

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Atlus Recruits tri-Ace Talents for New Game

Several key members of the Radiata Stories development team join up with Atlus for a new DS RPG. Leaked pages of this week's issue of Famitsu magazine reveals a new game from Atlus, titled Radiant Historia. In a surprising twist it also seems to involve employees of tri-Ace that worked on 2005's lighthearted Action/RPG, Radiata Stories. Satoshi Takayashiki, cited as the creative mind behind Radiata Stories, returns as Historia's original idea and world setting designer; artist Hiroshi Konishi, character designer for Radiata Stories, also returns to that role for Historia.

Radiata Historia relies heavily on the manipulation of time and space for both its story and gameplay, branching off into multiple paths as the game progresses. Thanks to Andriasang's Anoop Gantayat a full run-down can be read there or on the forums, but we'll give you a quick overview. The story follows a 19-year old man named Stok, employed by the country of Alicetel as an intelligence bureau agent. Alicestel is one of five countries present in the world of Vancool, and it's presently at war with the country of "Gran org." The ruler of Alicestel, a man named Noah, believes that Gran org is responsible for the devastating decay of the land and the source of a mysterious disease that turns people to sand.

While on a mission to retrieve a secret agent from behind enemy lines, Stok is severely wounded and loses consciousness. Upon awakening Stok finds himself in another world -- the world of Historia -- where he obtains the power to traverse space and time. It seems as if players will be tasked with piecing together a peaceful time line using these new-found abilities, manipulating the past and future of both Vancool and Historia.

Not much is said about gameplay, however Andriasang's brief description sounds like a simulation RPG hybrid similar to, though perhaps not in the same vein as, last year's Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. Radiant Historia has been announced for a November 4th release in Japan. North American fans will have to wait to see if Atlus USA picks this one up or not.

Source: Andriasang

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Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Next Up for Virtual Console

The Australian classification board gives away Square Enix's next digital port. Back in the early 90's, as part of then-Squaresoft's efforts to expand the console-style RPG market, an "entry-level" RPG was created specifically for English-speaking gamers. Titled Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, the hope that was by forgoing the difficulty of Dragon Quest and the main Final Fantasy series, while also streamlining and simplifying the game's core mechanics, people traditionally not interested in RPGs would give the game a chance.

Now, nearly twenty years later, Mystic Quest is set to return via the Wii's Virtual Console. While the port hasn't been officially confirmed at the time of this posting, the Australian ratings board has approved the game for release with Nintendo marked as its publisher. As Super Nintendo games are typically 800 Wii Points ($8), perhaps another new generation of non- and casual-gamers can soon be introduced to the RPG genre with a simple impulse purchase?

Source: Siliconera

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Capcom and Namco Go Head-to-Head; Street Fighter vs Tekken Confirmed

Following days of rumor and speculation, Capcom and Namco formally announced a cross-over of their fighting franchises over the weekend at Comic-Con. Fighting enthusiasts the world over can finally see some more of their fantasy bouts in action with the announcement of not one, but two cross-over fighting games. Capcom will continue to take on the world with their stable of fighters, utilizing the Street Fighter 4 fighting engine to develop "Street Fighter vs Tekken." Namco, meanwhile, will be developing "Tekken vs Street Fighter" on the Tekken 6 fighting engine, taking iconic fighters like Ryu out of their element for a little thrashing.

Regardless of your preferences there should be plenty of content -- and contention -- to be had next year when these games release. Hit up the source for videos and early screenshots of the games in action.

Source: 1UP
Thanks to forum member Nicodemus for the heads-up!

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LittleBigPlanet 2 Brings the Goods This November

Retail-exclusive costumes, limited quantity Collector's Edition, and a release date revealed through PlayStation Blog. 2008's LittleBigPlanet, an adorable little platformer with robust creation tools, captured the hearts of many thanks in no small part to its star Sackboy. While Sony spared nothing in its promotion of Media Molecule's first project to ensure the new game's success, a different approach is being taken this time around. With vastly improved and expanded creation tools and an established fanbase, LittleBigPlanet 2's promotions are far more tangible. Retailers Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop, movie giants Disney and Pixar, and game developer Insomniac Games are teaming up with Sony to bring a variety of pre-order swag to gamers this holiday season.

Pre-orders placed through any of the retailers will score customers four exclusive "Even More Animals" costumes, modeled after a cobra, a vulture, a mandrill, and a crocodile. In addition to these costumes each retailer will have its own special costume. Best Buy's pre-order will get customers a costume modeled after the "Aliens" from Disney and Pixar's Toy Story Series. Pre-orders placed at GameStop, meanwhile, will receive the "Clu" costume, modeled after the Tron: Legacy character of the same name. Finally, pre-orders placed through Amazon will gets players not one, but two additional costumes based on the Ratchet & Clank series; one after Ratchet, the other after Clank.

And if that wasn't incentive enough for you, Sony also announced a LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition. Priced at $79.99 and said to be in limited quantities, this edition includes all of the retail-exclusive DLC costumes as well as its own exclusive costumes modeled after Jak and Daxter. A 7" Sackboy plushie, LittleBigPlanet-themed book ends, and five exclusive PlayStation Network Avatars are also included in the Collector's Edition.

LittleBigPlanet 2 is scheduled for release on November 16th.

image image image

Source: PlayStation Blog; Amazon; GameStop; Best Buy

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Capcom and Sega No Shows for Germany's GamesCom

This year's GamesCom, scheduled for August 18th through the 22nd in Cologne, Germany, will be without two of Japan's largest publishers. North America has the Electronics Entertainment Expo, Japan has the Tokyo Game Show, and last year saw the appearance of GamesCom, Europe's unified display of game publisher's latest and greatest. Despite roughly 245,000 visitors attending last year's convention, largely due to the convention being open to the public, Sega formally announced earlier this month that they would not be attending this year's show. A "commercial decision" was given as the reasoning for the publisher's absence.

Following this Capcom announced late last week that they, too, will not be participating in this year's show. "GamesCom allows publishers and developers an excellent opportunity to promote their titles to both consumers and media," reads the official statement on Capcom Europe's website. "In the case of consumers we feel it makes sense for them to experience the titles that will be available in stores over the next few months and right now we have confirmed two titles for release between August and the end of the year Dead Rising 2 and Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes." As the original Dead Rising was banned in Germany and the eagerly anticipated sequel is still awaiting an official rating from the country's rating board, Capcom has decided to forgo making an appearance all together. Why recently released games couldn't be put on display alongside the upcoming two remains unanswered, however Capcom will still be showing these games and others to the media around the time of GamesCom.

Source: Capcom Europe, via Kotaku

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GameStop Buys Kongregate

Retail giant buys online social networking site Kongregate Retail giant Gamestop today announce that they have acquired online social network gaming website Kongregate. In an announcement posted by the CEO of Kongragate on the Kongregate website, it was revealed that the website has become a full-fledged subsidiary of GameStop.

Kongregate would not reveal how much Kongregate was purchased for; however, it was revealed that the company would attempt to reward its' members with "rad stuff" from GameStop. Plans for the social networking site, with regards to GameStop, were not immediately revealed; however, GameStop did reveal that the company would continue to operate out of their existing San Francisco offices as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Sources: Kongregate, Via Kotaku & GameSpy

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22 More Songs Revealed For Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Activision has released a list of 22 more songs that will be in the setlist for the new installment to the Guitar Hero franchise. As anticipation builds for the newest Guitar Hero game, Activision has revealed another 22 songs that will join the setlist, including a newly recorded "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (Alice Cooper) and tracks from Deep Purple, Ramones, Steve Vai and others. These tracks hint that the Guitar Hero series will be returning to its roots in Rock/Metal territory. The newly revealed songs are listed below.

Alice Cooper "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
Alter Bridge "Ties That Bind"
Atreyu "Ravenous"
Bad Brains "Re-Ignition"
Blue Oyster Cult "Burnin' For You"
Bush "Machinehead"
Deep Purple "Burn" (Remastered LP version)
The Edgar Winter Group "Free Ride"
Five Finger Death Punch "Hard To See"
George Thorogood and the Destroyers "Move It On Over (Live)"
Lynyrd Skynyrd "Call Me The Breeze (Live)"
Pantera "I'm Broken"
Poison "Unskinny Bop"
Ramones "Spiderman"
Rise Against "Savior"
The Runaways "Cherry Bomb"
Steve Vai "Speed"
Strung Out "Calling"
Styx "Renegade"
Sum 41 "Motivation"
Them Crooked Vultures "Scumbag Blues"
The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"

Source: Kokatu

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Europe Gets Special Edition for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Eidos France and reveal limited collector's edition, exclusively for Europe. Set to be released on September 10th, most Kingdom Hearts fans have no doubt already pre-ordered their copy of Birth By Sleep. Depending on where those pre-orders are placed, however, some may want to do their business elsewhere. While the pickings for North American fans are slim, pre-orders placed through either GameStop or Amazon will score customers PSP stickers modeled after the Japan-exclusive, Birth By Sleep edition of the console. Purchasing from Amazon also nets customers an e-voucher good for $10 off their next game related purchase, effectively reducing the price to $29.99.

For our friends across the Atlantic, or just for those willing to pay extra for region-specific goodies, there's the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Special Edition. Packed with a copy of the game, a 48-page artbook, a set of art prints and a fancy box modeled after Japan's Birth By Sleep Ultimania, this should prove to be the definitive edition for fans. RRP for the Special Edition is 35 EUR, however Amazon UK is currently taking pre-orders for a little over 29 EUR with free super saver shipping.

image image

Source: Siliconera; Amazon (US); GameStop; Amazon UK

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Dead Rising 2 Prequel Launches on Xbox 360 in August

Case Zero bridges the stories of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, revealing the aftermath of the first while introducing players to the second's protagonist. While Dead Rising 2 isn't scheduled for release until October, Capcom has a quick fix for those wanting to start their zombie killing a little early. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, currently an Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable game, has been announced for an August 31st release. Priced at 400 Microsoft Points ($5), Case Zero takes place two years after the original game and follows Dead Rising 2's protagonist, Chuck Greene, roughly three years before the start of that game.

Series producer Keiji Inafune spoke at this week's Comic-Con, saying: "With Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO we had two goals: provide newcomers with an easy point of entry to the Dead Rising universe, and give fans of the series an insight into what took place after Frank West survived the outbreak at the Willamette Mall." For players that purchase both Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 a number of goodies can be carried over. Five player levels, prestige points, skills and alternate outfits have been revealed so far.

As for PlayStation 3 owners, bear in mind that the original Dead Rising was also an Xbox 360 exclusive. There's no official word yet, but we expect this to be a timed exclusive as Dead Rising 2 is headed your way.

Source: Kotaku

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PlayStation 3's Sly Collection to Have a 3DS-esque Slider?

Game developer considering controller activated slider to adjust 3D appearance. Bearing in mind this falls squarely into the realm of "what ifs" for now, an unnamed Sony producer -- likely someone from Sanzaru Games -- spoke with Kotaku's Stephen Totilo about the possibility of adding an effect slider to the upcoming compilation. While the PlayStation 3 requires both a 3DTV and a pair of 3D glasses to display games in 3D, the strength and direction of the effect are controlled through the game itself. Under normal circumstances, for the full 3D effect, players would need to be seated within a certain distance from the television while also having to face the screen from specific angles. By mapping control of the game's 3D effect to, for example, an analog stick, developers may be able to allow players to "pick their own spot, more or less, and then adjust the intensity of the 3D graphics to suit their position."

The Nintendo 3DS comes with a slider built into it, but the PlayStation 3 currently has no means of adjusting these effects; players have to adapt, not the games. Following a change in Sony's ToS regarding discomfort caused by prolonged exposure to the console's 3D effect, this seems like a good solution for everyone. The Sly Collection is due for release this holiday season with, or without, the effect slider. In the case of the latter, hopefully Sony doesn't let this concept go to waste.

Source: Kotaku

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EA Schedules Another Round; Fight Night Returns in 2011

Boxing franchise to return after a year of rest, complete with reworked controls. Unlike its popular Madden NFL and Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, which receive annual installments, EA's Fight Night receives sporadic entries. The last we heard from the series was back in mid-2009 with the release of Fight Night Round 4, a game that refined and expanded upon its 2006 predecessor. Looking to keep the creative juices flowing EA announced Fight Night Champion on Tuesday, set to be released sometime next year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Featuring a new control system, dubbed "Full Spectrum Punch Control," Vancouver-based EA Canada are once again pushing the series forward. Promising that Champion's controls will be more user-friendly while also delivering the most realistic punching system to date, boxing fans and fight enthusiasts alike should have something to look forward to this time next year.

Source: Kotaku

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Valkyria Chronicles II Dated, Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Players can nab GameStop-exclusive missions this August. Sega announced that the follow-up to one of 2008's more unique RPGs, Valkyria Chronicles, will be hitting stores shelves in North America on August 31st. Valkyria Chronicles takes place two years after the original game, following a group of young military cadets as another war begins to unfold.

Retailer GameStop has also announced an exclusive pre-order bonus for the game. Customers will receive two single player missions with their purchase:

Exercise vs Class E - This is a clean-up war exercise against rival class E, which will take place in all of the areas of Leanbluff forest.
Exercise vs Class F - Go against Class F, Avans rival class, and run through stonewalling defense and take over their camp in Arlem.

Online purchasers will have their unique redemption code e-mailed to them, while in-store purchases will have the code printed on the checkout receipt.

Source: Siliconera; GameStop

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Correction: World of Warcraft Cost $100 Million to Make and Upkeep

A previous article about the development costs of Starcraft II was actually reported incorrectly, as it was World of Warcraft that cost $100 million. Due to an error in the Wall-Street Journal, the development costs of Starcraft II were reported incorrectly. Blizzard confirmed that Starcraft II did not cost $100 million and the Wall-Street Journal fixed the error. World of Warcraft was actually the game that cost $100 million to create (and keep running).

Read the correction here

Source: Kokatu

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Rock Band...In Spanish!

On July 27th, 6 songs with Spanish lyrics will be available to purchase for Rock Band. The Spanish artist Juanes will have 6 songs featured in this week's downloadable content for Rock Band. This is the first time a song with Spanish lyrics has been released on Rock Band, adding accessibility for some, and a challenge for others. The following songs will be available:

Juanes "A Dios le Pido"
Juanes "Fjate Bien"
Juanes "Gotas de Agua Dulce"
Juanes "La Camisa Negra"
Juanes "Mala Gente"
Juanes "Yerbatero"

In addition to these songs, Juanes will have one song featured in Rock Band 3.

Source: Kokatu

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Sony Facing Class-Action for Removal of Other-OS Feature

Following the removal of the ability to install an alternate OS on the PlayStation 3, Sony is faced with a consolidated class-action lawsuit. When Sony released the firmware upgrade that removed the ability to install an alternate operating system, such as Linux, onto the PlayStation 3, the company was almost immediately hit with seven separate class-action lawsuits from gamers outraged by the now-false claims from Sony that it would support the Other-OS feature on a permanent basis.

All seven class-action lawsuits have now been consolidated into one class-action suit, with the primary allegations being that Sony "falsely represented that PS3 users would be able to use their PS3s as a computer by installing an alternate operating system." Sony released a firmware upgrade that removed the ability to utilize this feature, effectively forcing Other-OS users into an ultimatum of continuing to use their Other-OS feature, or upgrading their console's firmware so they could continue to utilize the PS3's online capabilities and play new games.

Sony don't have much of a defense against the allegations, with the likely expectation that Sony will be forced to pay out in one form or another. The primary hope for this case is that Sony thinks twice before removing features from its' console that they stated would be supported.

Sony have not responded to these allegations as yet.

Source: Ars Technica

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Microsoft to Release $399 Halo: Reach Themed Console Bundle

Bungie confirms Microsoft will release silver Halo: Reach themed console when game ships September 14th. Creators and developers of the wildly acclaimed Halo franchise today confirmed rumors that spread throughout the internet based on an inadvertent slip and an opportune screen-capture. Rumors spread throughout the day that Microsoft was set to reveal a silver version of the new slimline Xbox 360 in a bundle for the upcoming Halo: Reach video game. The bundle, set to retail for $399, will include a silver slimline 250GB Xbox 360, two silver controllers, and a copy of the new Halo: Reach game.

Word first broke of this bundle when obtained a very opportune screen capture showing the bundle before Microsoft quickly pulled it from the website. Bungie has now confirmed that the bundle is indeed genuine, and that it will be released alongside the latest installment in the Halo franchise.

Both Halo: Reach and the limited Halo: Reach console bundle are set to be released September 14th.

Source: GameSpot

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Netflix Ditching the Disc on PS3

Netflix set to follow through on plans to introduce disc-less Netflix streaming on PS3. Since introducing the Netflix service on the PS3 in 2009, the company has promised to introduce a streaming service without the need for a disk, a feature that Netflix promised to come at some point in 2010. Today the company announced that the disc-less Netflix streaming service will be available on the PlayStation 3 by the end of October.

Similar to the Xbox 360's Netflix streaming service, the PlayStation 3 service will feature an online user interface for users to select their movies and television series' straight from the interface to stream instantly on the console via the PlayStation Network. This announcement comes hot on the heels of the announcement that Netflix would offer its' streaming service in Canada, which lends perfectly to the strategy of targeting the major consoles in the Canadian market.

The Canadian Netflix service does not have a set launch date, as yet, but interested Canadians can sign up at to receive an email when the service is officially launched. The PS3's disc-less streaming service is set to launch in October.

Source: Kotaku

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Buy a Shirt, Save a Rookie

Starting July 29th, Gears of War 3 fans can determine the fate of the newest rookie. Fans of the Gears of War series now have the chance to determine the fate of Gears of War 3 rookie, Clayton Carmine, all by purchasing a shirt for your Avatar. Starting July 29th, Gears of War 3 avatar gear will be released including the fateful shirts. If you want the Gears Rookie to live, you can buy the "Save Carmine" shirt; alternately, if you want him to be killed off, you can buy the "Carmine Must Die" shirt.

Those who attend Comic-con this week can purchase a real version of the shirt for $20USD. All proceeds from the sale of the real and virtual shirts goes to the Child's Play Charity.

Source: Kotaku

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Update: EA Reveals New Spore RPG, DarkSpore

EA's Maxis Studios unveils new Spore spin-off RPG, DarkSpore As we previously reported, EA has announced that they are indeed working on a new spin-off RPG sequel to the game Spore, called DarkSpore.

As the name implies, Electronic Arts intends for the game to be a darker-themed twist on the original game. According to Electronic Arts, players will take on the role of a genetically mutated creature, which can be upgraded by collecting body parts, of which EA claims there will be "tens of thousands" to collect. When announcing the game, the company states that DarkSpore will feature "three unique classes of five different genetic hero types." Each character will have a limitless number of upgrades and customizations based on the parts collected within the game.

DarkSpore is set to hit shelves in early 2011.

Source: Ars Technica

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Rock Band 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Early purchases get players time-exclusive songs, in-game items depending on retailer. Hopefully fans of the Rock Band series aren't tired of retail-exclusive pre-order bonuses. Harmonix announced yesterday that pre-orders placed at GameStop will net players three exclusive songs, while pre-orders placed at online store Amazon will get an in-game guitar for their rock star avatar in addition to $10 off a future video game-related purchase.

The GameStop exclusive songs are:

Deftones - "My Own Summer"
New Order - "Blue Monday "
Talking Heads - "Burning Down The House"

Rock Band 3 is scheduled to be released on October 26th in North America, while European gamers will have to wait three days for their October 29th release.

Source: Kotaku; Amazon; GameStop

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded E3 Trailer Now Available for Viewing

Continuing to release information at a steady pace, Square Enix updated the official Re:coded website with the trailer shown at last month's E3. As we reported previously, the upcoming DS remake of 2008's cell phone-exclusive Kingdom Hearts Coded will feature a wide variety of gameplay styles. While exploring the digital contents of Jiminy Cricket's journal, Sora and friends return to previously visited worlds looking for clues regarding mysterious writing that has appeared within its pages. Perhaps realizing that fans can only revisit worlds so many times, each world in Re:coded will have its own unique way of playing to help keep them fresh as the story unfolds.

The trailer shows a mixture of genres ranging from stealth-like gameplay in Wonderland to full turn-based RPG battles in Olympus Coliseum. Side-scrolling action in Halloween Town and a return to platforming are also shown, providing what will hopefully be an enjoyable assortment of modes based on the core series mechanics. Though Square Enix just revealed an October 7th release for Japan, North American fans will have to wait until next year to get their hands on Re:coded.

Source: Official Site; Siliconera
Thanks to forum member m4tt for the heads-up!

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Microsoft Officially Announces Kinect Price

Ending rampant speculation, Microsoft prices Kinect at $150 USD. Following weeks of speculation and unofficial prices from several retail giants, Microsoft today officially announced the price tag for the upcoming Kinect add-on.

Microsoft also confirmed today that the Kinect will ship with the Kinect unit, a USB cord for the original Xbox 360 to connect, a proprietary cable to connect to the new Xbox 360 unit, and a copy of the game Kinect Adventures. Finally, Microsoft announced that Kinect games will sell for $50 each.

In the United Kingdom, the Kinect will sell for 129.99 while the bundle will sell for ã249.99, with MIcrosoft Kinect games retailing at 39.99.

The Kinect is slated for a November release.

Source: Kotaku

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NHL 11 Soundtrack Featuring Hockey Anthems, Not Pop-Rock

EA Sports Reveals NHL 11 to break the cycle of pop-rock soundtracks in hockey games. EA Sports has long been criticized for their music selection when it comes to their highly acclaimed hockey games, something that has annoyed fans and often felt out-of-place in the game and on the ice. EA Sports today revealed, however, that their latest offerings, NHL 11 and NHL Slapshots, will feature a soundtrack full of anthemic arena-rockers, including hair metal favourites such as Europe's "The Final Countdown" and The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop."

Five songs slated for inclusion in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version, NHL 11, will not be featured on the Wii's NHL Slapshots.

The complete soundtracks for NHL 11 and NHL Slapshots:

In NHL 11
* In Whispers - Here I Stand
* Airbourne - Bottom Of The Well - No Guts. No Glory.
* Bullet For My Valentine - Your Betrayal - Fever
* Megadeth - Dialectic Chaos - Endgame
* Pantera - Walk - Vulgar Display Of Power

In NHL 11 and NHL Slapshot
* Danko Jones - Full of Regret - Below The Belt
* 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone - Get Ready!
* Black Box - Strike It Up - Dreamland
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Mama Taught Me Better - Beat The Devil's Tattoo
* Bouncing Souls - Oli! - Hopeless Romantic
* Darude - Sandstorm - Before The Storm
* Dropkick Murphys - Shipping Up To Boston (Live) - Live On Lansdowne, Boston MA
* Europe - The Final Countdown - The Final Countdown
* Foxy Shazam - Unstoppable - Foxy Shazam
* Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
* The Black Keys - Howlin' For You - Brothers

Source: Kotaku

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Canada Given Netflix Streaming

The popular movie streaming service announced plans to provide its' service in Canada. Netflix, the service that popularized the movies-by-mail service, has announced plans to introduce its' live streaming service in Canada before the end of 2010. Today's announcement didn't include specifics on price or an approximate launch date, nor did it mention specifics about how the Netflix streaming service would be provided to Canadians. It's expected that video game consoles will be the primary target, similar to how Netflix presently delivers its' streaming service in North America.

The statement released by Netflix states that the service will be available on a "range of consumer electronics devices capable of streaming from Netflix." This will be available "later this year," with the initial focus being on English-release titles. Plans to introduce French-language movies and series' will be introduced at a later date.

Canadians interested in signing up for the service can do so via and will be notified via email when the service launches.

Source: GameSpot

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New Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Video Showcases Disney Worlds

Brief glimpses and gameplay demonstrations for the new Disney worlds are shown in the newest trailer. The Kingdom Hearts series hasn't had a proper entry since 2006, and similarly no new worlds have appeared either. While last year's largely mediocre 358/2 Days didn't deliver much in the way of new locations, the newest promotional video for Birth By Sleep gives us a glimpse at five of its new worlds. Based on the films Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Lilo & Stitch, as well as a world composed of the Disney universe itself, Birth By Sleep is set to breathe fresh life into the series this September.

Update: Embedded video removed; check the new source in order to view the video.

Source: Siliconera

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Atlus Japan Arrives On PSN; New Game Coming?

The enhanced PlayStation port of Shin Megami Tensei, originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1992, has appeared on Japan's version of PSone Classics, Game Archive. While the odds of Atlus USA localizing the game are extremely slim, this recent addition to Game Archive could lead to the release of other games from Atlus and, perhaps, Atlus USA. Revelations: Persona was ported to PSP and PSN last year under the name Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, however Persona 2: Eternal Punishment has yet to receive similar treatment. North American fans missed out on the first half of Persona 2, titled Innocent Sin, in addition to ports of Shin Megami Tensei II, Shin Megami Tensei If... and Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.

Shifting from the past to the future, Siliconera reports that Atlus Japan has trademarked the title "Devil Hunter" in Japan. While not necessarily related to the Shin Megami Tensei series, the timing of the trademark is interesting. Via a PDF file released last month word spread that Atlus planned to develop a handful of games for the Nintendo 3DS. Among the titles mentioned was Devil Survivor, Atlus's strategy RPG hybrid from last year. Could it be related? Atlus typically unveils their games through Japanese magazine Famitsu, so we'll find out soon enough.

Source: Siliconera - Game Archive; Devil Hunter

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Halo: Reach Initial Armory Choices Unveiled

Bungie unveils image showing initial armory inventory for Halo: Reach character customization. Character customization has been an ever-increasing part of the Halo universe since Halo 2, and the upcoming Halo: Reach looks to continue on with that path as Bungie today unveiled the initial armory available to you when Halo: Reach ships. Bearing in mind that this is only the initial armory that will be available from the start of Halo: Reach, more armor customization options will be unlocked as the game progresses, but what these customizations will be have yet to be released by Bungie. This initial inventory release shows a glimpse of Halo's long-serving threesome Sgt. Johnson, Cortana and the Master Chief; however, Bungie has claimed that this is simply because they will be voices in the games' Fire Fight mode.

Bungie also revealed that Halo: Reach avatar gear will be released when the game hits shelves, introducing the helmets of Noble Team Members 1 through 5. Noble Six's helmet can only be obtained by attending a live event at Comicon, PAX or Gamecon.

Source: Kotaku

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Electronic Arts Selling Its' 15% Stake in Ubisoft

EA unveiled today they have put their 14 million shares on the market. Electronic Arts confirmed on Saturday that they have put their 15% stake, or 14 million shares, on the market, effectively terminating their backing of the acclaimed developer. Ubisoft now becomes fully independent once again, a standing that could potentially make Ubisoft more attractive to gamers and investors, as well as providing a nice financial boost for EA, as they stand to gain roughly 98 Million Euros from the sale, an estimated 20 million above their initial investment.

A statement from Electronic Arts claims that the company has changed it's "strategic focus," meaning that the Paris-based development house no longer fits in with vision EA had when they first invested in Ubisoft in 2004, a move that was initially treated as hostile by Ubisoft. EA never looked to buy out the majority stake of the company, nor did they exert their will on Ubisoft during their near six year tenure a